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Aston Martin V8 Volante - £SOLD

Chassis Number: SCFCV81C6FTR15398

Engine Number: V/580/5398/S

UK Registration Number: B 144 WWT

Date of first reg: 25th April 1985

Exterior colour: Dark Green

Hood: Dark Green Everflex

Interior colour: Magnolia piped Green

Current Odometer reading: 45,423

Mileage Warranty:

Steering: Right

Transmission: Automatic

Options: Head rests with pads, BBS Alloy Wheels, Auxiliary driving lamps, Front fog lamps



Announced on 21st June 1978 the V8 Volante was built to satisfy the persistent demands for new open four seater cars. Ably demonstrated by the escalation in prices of used Aston Martin drop-head coupés, particularly in the United States. Its specification follows the contemporary V8 saloon series IV (Oscar India) announced four months later, sharing revised rear body lines, bonnet (the carburettor bulge with dummy air scope now closed at front), burr walnut dash board and door cappings. The convertible hood is fully lined and power operated. The engine, was by then the well tried and tested all alloy V8 designed by Tadek Marek that had made its first appearance in January 1967 at the Racing Car Show in London and raced by Lola in their Type 70 Mk III GT. The first V8 Volante was road tested by Motor Magazine on the 3rd of March, 1979, when 0-60 M.P.H. in 7.7 seconds and a maximum 150 M.P.H. were recorded. All production until March 1981 (save the prototype) was exported to North America, with home and continental European markets following thereafter. In 1983, the Volante shared a number of detailed improvements with the series IV saloon such as, revised heating & ventilation controls and BBS alloy wheels.

Production amounted to approximately 438 cars, between June 1978 & January 1986. However, as the majority would have been for export the used market in the U.K. remains under supplied.


This is an absolutely outstanding example of Aston Martin’s greatest Grand Tourer. From the patina and lustre of its paintwork to its Everflex roof, it shouts originality and quality. The owner tells us “The car has been and is a delight to drive and always attracts interest from passers by having been photographed on numerous occasions by tourists whilst driving past Buckingham Palace.”

Students of the classic cars will recognise that with all of the conversions, upgrades and restorations available, the market is now putting measurable value on originality – not shabby chic, but cars that have been cherished and maintained in their lifetime and offer the new owner the enjoyment of a reliable car whose quality is intrinsic rather than the product of modern technology in period clothes.

This represents a rare opportunity to own a real 1980’s icon in original condition that has been well-maintained and cherished throughout its lifetime.

Vehicle History

Acquired by the current owner in 1991 and showing two former keepers in the registration document, this is an outstandingly original example of this ever popular grand tourer. Interestingly, the car had a starring role in advertisements for the luxury car product company AutoGlym in the 1980’s. That shot was of a chauffeur straightening his tie in the reflection of the superbly polished bonnet of the car – the astonishing thing is that you can re-enact that same shot today in the same paintwork.

The car was also selected to represent the V8 Volante model in “Aston Martin – The Compleat Car” the illustrated history of Aston Martin, by Alan Archer, Neil Murray, Ted Cutting and Richard Williams, published in 1994 by Palawan Press established by Simon Draper, a well-known enthusiast for the marque. Photograph(s) of this car and the owner’s credit can be seen on pages 208/209.

And that reflects a history of service, maintenance and care that started with the car’s first owners, Cooper Metals. Supplied to them by JCT 600, the original service voucher book notes that the first, 1,000 mile, service was carried out at Works Service in Newport Pagnell in May of 1985 and they also conducted the next service – thereafter, service work was shared with other stalwarts of the marque – Ian Mason and Chapman Spooner.

In 2003, the current owner arranged for Ian Mason to carry out restoration of the sills as part of a thorough overhaul of the car including conversion of the engine to unleaded fuel and subsequently it went into long term storage. The car’s extensive documentation includes a sheaf of SORN notices evidencing this period of off road storage and, in part, accounting for its exceptionally low recorded mileage.

When considering placing the car to market, the car was presented to Byron International’s storage facility for assessment, cleaning and preparation for sale. Checks on fluids and operations showed a clean bill of health and the car passed its MOT test with flying colours.

What struck everyone in that process was the originality of the car – for example, there were tabs on the seat runners that were on the car at new and normally would not stand the test of time. The paint has its blemishes – what 30 year old car would not – but any rectification was eschewed in favour of originality.

MOT History

MOT Date   Odometer

15.04.89    27,491
21.04.90    31,073
21.04.91    32,742
30.03.92    35,731
29.03.93    37,335
29.03.94    38,971
28.03.95    40,153
03.04.96    41,690
04.04.97    43.156
09.04.98    44,053
12.09.03    44,987
19.07.04    45,174
20.09.16    45,423

Service and Maintenance Record

20.05.85- Mileage: 01,243- Service Agent: Works Service

1,000 mile service

22.08.85- Mileage: 05,137- Service Agent: Works Service

5,000 mile service

10.01.86- Mileage: 10,549- Service Agent: Chapman Spooner

10,000 mile service

28.05.86- Mileage: 14,807- Service Agent: Chapman Spooner

15,000 mile service

19.11.86- Mileage: 19,487- Service Agent: Works Service

20,000 mile service

26.07.88- Mileage: 26,555- Service Agent: Chapman Spooner

5,000 mile service, refit n/s/r drain pipe from filler cap, attend to air pipe under dash, replace voltage stabiliser and dash top, adjust throttle pedal. Replace o/s headlamp and set beam. Adjust lower king pins. Remove / repair faulty gearbox, flush oil cooler. Remove front hubs and replace faulty wheel bearings, polish stub axles and re-assemble. Remove front brake pads, clean discs and calipers and fit new pads. Fit one new handbrake pad. Free off right door lock mechanism. Repair spare wheel. Engine tune including dismantling and cleaning carburettors, floats, jets, re-assembling and setting float levels, reset mixtures and refit exhaust plugs

18.09.89- Mileage: 30,225- Service Agent: Chapman Spooner

5,000 mile service, remove differential assembly and send for specialist reconditioning, clean faulty diff carrier, fit reconditioned brake discs, fit new pods, re-assemble, bleed brakes. Dismantle front hubs, calipers and discs – send discs for reconditioning, re-assemble with new pads. Replace worn steering uj’s. Check fault on petrol flaps, replace faulty solenoids and adjust. Test and replace faulty fuel pump. Road test

28.03.91- Mileage: 32,716- Service Agent: RS Williams

Road Test & Report prior to purchase by current owner

19.04.91- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: Chapman Spooner

Estimate relating to RSW report

19.04.91- Mileage: 32,992- Service Agent: Chapman Spooner

10,000 mile service, reposition and secure power steering, oil cooler, A/C and transmission cooler pipes. Tighten steering column, clamp bolt and check UJ’s. Adjust king pin ball joints. Check compressions hot and cold. Bleed out contaminated brake fluid. Rectify carburettor fault on engine, reposition hand brake. Remove steering rack and fit reconditioned unit. Re-align steering wheel and cancelling. Replace faulty differential mountings, remove spare wheel and re-paint the boot well. Repair seat belt warning circuits. Remove centre console and re-solder vent solenoid. Repair damaged knob on switch. Carry out air conditioning service. Check and adjust toe in on front wheels. Replace l/h interior light bulb. Untwist seat belts and tighten bolts, reposition air conditioning drain tube. Remove exhaust collector and down pipes, remove stripped studs, fit new studs, gaskets and re-assembling new pipes. Fit new fan belts, replace wiper blades. To supply two carpets, touch in local areas

24.03.92- Mileage: 35,730- Service Agent: Chapman Spooner

2,500 mile service + clean and balance carburettors, check front suspension for knocks, remove auxiliary lamp and fog lamp lenses and replace. Road tes

24.04.92- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: Ian Mason

Check for gearbox oil leak, topped up oil level and cleaned underside of car

09.11.92- Mileage: 36,819- Service Agent: Ian Mason

Removed leaking o/s cam cover, clean and refit with new gasket and seal plugs, cleaned surplus oil from underside of car. Levels topped up. Remove gearbox to fit new front and rear oil seals, serviced gearbox, fitted new Selecta shaft oil seal, filter replaced and new sump gasket fitted, sealed prop shaft core, refitted gearbox, road test car

07.04.93- Mileage: 37,388- Service Agent: Ian Mason

10,000 mile service, removed all brake pads, cleaned and checked all pads, discs and calipers. Handbrake calipers and cables adjusted.

07.04.93- Mileage: 37,388- Service Agent: Ian Mason

O/S track rod end replaced, steering track checked and reset. N/S/R shock absorber replaced. New carburettor top gaskets fitted, carbs tuned with CO meters throttles balanced with vacuum gauges, ignition timing set. New set of drive belts fitted. Anti-freeze strength and levels checked, Road test. Specialist charges for hood repair, o/s of rear filler strip repaired, rear window re-finisher refitted. Velcro fitted to o/s /f carpet

05.02.94- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: Cannons Spares


29.03.94- Mileage: 38,970- Service Agent: Ian Mason

Check car prior to MOT

06.05.94- Mileage: 39,084- Service Agent: Ian Mason

2,500 mile service, remove, clean and check all brake pads, new front pads set fitted. Check fuel pump operation and flow rate. Replace two cam cover seal plugs. Drive belt condition and adjustment checked. New manifold gallery and vac hoses fitted. Antifreeze level tested and topped up. Secure materials above driver’s seat. Removed n/s door pads to secure, tighten and adjust door handle assembly, refit pads. Road test car

20.12.94- Mileage: 39,903- Service Agent: Ian Mason

Fit new front brake discs, clean lower section of front screen and seal area with silicon. Clean terminals on starter motor, Smoothed off plastic vent in front on driver’s side fascia undertray, fitted rubber seal over metal on steering column above driver’s feet.

19.04.95- Mileage: 40,300- Service Agent: Ian Mason

2,500 mile service, disconnect steering rack to replace leaking pinion oil seal, refitted and connected rack and set steering track. Road test and deliver for MOT

30.08.95- Mileage: 41,167- Service Agent: Ian Mason

Remove defective starter motor and fit new unit and connect, checked levels and topped up as necessary. Repair hood next to door shut, change front discs under AML parts warranty

18.09.96- Mileage: 42,361- Service Agent: Ian Mason

Annual service including checked operation of fuel pump and flow rate, test antifreeze SG level and top up as necessary. Check and adjust all drive belts, dismantle o/s & n/s front hubs, cleaned, checked, regreased, pack wheel bearings and hubs and reassemble. Make up and fit one new brake caliper pipe, bled brakes. Clean & check all pads, discs and calipers, adjust handbrake. Replace o/s & n/s top wishbone rear bushes. Check and set track, Remove r/h door pad, repair broken wiring to door mirror and refit. Road test car and set carbs

02.04.97- Mileage: 43,156- Service Agent: Ian Mason

Carry out six monthly service, including oil & filter change, drive belts checked and adjusted, new throttle rod bearing fitted and connected, fuel pump flow rate and operation tested. Antifreeze SG level tested and topped up. Steering rack checked and reset. New handbrake warning light fitted, checked and cleaned brake pads, replaced front pads. Discs and calipers checked. Road test car and deliver for MOT

06.04.98- Mileage: 44,053- Service Agent: Ian Mason

Carry out annual service including checking drive belts, fit new A/C belt, all other belts adjusted. Check antifreeze SG level, fuel pump operation and flow rate. Fit new seal bungs to nearside cam cover. Adjust n/s top and lower king pin thrust pads. Check and adjust steering rack, o/s & n/s front hubs, cleaned, checked, regreased.

06.04.98- Mileage: 44,053- Service Agent: Ian Mason

Pack wheel bearings and hubs and reassembled. Cleaned and checked jacking tubes. Remove all brake pads, checking pads, discs and calipers, check carburettor and ignition settings, road test car and deliver to MOT. Clean car and polish boot lid

21.05.02- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: Ian Mason

Estimate for service and restoration work

07.02.03- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: Ian Mason

Progress payment for work in hand

24.05.03- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: Ian Mason

Supplementary estimate for differential work

24.05.03- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: Ian Mason

Progress payment for work in hand

10.10.03- Mileage: 44,987- Service Agent: Ian Mason

Carried out 10,000 mile service. Remove and dismantle cylinder heads, cleaned and checked all parts then sent for specialist machining for upgrade to unleaded fuel and stove enamelling. Reassemble heads with new springs, valves and tappet cups and set tappet clearances. Refit heads with new gaskets and seals, set valve and ignition timing, new spark plugs gapped and fitted. Dismantle, clean and check carburettors and set float levels. Remove radiator for reconditioning and refit with new mounting and new top and bottom hoses. Antifreeze the cooling system, Fit and adjust a new set of drive belts, fit new bearings to a/c belt adjuster pulley. Change oil & filter and fit new air and fuel filters. Fit and connect new fuel pump checking operation and flow rate. Remove all brake pads, clean and check discs and calipers, new front and rear pads fitted. Fit and connect new brake master cylinder and two reconditioned brake servo units. New front and rear pressure hoses fitted, bled all brakes. New vacuum valves fitted with new hoses and clips. Fit new front engine mountings and set engine height with shims as necessary. Dismantle front suspensions, clean and check wheel bearings, grease pack bearings and hubs. Fit original springs to a new pair of new shock absorbers, reassemble with new rebound rubbers. Adjust upper and lower king pin thrust pads, refit hubs with new seals, check and reset steering track and geometry. Disconnect and remove differential and carrier assembly – send unit for specialist repair, refit with new rear shock absorbers and replace cracked diff carrier mounting bracket. New exhaust mountings fitted and n/s cruciform flex pipe welded. New boot lid springs fitted, boot light switch adjusted. Loose number plate mounting plate fixed. Prepare and send for MOT. Set CO levels, balance throttles and recheck ignition timing. Remove interior fittings from car, front and rear wheel arch stone guards, both doors, sill finishers, front to rear wiring, fuel lines etc. to cut away corroded sill box sections, preparing areas and welding in new sections and steel plates. Prepare, prime and paint repaired areas, refit all parts, clean and prepare the underside of the car.

10.10.03- Mileage: 44,987- Service Agent: Ian Mason

Underseal the underside of car and wheel arches, waxoyl chassis sills and box sections. Paint all suspension parts and fittings. Specialist charge for supplying and fitting a reconditioned automatic transmission gearbox and torque converter. Fluid lines flushed and cleaned, trans oil cooler fitted and connected Invoice totalled at £26,862.09

12.08.04- Mileage: 45,174- Service Agent: Ian Mason

Check all lights, screen washers and wipers, checked engine and coolant levels, set tyre pressures, road test and deliver for MOT

Byron International