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Aston Martin DB7 GTA V12 - £SOLD

Chassis Number: SCFAB12353K 304219

Engine Number: AM2/04182

UK Registration Number: Y 1 GTA

Date of first reg: 10th November 2003

Exterior colour: Ferrari Grigio Titanio


Interior colour: Charcoal Leather

Current Odometer reading: 52,579

Mileage Warranty:

Steering: Right

Transmission: Touch Tronic

Options: Heated Front Screen, Satellite Navigation, Alloy Wheels, Tracker



In 1993, at the invitation of Walter Hayes, Sir David Brown became life president of Aston Martin Lagonda Ltd. This provided the perfect opportunity to revive the DB prefix. The new production was established at Bloxham, near Banbury and Aston Martin Oxford Ltd was born. Chassis number sequence begins at: 100,001. Code named NPX, the new design was subjected to far more development testing that any previous Aston Martin. Approximately 30 prototypes were driven in some of the most diverse areas in the world. From the altitude and heat of Arizona to the intense cold of Scandinavia. Also full use was made of Ford’s own test facilities.

The body is a semi-monocoque shell with composite materials used for some of the outer panels. The designed by Ian Callum captures the very essence of ‘Aston Martin’. The elegant shaped radiator opening and the consequence compound curves of the front of the bonnet can be traced back to the DB3S. The sculpted interior with its predominate curved lines, is trimmed in Connolly leather and further complimented by burr walnut panels. The instrument panel has round, analogue gauges, and the exception being a digital clock mounted in the centre consol. Front seats are electrically operated and designed to hold the body in place while making the most of cornering capability. Air conditioning is fitted.

After four years’ production (The DB7 was launched at the Geneva Motor Show in March 1993), demand for more performance prompted a joint engineering programme between Fords advanced vehicle technology department and Cosworth engineering. The DB7 Vantage coupe and Volante were introduced at The Geneva Salon on the 9th March 1999 and marked the production of the first 12-cylinder Aston Martin. The engine is an all alloy multi valve 6.0 Litre V12 producing 420 horsepower with a top speed of 180 m.p.h. and able to accelerate to 60 m.p.h. in 5.0 seconds. Controlled by a sophisticated Visteon electronic engine management system offering monitoring and coordination of many parameters such as ignition strategy, traction control, exhaust emission and diagnostics, this engine employs some of the most advanced manufacturing techniques and use of composites. Both 6-Speed close ratio manual and a ZF 5-speed automatic transmission option was available, a semi-automatic ‘Touchtronic’ gearbox followed later.

To cope with the extra performance, the chassis and drive train underwent some changes to improve tensional rigidity. Suspension improvements included new upper and lower wishbones and rear vertical links, revised damping ratings and new more ridged Bilstein shock absorbers. Brakes linked to the Teves 4 channel electronic anti-lock control systems, Brembo callipers bite on 355 mm cross-drilled disk to the front, 330 mm to the rear. The Vantage was equipped with specially designed 15" diameter road wheels, shod with ZR rated Bridgestone SO2 tyres special to the Aston Martin requirements.

Bodyworks enhancements were limited to slightly flared sills and a larger opening front air intake finished with a new bright work slated grille. Front and rear bumpers were improved in impact absorption, the rear under bumper section redesigned to accommodate the larger bore exhaust tailpipes. New front driving lights and indicators were featured as an integral part of the deeper more aerodynamic front air dam and a high-level third brake light to meet current legislation.

On 22nd October 2002 at the British motor show, the DB7 GT and GTA were introduced. A number of our customers had wanted a different approach to the DB7 Vantage and with Vanquish now some two years into production, engineers were able to incorporate many dynamic changes that provided a higher level of performance but not at the sacrifice of refinement and the result was the DB7 GT and GTA. Coachwork modifications were limited to subtle but effective changes that further enhanced the aerodynamic balance such as additional upsweeps to the under tray, wheel arch liner extensions and a boot lid lip, all adding to reducing lift and therefore increasing high speed stability by some 50%. Two power veins crafted into the bonnet incorporating grilles allowed under-bonnet air-flow management as well as additional cooling. Full load ECU re-mapping allowed fuel and ignition to be re-calibrated, breathing through an active sports exhaust system with a rear muffler by-pass valve system (as used on Vanquish, closed between 1500 and 3500 rpm) helped boost the power to 435bhp and torque from 400lb ft to 410 lb ft. as well as producing a unique tone. Power delivery was transferred by a 228mm AP twin plate racing clutch with final drive ratios increased accordingly. A quicker shifting gear lever unit, steering snubber washer and rack location enhanced the positive driving feel with modification to dampers, front and rear lower wishbones, compounded chassis agility and control. The interior changes were essentially cosmetic but the fitting of the standard high winged Recaro sports seats added to both comfort and a sense of security in this hand-finished cockpit.

Although more a tuning exercise, the changes made transformed this accomplished Grand Tourer into something rather special. Sharpening all most every aspect of the DB7 Vantage talents, the GT and GTA performs in a manner more similar to its big brother, the Vanquish.


Jeremy Clarkson was once moved to describe the DB7 Coupe as “the best-looking thing made by man”.

The GT and GTA were the ultimate versions of this lovely car and presented in the ideal colour combination, this car can be seen as a fabulous treat and, with burgeoning prices of top quality DB7’s, it could be seen as a wise investment in the model.

Very driveable with the Touchtronic transmission and with an outstanding service history, one for the connoisseur

Vehicle History

The original build information from Aston Martin on this delightful car shows that it was originally intended for sale by Stratstone of Wilmslow – in the event, it was transferred across the Pennines to JCT600 for their customer, Richard Hensby of Leeds.

With its pre-delivery inspection completed on 7th November 2003, the car was registered and on the road for 10th of the same month. The car was returned regularly to JCT600 for service and they continued to maintain the car after April of 2005, when the car’s ownership transferred to Fast Trak Education of Ashton under Lyne.

It is great to see a car that has been regularly serviced and that is the case with this DB7 – the last change of keeper was in December 2010 when the car was marketed to the current owner by Aston Martin Heritage dealer, Chiltern Aston. And they continued to service the car up until 2013 when the owner found a reliable service agent sensibly nearer to his Glasgow base – and that routine has been maintained right up to date with the car’s last service and MOT carried out on 10th November 2016!

The result is the offer of a rare top of the range DB7 GTA finished in that strongest of colour combinations – Ferrari Grigio Titanio with Black leather interior together with a perfect history of service and maintenance. A perfect way to acquire this most desirable modern classic Aston Martin.

MOT History

MOT Date   Odometer

29.03.07    15,044
17.04.08    20,233
20.03.09    25,201
12.03.10    30,560
26.11.10    33,021
16.11.11    35,798
21.11.12    39,353
22.11.13    42,479
05.12.14    46,479
09.11.15    49,329
16.11.16    52,179

Service and Maintenance Record

07.11.03- Mileage: 00,106- Service Agent: JCT600

Pre delivery inspection

17.02.04- Mileage: 01,151- Service Agent: JCT600

1,000 mile service

25.10.04- Mileage: 03,579- Service Agent: JCT600

7,500 mile service

31.10.05- Mileage: 07,325- Service Agent: JCT600

15,000 mile service

10.04.06- Mileage: 09,918- Service Agent: JCT600

22,500 mile service

09.03.07- Mileage: 14,858- Service Agent: JCT600

30,000 mile service

17.04.08- Mileage: 20,221- Service Agent: JCT600

37,500 mile service

06.12.08- Mileage: 23,862- Service Agent: JCT600

45,000 mile service

07.10.09- Mileage: 28,753- Service Agent: JCT600

52,500 mile service

29.11.10- Mileage: 33,035- Service Agent: Chiltern Aston

60,000 mile service

26.01.11- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: Chiltern Aston

Indoor Car Cover

12.02.11- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: Tracker

Annual subscription

25.05.11- Mileage: 34,475- Service Agent: Chiltern Aston

67,500 mile service, clean throttle bodies, fit 2 new bonnet foams, adjust headlamps

15.11.11- Mileage: 35,792- Service Agent: Chiltern Aston

75,000 mile service, fit one new wheel nut, fit one new centre vent, fit new front anti-roll bar drop link rubbers

13.01.12- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: Tracker

Annual subscription

12.06.12- Mileage: 37,557- Service Agent: Chiltern Aston

82,500 mile service, refit driver’s seat back rest cover.

08.09.12- Mileage: 38,608- Service Agent: JCT600

Carry out complimentary visual health check, o/s diff side seal leak

20.11.12- Mileage: 39,353- Service Agent: Chiltern Aston

90,000 mile service, MOT, tighten and adjust nsf & osf window regulators, re-fit leather rear of driver’s seat, change brake fluid, re-fix lambda wiring harness

13.01.13- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: Tracker

Annual subscription

27.05.13- Mileage: 40,368- Service Agent: Martin’s Aston Services

Inspect vehicle, note rear light seal defective, road test note brake judder and possible wheel wobble. Order new condensor to evaporator pipe on air con. Replace wiper blade on driver’s side, check and top up all levels.Anti roll bar bushes replaced, front wheel alignment checked. Alternator cooling pipe and air inlet pipe replaced. Secure inlet pipe from air filter to n/s throttle body tie wraps replaced. Front & rear discs checked – rears replaced. Fit new pads, adjust handbrake shoes to new discs. Rectify seals on rear lights, replace driver’s door handle and adjust internal rods. Replace rear suspension radius arms and bushes. Wheels re-balanced

14.06.13- Mileage: 40,611- Service Agent: Martin’s Aston Services

Drain all coolant from the air conditioning and dismantle under bonnet ancillaries to access replacement of condensor to evaporator pipe, recharge coolant and re-assemble

22.08.13- Mileage: 41,241- Service Agent: Martin’s Aston Services

ECU orange light on dashboard illuminated. Connect diagnostic computer to check faults, check against AM diagnostic manual – clear fault code PO445. Remove engine cover and check integrity of all pipes. Extensive road test, ECU light did not re-appear.

22.11.13- Mileage: 42,463- Service Agent: Martin’s Aston Services

97,500 mile service, replace rusted screws from front bumper undertray, refit umbrella mounting and clear outstanding fault codes. Remove engine cover, remove cam covers, clean gaskets and replace spark plug well gaskets, replace all plugs and coils – re-assemble. Replace full vacuum hose assembly. Replace anti-freeze, fuel filters, air filters and brake fluid. MOT

13.01.14- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: Tracker

Annual subscription

27.11.14- Mileage: 46,479- Service Agent: Martin’s Aston Services

105,000 mile service, drain and flush water coolant system, pressure test system, tighten leaking hose, refill with coolant and anti-freeze. Check engine codes, download and clear. Complete full AM drive cycle/relearn. Recheck ECU data and confirm all is ok. Check wipers, set headlamps, replace side light bulbs. Repair tyre

13.01.15- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: Tracker

Annual subscription

17.06.15- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: Martin’s Aston Services

Supply & fit front tyres, Disconnect and remove entire rear differential/suspension assembly. Appraise suspension, replace bushes, seals and fixtures as required, check driveshafts and grease UJ’s.Send differential to specialist for repair of oil leaks. Prepare and paint rear crossmember and bottom plate with 2K black paint. Paint and rust protect various components and areas of the bodyshell. Note that anti roll bar has been rubbing on fuel vapour system and vacuum pipe. Strip repair and protect pipe, space anti roll bar away from pipe. Rebuild differential and suspension and refit to car, set ride height, adjust handbrake and road test.

11.10.15- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: Martin’s Aston Services

Check vehicle for coolant loss, diagnose radiator core – drain coolant, remove radiator and take for specialist replacement. Heavy duty core fitted, refit radiator assembly. Continued leak traced to faulty end tank, new end tank manufactured from brass. Check and tighten propshaft and gearbox bolts

11.11.15- Mileage: 49,329- Service Agent: Martin’s Aston Services

112,500 mile service

31.05.16- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: Martin’s Aston Services

Supply and fit 2 new rear tyres, alloy wheel refurbishment x 4. Degrease and prepare brake disc surfaces for painting, mask off and paint with 3 coats of VHT paint (supplied)

29.09.16- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: Martin’s Aston Services

Replace driveshaft nuts with updated parts. Check & replace battery, repair damage to damaged pipe threads to oil cooler, fit new oil cooler, replace lambda sensors.

10.11.16- Mileage: 52,179- Service Agent: Martin’s Aston Services

119,500 mile service and MOT, carry out gearbox fluid and filter change, replace both front springs, replace ARB bushes, replace brake fluid reservoir, touch up rust spots in spring seats, replace os headlamp foam, refurbish road wheel

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