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Aston Martin V8 Coupe - £SOLD

Chassis Number: SCFDAM252TBR 79020

Engine Number: 95/79020/A

UK Registration Number: TBA

Date of first reg: 1st August 1997

Exterior colour: Mendip Blue


Interior colour: Parchment piped Pacific

Current Odometer reading:

Mileage Warranty:

Steering: Right

Transmission: Automatic




Following the success of the Limited Edition V8 Coupe, the new ‘Vantage’ style V8 Coupe was introduced on the 5th of March 1996, at the Geneva Motor Show, alongside the DB7 Volante. Whereas all ten of the Limited Edition V8 Coupes shared many external features with the preceding Virage, the new V8 Coupe reflects the overall design themes and the smooth flowing aerodynamic lines of the Vantage, as was the case with most of the suspension system. However, it has its own distinctive design radiator intake, six spoke 18” x 8.5” alloy road wheels, and circular auxiliary driving lamps integrated within the front spoiler. Special compound 255 / 50 ZR18 Pirelli P Zero tyres were developed for the new model.

The quad cam engine has 4 valves per cylinder, (last used by Aston Martin in 1921-2) and produces 350 horsepower. This was a further development of the now legendary Tadek Marek designed all alloy V8, with its racing pedigree. Improved cylinder heads, camshafts and pistons were fitted, together with an ‘Alpha Plus’ electronically controlled engine management system. According to Aston Martin Lagonda Ltd., the new V8 Coupe could reach 60 M.P.H. in less than 6.0 seconds and has a maximum speed in excess of 150 m.p.h. Naturally with the use of a three way catalytic exhaust system, the engine runs on unleaded fuel. However, for countries where leaded petrol is still the norm, a non-catalyst system was available. In effect, it is a ‘worldwide’ engine compatible for all markets.

The 4-speed automatic transmission is electronically controlled with Sport and Touring modes. Anti-lock AP / PBR brakes are fitted to all four wheels, with ventilated discs and four pot callipers. With a servo-assisted tandem master cylinder, the brakes are independent front and rear, controlled by a Bosch 4 channel ABS system. The power assisted rack and pinion steering is speed sensitive. The rear axle is fitted with a limited slip differential.

All body panels are hand crafted in aluminium. Requiring ten Connolly hides each luxurious interior could be tailored to individual tastes. Burr Walnut is used for the facia panel, centre console and door cappings, and Wilton carpet for the floor covering. There are a minimum of twelve separate coats of paint applied to each complete body. There is power assistance for the adjustment of the driver and front passenger seats. A sophisticated climate control system is provided together with a stereo, radio, cassette and CD player. For the final touch of luxury, cruise control is fitted for long distance touring.


Truly the last of the hand made Aston Martins, the V8 Coupe has fared better in the market that its earlier Virage cousin.

With a great ownership history and presented in wonderful order, this is an opportunity to acquire an Aston Martin at the right end of the investment spectrum – a real classic and the last of a great era.

Vehicle History

The ownership history of this lovely car is extraordinarily simple. Acquired by its first owner from Aston Martin main agents, Grange of Essex, on 1st August, the car remained with that first owner until his unfortunate demise and passed to his wife on 2nd June 2008.Very little used in the intervening years, the decision was made to sell the car.

Marketed by Byron International to the current owner, it has seen little further used and represents outstanding value in today's market.

MOT History

MOT Date   Odometer

12.07.06    01,583
24.08.07    01,595
18.08.08    01,628
11.09.09    02,176
26.01.11    02,285
09.10.12    02,499
20.03.14    02,510

Service and Maintenance Record

22.07.97- Mileage: 00,195- Service Agent: Grange, Brentwood

Pre delivery inspection

01.09.03- Mileage: 00,765- Service Agent: Lancaster Sevenoaks

6,000 mile service

25.08.04- Mileage: 01,217- Service Agent: Lancaster Sevenoaks

6,000 mile service, MOT, replace faulty wiper motor

22.06.05- Mileage: 01,485- Service Agent: Lancaster Sevenoaks

6,000 mile service, recharge air conditioning and check for leaks

20.07.06- Mileage: 01,571- Service Agent: Lancaster Sevenoaks

MOT & replace battery. Dismantle anti roll bar and replace both drop links

20.04.07- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: Lancaster Sevenoaks

Supply car cover

24.08.07- Mileage: 01,595- Service Agent: Lancaster Sevenoaks

MOT & clean brake discs, supply and fit battery charger

18.08.08- Mileage: 01,616- Service Agent: Lancaster Sevenoaks

6,000 mile service, strip down and clean brakes

11.09.09- Mileage: 02,176- Service Agent: Grosvenor Garage, Tunbridge Wells

90,000 mile service, MOT

26.01.11- Mileage: 02,285- Service Agent: Lancaster Sevenoaks

6,000 mile service, MOT, replace HT leads and plugs. Clean corrosion front and rear discs. Remove inlet manifold and replace perished pipes and seals, replace Lamda parokes and carry out tests.

12.10.12- Mileage: 02,427- Service Agent: Lancaster Sevenoaks

6,000 mile service, MOT and replace battery

03.12.13- Mileage: 02,428- Service Agent: Lancaster Sevenoaks

MOT plus other works, replace crankshaft sensor bank one

15.05.14- Mileage: 2,500- Service Agent: Newlands Motors

MOT engine repair – remove and rebuild cylinder heads, reassemble engine, replace vacuum pipes, attend to ignition wiring. Replace expansion tank cap, replace kick down cable, replace oil temp sender

Byron International