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Aston Martin V8 Volante Series II Fuel Injectiom - £

Chassis Number: SCFCV81C3KTR15823

Engine Number: V/585/5823

UK Registration Number: G 498 TYT

Date of first reg: 18th September 1989

Exterior colour: Dark Green

Hood: Black

Interior colour: Magnolia

Current Odometer reading: 26,960

Mileage Warranty:

Steering: Right

Transmission: Manual

Options: Head Rests, Auxiliary Driving Lamps, Front Fog Lamps



Announced on 21st June 1978 the V8 Volante was built to satisfy the persistent demands for new open four seater cars. Ably demonstrated by the escalation in prices of used Aston Martin drop-head coupés, particularly in the United States. Its specification follows the contemporary V8 saloon series IV (Oscar India) announced four months later, sharing revised rear body lines, bonnet (the carburettor bulge with dummy air scope now closed at front), burr walnut dash board and door cappings. The convertible hood is fully lined and power operated. The engine, was by then the well tried and tested all alloy V8 designed by Tadek Marek that had made its first appearance in January 1967 at the Racing Car Show in London and raced by Lola in their Type 70 Mk III GT. The first V8 Volante was road tested by Motor Magazine on the 3rd of March, 1979, when 0-60 M.P.H. in 7.7 seconds and a maximum 150 M.P.H. were recorded. All production until March 1981 (save the prototype) was exported to North America, with home and continental European markets following thereafter. In 1983, the Volante shared a number of detailed improvements with the series IV saloon such as, revised heating & ventilation controls and BBS alloy wheels.

Production amounted to approximately 438 cars, between June 1978 & January 1986. However, as the majority would have been for export the used market in the U.K. remains under supplied.


An Aston Martin V8 with a manual gearbox is a rarity, more so as a Volante, so this car represents a genuine investment opportunity for that alone. This car is the closest visually that you can get to a POW without that scale of expenditure.

Add to the fact that it has just two owners from new – one a global superstar – and an extraordinarily low mileage gives the car both outstanding provenance and elevates it to exceptional.

Vehicle History

The original service voucher book notes that this lovely car was delivered on 20th September 1989 to A Clayton of Principle Management Ltd., Dublin, Republic of Ireland. Students of the music business will immediately realise that this is Adam Clayton of U2.

Adam Clayton owned the car for some ten years and the car was registered in the UK when the second and current owner acquired the car which was relocated to his home in Sussex. Formerly a Member of Parliament, a Shadow Minister and a Minister of State, he was always nervous whenever he used the car to visit the Palace of Westminster because of snippet of researched history.

Clayton had been “busted” by two undercover police in Dublin with a small amount of marijuana in the glovebox of his Aston Martin – a minor offence dealt fairly by the local justice system, but not something that the well-trained sniffer dogs in Westminster would miss even after many years!

The car has been maintained over the years by his local Aston Martin specialist Newlands Motors and comes to market well maintained in spite of an exceptionally low mileage.

MOT History

MOT Date   Odometer

13.05.06    18,271
09.06.07    18,731
13.06.08    19,333
18.06.09    20,013
22.05.10    20,318
16.07.11    20,802
17.08.12    20,880
29.04.13    21,209
19.11.14    21,726
23.04.16    21,830

Service and Maintenance Record

17.05.91- Mileage: 00,720- Service Agent: Stratton Motor Co

1,000 mile service

06.09.91- Mileage: 03,108- Service Agent: Ian Mason

5,000 mile service

07.05.93- Mileage: 04,122- Service Agent: Ian Mason

10,000 mile service

24.05.93- Mileage: 04,134- Service Agent: Ian Mason

15,000 mile service

04.03.99- Mileage: 06,016- Service Agent: Ian Mason

20,000 mile service

26.05.00- Mileage: 09,344- Service Agent: Ian Mason

25,000 mile service

01.05.02- Mileage: 10,684- Service Agent: Eaton Square Garage

30,000 mile service

16.04.03- Mileage: 14,527- Service Agent: Newlands Motors

35,000 mile service

04.06.04- Mileage: 16,530- Service Agent: Newlands Motors

40,000 mile service

14.10.05- Mileage: 17,511- Service Agent: Newlands Motors

Collect car from customer’s house, replace clutch incl. machining flywheel, attend to paintwork as agreed.

25.08.06- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: Newlands Motors

Check brakes and electrics, repair cigar lighter, remove master cylinder, rebuild and refit, take to and/collect car from auto audio specialist

22.05.08- Mileage: 19,474- Service Agent: Newlands Motors

45,000 mile service

14.07.09- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: Newlands Motors

Attend to Hazard / Indicator fault, brakes pulling to left. Remove under dash and console, remove tracker fuse, replace flasher unit, prepare and take for MOT. Clean off front pads, retract pistons, replace front brake hoses, bleed brakes, road test ok.

18.08.12- Mileage: 20,864- Service Agent: Newlands Motors

Poor running, replace burnt out pick up module, remove lh dash/ ECU send away for specialist test & repair, service as required and take for MOT

20.11.14- Mileage: 21,721- Service Agent: Newlands Motors

Check over regarding MOT fail, replace track rod ends and 1 x rack gaiter, reset tracking, remove & refit wheels, replace 2 x tyres, take for MOT

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