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Aston Martin V8 Volante Series II Fuel Injection - £SOLD

Chassis Number: SCFCV81CXGTR15454

Engine Number: V/585/5454/S

UK Registration Number: C 581 JTM

Date of first reg: 25th March 1986

Exterior colour: Balmoral Green

Hood: Green

Interior colour: Magnolia piped Green

Current Odometer reading: 61,314

Mileage Warranty:

Steering: Right

Transmission: Manual

Options: BBS Wheels, Auxiliary Driving Lamps, Front Fog Lamps, Head Rests with Pads



Announced on 21st June 1978 the V8 Volante was built to satisfy the persistent demands for new open four seater cars. Ably demonstrated by the escalation in prices of used Aston Martin drop-head coupés, particularly in the United States. Its specification follows the contemporary V8 saloon series IV (Oscar India) announced four months later, sharing revised rear body lines, bonnet (the carburettor bulge with dummy air scope now closed at front), burr walnut dash board and door cappings. The convertible hood is fully lined and power operated. The engine, was by then the well tried and tested all alloy V8 designed by Tadek Marek that had made its first appearance in January 1967 at the Racing Car Show in London and raced by Lola in their Type 70 Mk III GT. The first V8 Volante was road tested by Motor Magazine on the 3rd of March, 1979, when 0-60 M.P.H. in 7.7 seconds and a maximum 150 M.P.H. were recorded. All production until March 1981 (save the prototype) was exported to North America, with home and continental European markets following thereafter. In 1983, the Volante shared a number of detailed improvements with the series IV saloon such as, revised heating & ventilation controls and BBS alloy wheels.

Production amounted to approximately 438 cars, between June 1978 & January 1986. However, as the majority would have been for export the used market in the U.K. remains under supplied.


It has been often said that the fuel injected V8 was a great choice for a “daily driver” and so it proved with this wonderful Volante. Beautifully presented in an ideal colour combination and rare with a manual gearbox, she represents the very best example of a Grand Tourer.

With an exemplary service and maintenance record together with the gently patinated veneer of a true classic, she is a car that promises the twin joys of a secure investment and a great ownership experience.

Truly one for this Summer!

Vehicle History

Chassis number '15454' was first registered in March 1986 and delivered to its first owner a Mr Aboutaka of London NW6. This information comes straight from the vehicle’s service book that carries service stamps that to the first change of keeper being Sussex based.

Servicing then reverted to Aston Martin Works and we are grateful for the current owner’s enquiries to the DVLA which identify the various steps in the ownership chain. The car was acquired from Mr Aboutaka by Peter Hopkins of Haywards Heath and the service book notes service by local Porsche specialists! From there the car moved to the ownership of Wilverley and Hampshire Estates ltd of Lymington in Hampshire.

The next registered keeper was an organisation called Tradeca Ltd who, whilst registered as a company in Jersey, registered the car in London W12. They owned the car from October 1989 until it was sold to a Mike Blackall of Slough who bought the Aston through the services of classic car specialist Straight 8 Motors in October 1993. Previously serviced by marque specialist Ian Mason, the car was professionally stored with Manor Car Storage while the owner made lengthy trips abroad between 1993 and 1997 in his role he as Area Director of Operations for the Sheraton Hotel Group.

Ian Mason continued the programme of regular maintenance and in 1996 the convertible hood renewed in Green and the headlining redone by Gary Wright Coach Trimming. There is no detail available but it is assumed that the change of hood was contemporary with the change of external colour of the car to Balmoral Green.

Between 1998 and 2000, the was Oxford based under the stewardship of a Mr Graham Hazell and it was in April 2000 that the current owner purchased the car through the services of marque standard bearers, RS Williams and maintenance of the car has been entrusted to R S Williams since then, with the service book stamped eight times.

As the managing director of a successful Surrey based business, the current owner originally registered the car to the business and, reflective of the exceptional condition and serviceability of the car, used it for his daily commute. However, when the business was sold the car was acquired from the business and then registered in his own name and has become a true classic tourer with visits to Italy and Spain amongst its destinations.

MOT History

MOT Date   Odometer

29.05.97    26,860
22.09.98    28,563
14.04.00    29,774
19.03.01    37,749
11.03.02    43,694
07.04.03    49,097
07.04.04    49,890
20.04.05    50,379
06.04.06    50,887
20.04.07    52,355
01.05.08    53,886
17.04.09    54,735
05.05.10    56,296
12.05.11    57,707
20.04.12    58,646
24.04.13    58,841
30.08.14    60,420
12.10.15    61,225
09.11.16    61,624
01.11.18    63,203

Service and Maintenance Record

10.02.86- Mileage: 01,152- Service Agent: Aston Martin Works

1,000 mile service

08.05.87- Mileage: 05,232- Service Agent: Turbo Torque

5,000 mile service

09.01.88- Mileage: 10,769- Service Agent: Carrera Sport

10,000 mile service

09.05.88- Mileage: 12,506- Service Agent: Aston Martin Works

15,000 mile service

14.04.89- Mileage: 15,433- Service Agent: Aston Martin Works

20,000 mile service

03.09.93- Mileage: 23,965- Service Agent: Ian Mason

Remove glove box and parts necessary to access ECU, carry out full engine management system check, rectify faulty connections to n/s coil, replace defective absolute pressure sensor and all vac pipes, tested fuel pump, checked filters and lines, adjusted CO setting, balanced throttles, final adjustments and refit glove box etc.

04.10.93- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: Straight Eight

To supply and fit one Cobra remote alarm

11.10.93- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: Manor Car Storage

12 weeks’ storage, maintenance programme

24.06.94- Mileage: 24,215- Service Agent: Ian Mason

25,000 mile service, remove all brake pads, clean and check pads, discs and callipers. Drive belts checked, new spark plugs fitted, CO checked and reset, throttle butterflies balanced. O/s & n/s cam cover plugs replaced, coolant system drained and refreshed with new anti-freeze. Tightened both door mirrors, removed driving lamps to rectify faulty connections, set headlamp beam and fit AMOC badge to grille, remove fascia panel top to tighten screen jet, rectify faulty earth n rear trafficator lamp holders, evacuate and refill air conditioning system, test, MOT

15.07.94- Mileage: 25,505- Service Agent: Ian Mason

Remove parts as necessary to remove o/s and n/s cylinder heads. Remove cam shafts and tappet cups, air rail and parts nec. To pressure test. Send cylinder heads for surface grinding, reassemble adjusting tappets with new shims. Refit both heads with new gaskets, set valve timing and refit all parts. Check engine management system, adjust CO and throttles. Fit new rear bulb, new ceramic fuses, clean car and lubricate n/s window. Trimmers charge for removing torn section of hood and hand stitching new section

16.10.94- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: Manor Car Storage

15 weeks’ storage, maintenance programme

19.07.95- Mileage: 25,727- Service Agent: Ian Mason

Carrying out general check over of car. New set of exhaust clamps fitted, new inner brake reactor strut bush fitted n/s., levels checked

01.04.96- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: Manor Car Storage

13 weeks’ car storage, maintenance programme

19.04.96- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: Gary H Wright

Supply and fit new hood and headlining

16.09.96- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: Ryder Coachworks

Under seal floor and polish car

02.01.97- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: Manor Car Storage

13 weeks’ storage, maintenance programme

28.05.97- Mileage: 26,860- Service Agent: Ian Mason

30,000 mile service, new battery fitted, new set of engine drive belts fitted, top up anti-freeze as necessary, dismantle o/s & n/s front hubs to clean and check wheel bearings, new bearing sets fitted to both hubs, grease packed and refitted. Removed all brakes pads, cleaned and checked pads, discs and callipers, lubricate and adjust handbrake callipers and cables, checked engine management system. Removed all parts to remove gearbox, clutch and flywheel assembly, cleaned all parts and fitted new balanced clutch / flywheel assembly and release bearing, refit gearbox, bled all parts and adjusted clutch

25.09.98- Mileage: 28,563- Service Agent: Oselli Engineering

35,000 mile service

16.03.99- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: Oselli Engineering

To recover vehicle, check and rectify non-starting. Test all systems, remove front damper assembly and replace crankshaft sensor

15.03.00- Mileage: 29,756- Service Agent: RS Williams

5,000 mile service

13.04.00- Mileage: 29,769- Service Agent: RS Williams

Pre-delivery check list

15.10.00- Mileage: 33,077- Service Agent: RS Williams

45,000 mile service

30.05.01- Mileage: 39,525- Service Agent: RS Williams

50,000 mile service

30.01.02- Mileage: 43,305- Service Agent: RS Williams

55,000 mile service

15.10.02- Mileage: 48,371- Service Agent: RS Williams

60,000 mile service

20.06.03- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: RS Williams

Estimate: Remove interior trims and carpets, spare wheel and rear bumper assembly, rear lights, rear under valance panel, rear panel fittings, boot lid and necessary fittings, petrol flaps, B post fittings and hood. Jacking out rear panel, beating and re-shaping rear and inner panels.

20.06.03- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: RS Williams

Attend to gel coat damage to rear under valance and re-laminating as required. Align and fit boot lid, rear under valance panels, rear lamps, rear bumper. Check profile and fitment. Prepare, etch prime and polyester prime repaired panels, dry flatting repairs, fit panels and check contours. Prepare prime and paint rear panel, rear scuttle panel, o/s/r and n/s/r quarter panels, boot lid and petrol flaps. Localise colour into and within panels as required. Flat and polish. Prepare, prime and paint rear under valance in two pack semi matt black and re-blacking stone chip under body. Refit parts as required.

16.09.03- Mileage: 49,419- Service Agent: RS Williams

Check operation of air conditioning. Tracing faults, drain remainder of gas from system. Fit replacement valve core, fit new receiver dryer, fit high side charge port, swap binary switch to new receiver dryer. Vacuum system and fill with correct R12 gas charge. Check system and clutch free play. Secure driver’s floor mat to seat frame, fit new top hose, top up anti-freeze, fit new l/h courtesy light switch, wash engine bay and coat with service spray.

10.10.06- Mileage: 52,089- Service Agent: RS Williams

65,000 mile service

30.04.09- Mileage: 54,727- Service Agent: Moonwhizz Ltd

Supply and fit belt to compressor, fit new bulb to n/s headlight, air conditioning compressor not working, convert to R134A gas with kit and additive re-charge system. Faulty terminal on pressure switch repaired. Conduct emissions test

01.07.10- Mileage: 57,105- Service Agent: RS Williams

Disconnect and remove water pump, clean timing case face, fit service exchange water pump. Fit new water pump, power steering and air conditioning belts. Fit new water hoses and clips as required. Re-fill cooling system with correct anti-freeze content, road test car, adjust new belts, carry out pre-delivery checks. Trace fault of intermittent long brake pedal to brake master cylinder. Remove master cylinder shield, disconnect and remove master cylinder, mount latest specification master cylinder, set pedal height, reconnect pipe work, flush braking system with new fluid, bleed brakes, road test car.

24.03.11- Mileage: 57,611- Service Agent: RS Williams

70,000 mile service

24.04.13- Mileage: 58,833- Service Agent: RS Williams

75,000 mile service, remove road wheels, adjust front wheel bearings, grease king pins, fit latest specification brake pads, remove rear pads. Report on seized calliper piston. Remove chassis strengthening frame, disconnect and lower differential unit. Remove differential cradle and rear brake callipers, strip callipers, clean and repaint callipers, rebuild using new pistons and seals, de-glaze rear discs, refit cradle using new bolts, replace brake pipes as required, refit differential assembly using new mountings as required, bleed brake system, adjust handbrake, check differential and gearbox oil levels. Adjust clutch, check fuel flow and fuel pressure. Pressure test cooling system and top up anti-freeze. Check air conditioning, drain system, replace air conditioning hoses with modern barrier specification. Replace receiver drier and trinary switch, vacuum out and re-charge system adding leak detection dye. Adjust engine drive belts, present car for MOT

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