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Aston Martin DBSV8 Saloon Manual - £SOLD

Chassis Number: DBSV8/10184/R

Engine Number: V/540/180

UK Registration Number: JLG 480 K

Date of first reg: 31st December 1971

Exterior colour: Blue Metallic


Interior colour: Tan leather

Current Odometer reading: 47,623

Mileage Warranty:

Steering: Right

Transmission: Manual




The first Aston Martin DBS V8 rolled off the Newport Pagnell production line on 19th September 1969. For Tadek Marek it was the public debut for his new engine and the car received a rapturous welcome from the public.

The engine used the same light aluminium alloy construction as the old straight six and used a similar design for the valve gear employing two chain driven overhead camshafts per cylinder bank and two valves per cylinder. The 8 wet liner cylinders were in a V formation set at 90 degrees with fuel and air were supplied via a Bosch mechanical fuel injection system with the injector pump in the middle of the cylinder vee and eight separate throttle butterflies mounted outboard of each induction port. The engine had five main bearings and the cooling system was with thermostat, water pump and viscous-coupling fan.

Putting this newly developed engine into the body that had been created for it gave Aston Martin a car that carried four people in luxury, weighed well over one and a half tons, yet could accelerate from 0 – 60 mph in less than 6 seconds and had a top speed of 160 mph. Every aspect of the car needed superlatives for its description. With that weight and speed, the Girling brakes had to produce substantial stopping power – 1 ¼ inches thick front and rear, they were ventilated and had two independent hydraulic circuits to provide pressure to front and rear and the rear brakes had separate callipers for the handbrake. Unusually, Aston Martin made standard the fitment of specially made 15 inch alloy wheels with 7 inch rims.

Testing the car, a contemporary road test by Autocar noted the flexibility of the new V8 engine at the bottom end of its wide range. They noted that the torque curve was surprisingly flat noting that in fifth gear, the 20 mile per hour increments from 30 mph to 110 mph each took around 4 seconds less than the straight six it had tested the year before. They also noted that the clutch, having to cope with all the extra torque, was heavier than the six cylinder – they measured that it needed 50 pounds of force to depress the pedal. Handling and grip had been improved on the DBS with the de Dion rear axle – in the DBS V8.


The DBSV8 was the marque's first modern supercar after the DB4GT of the early sixties, and its performance as a luxury four seater was unparalleled. The sales brochure said it could cruise all day at 140 mph, four up, and some owners did so.

Serious collectors and enthusiasts alike have recognised and come to value the purity and aesthetics of the original William Towns 'four headlight' design. Like many designs, whether the first Series One E type Jaguar, the 'plexiglass' fronted Ferrari Daytona, or the Porsche 356A, their development into the later versions generally lost the integrity of the original design and it is these first examples of the breed that are now most sought after.

Rare as a manual example, this DBS V8 is ready to take its place in an enthusiast’s garage as one of the finest examples of the very last of the David Brown era.

Vehicle History

In 1992, then owner of the car made enquiries to the DVLA as to its history and on file is the response from the DVLA noting that changes due to Cherished Plate transfer but in a hand-written note, were the words “Sorry I am unable to give you any details of the car before 1982, as this was the date that the vehicle was registered at the DVLA.” - however, at its recent MOT, there was no hesitation in identifying the registration date as 31st December 1971

So, a little bit of mystery prior to 1982 but absolute clarity on the next decade and beyond – on 1st May 1982, the car was registered under the number plate KEN 21 to Nationwide Cleaning of Saltney, Chester. In 1986, the current registration was placed on the car and the new keeper was Lawrence Marriott of Deeside in September 1986 and the car returned to Chester when it was acquired in barely weeks later by a Mr Edwin Wood.

Back to Wales again to John Philips of Wrexham in May 1987 before acquisition by Birmingham based Mr Abbott in May 1988 who made the enquiry to the DVLA. The next formal change of keeper came in June 2004 when the car was acquired by Aston Martin enthusiast and collector Andrew Honychurch.

Finally, it was acquired by the current owner, a respected Belgian Classic Car Collector to join his extensive stable of cars in 2009. There are scant details of mechanical work carried out on the car prior to 2004 aside from a comprehensive MOT history that offers a good sense of mileage validity.

After 2004, there is clear evidence of maintenance and care of both engine, trim and body making this an outstanding purchase proposition. A matching numbers DBS V8 – an original manual car with a good traceable history and ready to impress in every way.

The car arrived from Belgium on a covered transporter and has been prepared for an MOT and presentation for sale.

MOT History

MOT Date   Odometer

10.08.90    42,680
21.02.92    43,038
08.02.93    43,339
14.06.94    43,555
22.06.95    43,645
27.02.97    43,795
06.04.98    44,093
20.07.00    44,286
21.12.01    44,347
02.01.02    44,561
11.03.03    44,633
13.03.04    44,545
16.04.05    45,719
10.05.06    46,366
30.06.07    46,632
08.04.10    47,150
26.01.12    47,580
03.11.17    47,623

Service and Maintenance Record

15.03.04- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: Andre Bloom

Sale of car

18.03.04- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: Puddleduck

Parts only: air filter, fuel filter, brass tops

09.09.04- Mileage: 45,389- Service Agent: Pugsley & Lewis

Road test to assess requirements. Disconnect and remove spark plugs, clean, set gaps and refit. Reset points. Remove cold start fuel rail, clean, unblock tubes and refit. Run engine, set ignition timing and idle. Replace water pump, top up anti-freeze, fit new battery and replace worn brake reactor strut knuckles with new units. Reset steering geometry. Disconnect and remove leaking brake servos, strip units, clean and re-assemble using new vacuum valve. Refit to car. Disconnect and remove differential unit to gain access to faulty prop shaft. Fit new balanced prop shaft. Refit differential unit using new front and rear mountings, nuts washers etc. Top up differential oil level. Bleed brakes. Puncture repair o/s/r tyre. Balance all road wheels. Road test. O/S drive shaft UJ’s seized, fit service exchange drive shaft. Clean car.

12.04.05- Mileage: 45,778- Service Agent: Pugsley & Lewis

Road test to assess requirements. Disconnect and remove leaking steering rack. Fit service exchange unit using new track rod ends. Replace power steering hoses (pump to reservoir) using new clips. Top up fluid. Shim out play in left hand front king pin swivel. Disconnect and remove thermostat housing. Remove filler neck and drill out broken bolts. Refit filler using gaskets and bolts. Refit housing using new gasket. Top up anti-freeze. Strip off road wheels. Fit two new Avon 235 tyres and two second hand 235’s. Balance all wheels and fit. Road test and clean car.

28.02.07- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: Framptons Number Plates

Parts only: 2 sets of plates and fixings

October 2009- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: Andrew Honychurch

Sale to current owner

February – March 2010- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: AJ Barnard Engineering

Drain coolant, remove radiator cowling and radiator, repair lower part of rad frame. Remove old underseal and paint from under wheel arches and chassis outriggers etc, remove rear dampers and drop links. Cut away lower sections of front and rear wings to gain access to corroded parts of sills and door pillars. Cut away corrosion around inner rear arches at junction with sills and suspension pick up points. Make up new sections and weld in place. Cut off outer sills and L sections and weld in new sills. Repair outrigger and weld in new jacking points. Make up and weld in new bottoms to A & B posts. Cut out rusted area of R/H inner wing box, make up and weld in repair section. Clean underseal etc from front inner wings and behind valance, rust treat and prime. Fit anti roll bar link rubbers.

April – June 2010- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: AJ Barnard Engineering

Clean underside of car and floor panels. Weld B post and prime Apply seam sealer as required, mask up and apply underbody protection Make up and fit new brake pipes Re-install wiring through car Fit new flexi hoses and bleed through system Reinstate electrics and run up engine Make up and weld in new alloy sections to front and rear wings. Strip out remaining rim, window frames and glass. Transfer car to paint shop. Refurbish driver’s seat

04.07.11- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: AJ Barnard Engineering

Detailing and re-assembly work

31.07.11- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: AJ Barnard Engineering

Work on window frames and side windows

31.08.11- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: AJ Barnard Engineering

Refit ¼ windows, fit new telescopic damper conversion, treat underside of car with wax sealant. Fit inner wheel arch panels and wax arches. Clean and re-polish screen and window brightwork.

06.10.11- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: AJ Barnard Engineering

Fit front and rear screens, clean and polish stainless steel side sills, wax and fit. Remove diff from car. Remove brake calipers, de-grease unit, remove half shafts and pinion shaft flange, machine oil seal register and re-assemble with new seals. Free off parking brake calipers. Blast rust from diff housing carrier and re-paint. Re-instate wiring into doors, fit weather seals etc and align door window frames and set window lift operation. Clean away paint and rust in foot wells, prime with red oxide. Make up and fit extra wheel arch closure panels and wax, wax inject internal and external box sections and wax diff area of chassis. Refit leather trim removed for panting. Make up and weld in repair sections to lower fan cowling. Specialist chrome work.

03.11.11- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: AJ Barnard Engineering

Re-assemble diff into carrier. Re-fit brakes, make up new pipework as required and re-fit unit to car. Clean up leatherwork and re-fit seats and trim. Re-fit stainless steel screen surrounds, send wheels for refurbishment

29.02.12- Mileage: 47,580- Service Agent: AJ Barnard Engineering

Final build up of car, road test shake down and adjust. MOT

28.08.13- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: Aston Martin Michiels NV

Parts only: Clutch assembly, starter ring

03.11.17- Mileage: 47,623- Service Agent: Bullbridge

Preparation for sale and MOT: Fuel System: Replacement of fuel hoses, the supply / return lines after the fuel filter in the engine bay replaced along wit the fuel filter Water Pump: Replaced with service unit. Exhaust: New gaskets and clamps on 2 into 1 section and first box plus broken stud on nearside flange drilled out and replaced. Electrical: Washer pump overhauled, poor connections to headlamps, alternator and horns. Clutch: master cylinder replaced. Interior: Deep cleaned and repair to passenger seat Other: Rectify loose prop shaft weight and replace nut on gearbox support

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