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Aston Martin V8 Series III - £

Chassis Number: V8/11328/RCA

Engine Number: V/540/1328

UK Registration Number: KNV 62 N

Date of first reg: 1st April 1975

Exterior colour: Green Metallic


Interior colour: Black Leather

Current Odometer reading: 57,952

Mileage Warranty:

Steering: Right

Transmission: Automatic



Announced in April 1972, the AM V8 is an extensively modified version of the DBS V8 which was announced in September 1969. Externally, the grill was entirely new, no longer sweeping across the complete front but now tailored between the head lamps reminiscent of the earlier six cylinder models such as the DB3S. The engine, was by then the well tried and tested all alloy V8 designed by Tadek Marek that had made it’s first appearance in January 1967 at the Racing Car Show in London and raced by Lola in their Type 70 Mk III GT.

The AM V8 series III was introduced in London, August 1973. The important mechanical difference was the replacement of the Bosch fuel injection system by four twin-choke down draught Weber carburettors, which produced a notably smother performance at low engine speeds with greater flexibility.

To accommodate the carburettors, the bonnet bulge had to be deepened slightly and it was continued as a low bulge, to the trailing edge. Improvements were also made to water, oil and automatic transmission cooling and a new insulation material was used for the engine bulkhead and under the bonnet.

There are detailed improvements inside the car, revised front seats; passenger’s door locked, electrically, from driver’s side; revised switches and heating controls: fuses below the glove compartment; larger ashtray; fuel tank redesigned to increase luggage space. The Autocar road test (September 6th 1973) of a car with automatic transmission, gave 0 to 60 m.p.h. in 6.2 seconds and a maximum 146 m.p.h.


The market for Aston Martin V8’s is strengthening and this car offers an outstanding opportunity for any buyer. A low mileage validated by comprehensive record of service and maintenance builds real value into what is an appreciating and popular model of Aston Martin.

Vehicle History

The original Service Voucher Book for this car notes that it was supplied to its first owner, A Pearson of Kenilworth by The Aston Martin Centre of Sutherland Avenue, Coventry. The delivery date is noted as 18th April 1975.

The next significant date in the history file for the car is a receipt for £11,050 signed by Mr. Pearson, for the sale of the car to its second owner, The Walford Manufacturing Company of Birmingham represented by their Managing Director Peter Clasper.

The car remained in Mr. Clasper’s stewardship, transferring ownership from his company to his personal name in March 1990, until his recent and sad demise. The Executors of his will asked Byron International to sell the car on their behalf which we did in 2013.

Acquired by the current owner following an engineer’s report, the car has been fastidiously maintained since with diligent repair to the sills and around the off side chassis leg. The owner has also kept a personal log of mileages and weather conditions for all journeys under his stewardship.

MOT History

MOT Date   Odometer

25.03.85    43,588
09.04.86    45,816
06.04.87    47,210
08.05.89    49,818
28.09.90    51,457
09.10.91    51,173
06.10.92    52,004
06.10.93    52,777
06.10.94    53,058
09.10.95    53,560
04.10.96    53,795
03.10.97    54,313
13.10.98    54,653
22.09.99    54,838
24.10.00    55,069
31.10.01    55,185
10.12.02    55,377
16.12.03    56,162
14.12.04    56,291
08.12.05    56,559
15.12.07    56,776
18.01.08    56,812
17.03.09    56,831
15.03.10    56,872
12.03.11    56,975
11.04.12    57,053
22.03.13    57,100
30.05.14    57,361
28.05.15    57,607
03.06.16    57,750
18.05.17    57,855

Service and Maintenance Record

25.04.75- Mileage: 00,483- Service Agent: The Aston Martin Centre

500 mile service

03.05.75- Mileage: 01,207- Service Agent: The Aston Martin Centre

1,000 mile service

22.12.77- Mileage: 04,902- Service Agent: The Aston Martin Centre

5,000 mile service

18.01.78- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: Aston Martin Lagonda

Fitting new york compressor and new heater expansion valve, checking air con system, adjusting vacuums fit new air conditioner drier bottle, wire coolair system to two fuses and carry out dash top modifications.

12.06.78- Mileage: 09,772- Service Agent: Chapman Spooner

10,000 mile service

20.09.78- Mileage: 14,800- Service Agent: Chapman Spooner

15,000 mile service

07.03.79- Mileage: 19,778- Service Agent: Chapman Spooner

20,000 mile service

23.06.80- Mileage: 30,582- Service Agent: Chapman Spooner

30,000 mile service

19.05.82- Mileage: 35,351- Service Agent: Chapman Spooner

35,000 mile service

30.06.83- Mileage: 40,168- Service Agent: Chapman Spooner

20,000 mile service, re-pack front hubs and balance wheels, carry out automatic box service, fit and adjust new fan belts, remove retaining cap on o/s/f king pin and adjust. Adjust n/s/f king pin and replace gaiter on o/s/f king pin and re-assemble. Fit new rear brake pads, replace handbrake pads. Fit air conditioning compressor, re-gas, reset and fit new switch. Dismantle steering and replace pin in pinion, adjust steering, castor and camber angles.

30.11.83- Mileage: 41,508- Service Agent: Chapman Spooner

Strip steering rack assembly, overhaul rack, fit new seals and gaiters, re-assemble and road test

10.09.85- Mileage: 45,487- Service Agent: Chapman Spooner

5,000 mile service

25.04.89- Mileage: 49,807- Service Agent: Chapman Spooner

5,000 mile service

10.10.90- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: Promech Automotive

Parts only, 2 x inner and 2 x outer sills

10.10.90- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: Alum Rock Service Station

Fit o/s and n/s inner and outer sills, rebuild sill ends and cut out corrosion as required. Replace all interior trim, polish stainless steel.

30.01.90- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: Chapman Spooner

Carry out winter check, Remove exhaust system and under panels, drill out manifold stud and re-tap hole. Fit new stud and exhaust sections, re-assembling under shield, attend to loose aerial and refit trim, replace faulty inner brake reaction strut rubbers. Remove side and number plate light lenses, clean and fit new bulb.adjust front wheel alignment, check steering and lubricate swivel joints, check cooling system and top up

22.05.91- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: Chapman Spooner

Parts only: Non-return valve

23.02.91- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: Holden

Black leather renovation kit

30.05.91- Mileage: 51,000- Service Agent: Alum Rock Service Station

Fit supplied servo valve and test brakes

14.10.92- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: JP Exhausts

2 x Aston Martin oval silencers

22.02.93- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: Cherrywood Garage

Checked charging system, replace faulty battery and replace flasher unit

30.07.93- Mileage: 52,220- Service Agent: Chapman Spooner

Remove prop shaft flange and leaking pinion seal, clean off parts, fit new seal and speedi sleeve, re-assemble and refill with oil. Remove track rod end, shim out play in rack end ball joint and re-assemble. Replace cracked brake hoses and bleed brakes. Remove drive belts, anti roll bar and faulty torsional vibration (TV) damper, crank pulley and seal. Fit speedi sleeve, oil seal, new TV damper and reset TDC mark and re-assemble.Remove seized universal coupling on steering column, grind off seized bolt. Remove leaking oil seal, fit new valve body oil seal and re-assemble steering column. Carry out lubrication service, repair fault on number plate light, seal exposed end of sills, clean up corrosion on front discs and refit pads, replace faulty washer pump. Remove lower wishbone assemblies to replace faulty brake reaction strut rubbers. Replace anti-roll bar link, lap in new ball and seats, clean off, paint and re-assemble suspension parts. Replace faulty brake servos, replace cracked heater hose, fit exchange water pump, carry out welding repairs to n/s and o/s lower tie rod mounts

25.10.03- Mileage: 52,777- Service Agent: Cherrywood Garage


12.08.94- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: Chapman Spooner

Replace leaking hose, radiator cap and seal

17.10.94- Mileage: 53,097- Service Agent: Cherrywood Garage

Skim front discs and re-assemble, replace hot water valve, MOT

12.07.95- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: Motor Climate Services

Top up air conditioning

18.04.97- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: J P Exhausts

Pair of Aston Martin exhaust conecting pipes

22.04.97- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: Cherrywood Garage

Change oil and filter, check levels and grease all points, fit exhaust parts supplied

03.10.97- Mileage: 54,313- Service Agent: Motor Climate

Reseal leaking hoses

03.10.97- Mileage: 54,313- Service Agent: Cherrywood Garage

Pressure test rad and add leak sealant

10.08.00- Mileage: 54,991- Service Agent: Four Ashes

Check all tyres including spare, check all levels, grease all points, spray engine bay with anti coorsion fluid, clan off all wheel arches and jacking points and wax oil, adjust o/s lower swivel joint, check radio and rewire, remove bonnet insulation pad, clean off pad, mask up and apply stone chip. Top up power steering fluid.

27.11.00- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: Four Ashes

Parts only: Boot springs

12.06.01- Mileage: 55,112- Service Agent: Tanworth Garage

Replace heater fan assembly, clean battery leads, fit boot lid springs, replace thermostat and gasket

28.08.01- Mileage: 55,150- Service Agent: Tanworth Garage

Replace faulty ignition coil

01.10.01- Mileage: 55,185- Service Agent: Tanworth Garage

MOT, repair n/s flasher, repair o/s fog light

07.11.01- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: Tanworth Garage

Replace Battery

25.07.02- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: Goodwins Auto Electrics

Replace all fuses and clean holders

06.04.05- Mileage: 56,330- Service Agent: Tanworth Garage

Annual service, fit fuel saver

21.07.05- Mileage: 56,536- Service Agent: Tanwoorth Garage

Replace battery and cure oil leak

30.09.07- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: Halfords

Replace Battery

14.01.13- Mileage: 57,100- Service Agent: Newlands Motors

Inspection report prior to purchase

22.03.13- Mileage: 57,100- Service Agent: Newlands Motors

Remove cylinder heads, repair exhaust manifolds, refit cylinder heads, re-time cam shafts, set ignition / carbs. Welding and MOT check over, prepare for and take for MOT, service as necessary

30.05.14- Mileage: 57,361- Service Agent: Newlands Motors

Rectify exhaust blow, clean and gap spark plugs, service, prepare and take for MOT

26.05.15- Mileage: 57,607- Service Agent: Steve Cato Restorations

Service, change oil & filters, change spark plugs, change fuel filter, brakes stripped and checked, free off caliper pistons and re-align wheels. Repair connections to fuel pump and clean out breather pipes, weld in new sill sections, prime and paint. MOT

03.06.16- Mileage: 57,750- Service Agent: Steve Cato Restorations

Check and clean front brakes, strip and rebuild rear brakes, fit new wiper blades, MOT

08.05.17- Mileage: 57,855- Service Agent: Steve Cato Restorations

Rebuild front brakes, replace flexi hoses with new stainless steel items, unseize and strip down rear brakes, clean and rebuild, replace brake fluid and bleed through change oil and replace oil and fuel filters. Remove components from o/s chassis leg, cut out rust and treat area. Fabricate new panels and weld in, seal and paint with red oxide and stone chip paint. Service air conditioning, replace broken exhaust clamps. MOT

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