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Lagonda Rapide - £SOLD

Chassis Number: LR/151/R

Engine Number: 400/151

UK Registration Number: 757 EDA

Date of first reg: 10th December 1963

Exterior colour: Blue Metallic


Interior colour: Beige Leather

Current Odometer reading: 76,169

Mileage Warranty:

Steering: Right

Transmission: Automatic



Aston Martin revived the dormant Lagonda name in 1961 with the luxurious Rapide four-door saloon, a car that was very much David Brown's personal project. The Rapide's sales brochure, which, unusually, was signed by him personally, stated: 'It has long been my ambition to build a car which would be equally suitable to drive or be driven in...'

Beneath the Superleggera aluminium coachwork by Touring of Milan was a lengthened DB4 chassis reconfigured by Harold Beach to accept De Dion rear suspension, the adoption of which allowed rear compartment space to be maximised.

Powered by a 4.0-litre (236bhp) version of the DB4's twin-cam six that would later power the DB5, the Rapide certainly lived up to its name with brisk acceleration and a 130mph-plus top speed. Dual circuit, servo assisted disc brakes restrained this excellent performance, while interior fittings included electric windows, picnic tables to the rear, filler cap remote opening, and radio as standard.

Just 55 units, almost all of which were equipped with Borg Warner three-speed automatic transmission, were built before production ceased in 1964.


Many people refer to the Lagonda Rapide as “the 4 door DB4/5” – fortunately for enthusiasts of the Lagonda marque, the prices remain affordable in comparison to their Aston Martin cousins.

After 30 years in the collection, this represents a real opportunity for a collector to acquire a car and add their personality and their own value to this great investment.

Vehicle History

First registered in December 1963 and one of the last of the 55 Lagonda Rapides built, this car came into the ownership of a Belgian collector of British cars in May of 1988.

In 1996, the owner approached Aston Martin Lagonda specialist, RS Williams to bring the car to outstanding mechanical condition. Over several months in 1997 that mechanical overhaul took place. The estimate from RS Williams notes that this overhaul did not include cosmetic issues but these were clearly addressed in Belgium – well certainly the exterior finish.

Preparation for sale has been thorough and the car presents beautifully and passed its MOT with flying colours.

MOT History

MOT Date   Odometer

12.12.17    76,169

Service and Maintenance Record

04.10.96- Mileage: 75,321- Service Agent: RS Williams

Estimate to put Lagonda Rapide into mechanical good condition so it is a useable car. No provision for cosmetic enhancement

04.02.97- Mileage: 75,321- Service Agent: RS Williams

Remove and send for specialist repair, rear shock absorbers, refit with new links and re-set ride height. Re-align exhaust system, fit new mountings and new rear stainless steel silencers Remove, dismantle and overhaul brake master cylinders. Rebuild with adjustable push rods, fit new front brake servo, free off and adjust handbrake, bleed brakes, fit new reservoir tops, set brake pedal height. Fit new front and rear discs and pads and wheel cylinders Disconnect and remove carburettors. Converting the car to twin SU carburettors with airbox. Make up and fit air filter assembly. Clean contact breaker points and plugs and re-setting gaps. Set ignition timing and carburation. Disconnect and remove driveshafts. Dismantle rear hubs, lap hub faces together, re-assemble using new bearings. Set preload on rear hubs, fit new oil seals, clean and paint driveshafts, fit new UJ’s, re-assemble

19.03.97- Mileage: 75,321- Service Agent: RS Williams

Dismantle front suspension, rebuild with new rubbers, gaiters, bearings, king pins, shock absorbers and brake reactor strut rubbers, Bead blast and paint all removed parts. Reset frnt ride height, Reset track and castor. Centralise steering wheel and indicator self cancelling. Fit new top hose, flush cooling system and top up anti freeze

08.4.97- Mileage: 75,321- Service Agent: RS Williams

Disconnect both front door panels , remove windowlift motors. Make good wiring, free off mechanisms, grease and refit panels. Fit 4 new tyres and balance wheels. Fit new battery, terminals and fabricate new battery clamp.

08.4.97- Mileage: 75,321- Service Agent: RS Williams

Disconnect and remove driver’s and passenger’s under trays. Remove speedo cable, clean, grease and refit. Tighten light switch. Remove rev counter, fit exchange unit. Trace and rectify faults in fuel and ammeter illumination. Remove radio, dismantle replace illumination bulb, rebuild and refit. Replace missing knob. Fit new radio aerial. Fit correct wiper blades, fit new screen washer pump, remove fuel gauge sender unit, free off and refit. Dismantle electric fuel flap, free off mechanism and refit. Dismantle both front seat arm rests, tighten mounting bolts and refit. Dismantle boot lock, free off and rebuild. Fit door mirrors, beam set lights.

17.04.97- Mileage: 75,321- Service Agent: RS Williams

Parts only: Master switch, 3 x relays, 1 x solenoid, 1 x bulb, 1 x fuel filter, 1 x Hoppecker Battery

12.12.17- Mileage: 76,169- Service Agent: Bullbridge

Preparation for sale: Carburettors cleaned, rebuilt and adjusted, ignition 180 degrees out, rectified, cooling system pipes replaced, cooling system flushed and coolant replaced, wiring to horn and windows rectified, starter motor refurbished, new internals and rebuild. Drain fuel tank, remove, treat and refit. Replace exhaust manifold. Replace washer bottle, wheel spanner, hydraulic float switch for brake system. Front and rear brake caliper pistons, brake master cylinders and associated parts. Replace battery. Full clean of leather, replace worn panels in driver’s seat with new webbing and piping. .Replace front carpets. MOT

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