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Lagonda Rapide - £

Chassis Number: LR/110/L

Engine Number: 400/110

UK Registration Number: 757 EDA

Date of first reg: 15th September 1962

Exterior colour: Silver


Interior colour: Red Leather

Current Odometer reading: 01,709

Mileage Warranty:

Steering: Left

Transmission: Manual




Aston Martin revived the dormant Lagonda name in 1961 with the luxurious Rapide four-door saloon, a car that was very much David Brown's personal project. The Rapide's sales brochure, which, unusually, was signed by him personally, stated: 'It has long been my ambition to build a car which would be equally suitable to drive or be driven in...'

Beneath the Superleggera aluminium coachwork by Touring of Milan was a lengthened DB4 chassis reconfigured by Harold Beach to accept De Dion rear suspension, the adoption of which allowed rear compartment space to be maximised. Powered by a 4.0-litre (236bhp) version of the DB4's twin-cam six that would later power the DB5, the Rapide certainly lived up to its name with brisk acceleration and a 130mph-plus top speed. Dual circuit, servo assisted disc brakes restrained this excellent performance, while interior fittings included electric windows, picnic tables to the rear, filler cap remote opening, and radio as standard.

Just 55 units, almost all of which were equipped with Borg Warner three-speed automatic transmission, were built before production ceased in 1964.


We have been waiting for this lovely Lagonda to arrive home because like any competitive thoroughbred she travels to be presented in competition as an exceptional example of the marque.

Recently returned from Japan where her UK owner had entered her into a Concours display, she not only presents well but has a history folder and provenance that complements the outstanding presentation quality of the car.

Rare as one of 55 cars built, rarer as a manual and rarer still as a left-hand drive example. Incomparable and ready to be cherished anew.

Vehicle History

Lagonda Rapide 110/L was shipped on 9th April 1962 to be shown on the company’s stand at the New York International Auto Show. It was then delivered, through the services of the official agent, J.S.Inskip, on 15th September the same year to retired RAF Group Captain Hugh Marsland Groves.

The new owner was based in Sarasota, Florida and the build sheet notes the original specification as Black Pearl with Red Connolly Vaumol leather and an automatic gearbox.

As was normal for cars of that manufacturing age, the car was returned to the services of the renowned Rex Woodgate for “numerous rectifications” a few days after delivery. Another important date in its early history was a comprehensive work schedule in June 1965 when the recorded mileage was 21,814 – not for the mechanical scheduling but rather the modification to the bonnet with the addition of a cooling vent – a modification that can be seen to this day.

Although the car’s entire early history is not clear, in 1989 she was owned by Melvin Ritter of Tucson, Arizona and moved firmly into the Southern Hemisphere to Australia where owners included Paul Sabine and Chris Kourtis.

At about this time she was turned from Black Pearl into a very traditional Silver and a manual gearbox added to allow the power of the six-cylinder engine to be explored more fully. There are contemporary articles in the June 2003 Australian Classic Car and she won Best in Class (Modern Classics) at the Melbourne Motorclassica exhibition in October 2013.

Purchased by a Swiss resident after Chris Kourtis’ ownership, she was driven to Villa d’Este from his home where it was accepted into the Concours Class for “Faster, Quieter, Smoother. Heroes of the Jet Age” and won the prize!

Acquired by its current UK owner and registered in the UK on 1st October 2017, she has continued her travels most recently to the Concorso D’Eleganza Kyoto 2018 for which she was carefully prepared by Tim Butcher’s team at Trinity Engineering.

On the button, sleek and beautiful, she is ready for events, tours or concours.

MOT History

MOT Date   Odometer

There are currently no MOT history details for this car.

Service and Maintenance Record

05.07.62- Mileage: 00,583- Service Agent: Aston Engineer Mr Woodgate

Assistance in carrying out rectifications

13.09.62- Mileage: 00,877- Service Agent: Aston Engineer Mr Woodgate

Radio repaired, assistance given in carrying out numerous rectifications

24.10.63- Mileage: 02,527- Service Agent: Aston Engineer Mr Woodgate

Electric window repaired, inside door handle freed, both rear half shafts white leaded, differential alignment adjusted

24.08.63- Mileage: 09,906- Service Agent: Aston Engineer Mr Woodgate

Work detailed in correspondence file (at Aston Martin US)

16.10.63- Mileage: 10,334- Service Agent: Aston Engineer Mr Woodgate

3 x gasket and one oil seal fitted

24.06.65- Mileage: 21,814- Service Agent: Aston Engineer Mr Woodgate

Cylinder head decarb, six new exhaust valves, refit one tappet, new inner and outer valve springs. Head refitted with new gasket and one new stud. New thermostat, water pump and hoses fitted also spark plugs, carbs, oil filter, air filter. Gearbox overhauled and refitted with new torque converter. Front and rear suspensions rebuilt. Two apertures cut in front panel, two grilles to apertures made up and fitted. Air intake and two vents in bonnet panel cut out.

10.07.94- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: Classic Parts and Restorations, Queensland

Dismantle vehicle completely. Repair, rebuild or replace as necessary all mechanical components. Remove all electrics, make new harness and fit. Replace leather with first grade German leather, replace headlining with correct material, reline the boot and renew all insulating material. Remove dashboard, repair veneer, reline trim, refit dash. Remove front and rear screens, remove exterior chrome trim, bonnet and boot lid, four doors, fuel tank and pipes. Overhaul and repair as necessary. Position body/chassis in rotating cradle, completely clean underside and examine for corrosion. Repair as necessary, prepare for panel work and spraying. Body/chassis to be further prepared for specialist external painters, doors to be rehung, boot, bonnet and chrome work re-fitted and aligned Refit mechanical and electrical components and upholstery and complete restoration to Concours standard

21.03.96- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: Classic Parts and Restorations, Queensland

Front ball joints, chrome plating, side moulding (removal of scratches), ball bearings for window winder, wheel alignment

01.05.95- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: Classic Parts and Restorations, Queensland

Oil seals, diff carrier bearings, pinion bearings, auto electrics, reflectors

20.10.99- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: Gold Coast Car Electrics

Rebuild starter motor, free up all window winder motors and rewire switches

19.09.03- Mileage: .n/a.- Service Agent: Bold Auto Electrics

Repair r/h/r window wiring and switch, repair headlights, low and high beam, repair dash lights, repair wiring for washers

26.09.03- Mileage: 50,840- Service Agent: Bentleigh Motorworks

Repair power steering leak, adjust ball joints remove l/h door trim and fit up mirror, fabricate rear seat lugs and fabricate handbrake lock

30.09.04- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: Terzini Motore Aust. Pty.

Remove bonnet, remove radiator, and water pump, strip and clean water pump, overhaul replacing front and rear shaft bearings, genuine seal and securing circlip ring. Reassemble, refill system with coolant. Remove carb fuel line fittings and replace with copper washers, replace fuel line hose and clamps. Overhaul rear brakes

31.08.10- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: Caulfield Jag Service Pty.

Contaminated fuel, flush fuel tank and fuel lines, new fuel filter, disassemble all carburettors and service, replace battery. Disassemble clutch master and slave cylinders, clean and reassemble with new springs seals etc, flush out clutch hydraulics, renew fluid refit and bleed system. Overhaul brakes and brake hydraulics, moisture in the system

15.07.11- Mileage: 50,993- Service Agent: Caulfield Jag Service Pty.

Rebuild front carburettor, remove handbrake pivot pins and forks, clean and lubricate pins, open forks slightly and refit

23.10.13- Mileage: 51,002- Service Agent: Caulfield Jag Service Pty.

Tune engine and carry out general check over of car, grease all suspension units, arrange for complete detail of car. Flush out clutch and brake hydraulics, attend to both rear brake callipers. Repair boot lock. Supply fire extinguisher

29.08.16- Mileage: 51,082- Service Agent: Classic & Vintage, Spiez

(speedo replaced) 00,048 km Prepare car for FIVA Passport and for road legal for Switzerland. Tyres ordered, engine & gearbox washed down, front wheel bearings adjusted, steering pup fluid topped up, tighten down head, tighten nuts on gearbox, and PAS pump hose clamp. Change oil & filter and hudraulic fluid for clutch and brakes, cooling system drained and flushed, spare fuses installed. Install new kph speedometer, panel in boot screwed on, wiring of horn rectified and headlights wiring rectified. Driver’s window winder rectified, wheel alignment checked.

26.01.17- Mileage: 00,281 km- Service Agent: Classic & Vintage, Spiez

Exhaust system in mild steel to original spec.

05.03.17- Mileage: 00,281 km- Service Agent: Classic & Vintage, Spiez

Rebuild cylinder head with new exhaust valves and guides install new gaskets. Fabricate for fitting of period radio. Carburettors cleaned and checked. RH side of engine bay rubbed down and repainted in two pack colour, cam covers polished, RH cover repaired. Boot hinges rebushed, lubricated and axles uprated. Fabricate missing air duct on passenger side. Detailing under bonnet. Remove propshaft and rear drive shafts for rebuilding and balancing and refit. Remove steering rack and replace upper and lower shaft bearing, rebuild UJ of steering rack. Install electronic ignition and new leads

21.05.17- Mileage: 00,281 km- Service Agent: Classic & Vintage, Spiez

Rebuild LH door light switch, tighten switch fittings on dashboard, external sensors for engine oil pressure, temperature and accurate speed installed. Speedo removed and sent to specialist for restoration and calibration, refit with new speedo cable. Cylinder head re-torqued Seats refitted, bearing replaced in seat runners.

05.01.18- Mileage: 00,748- Service Agent: Trinity Engineering

Remove cam shaft covers and check tappet clearances, disconnect and remove camshafts, remove tappet cups and look for contact with cylinder head. Establish minor blemishes from vale springs and machine out. Refit cam shafts, reconnect and adjust timing chains, clean and refit covers with new gaskets. Replace spark plugs, replace HT leads, replace ignition coil. Replace fuel pipe. Service carburettors, drain down cooling system and replace leaking heater hoses and thermostat by-pass hose. Refill cooling system. Change oil & filter and carry out remainder of engine service. Change gearbox and differential oil and set clutch release pushrod. Replace upper and lower kingpin ball joints, replace top kingpin gaiters, replace thrust pads, replace track rod ends, adjust front wheel bearings, align steering. Replace worn front anti-roll bar links and bushes, replace rear axle straps Check brakes, free off seized caliper, lubricate chassis. Replace battery, manufacture battery clamps, replace battery isolator switch rectify driver’s door window drop glass, secure passenger seat.

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