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Aston Martin V8 Volante Series II Fuel Injection - £SOLD

Chassis Number: SCFCV815XGTR15460

Engine Number: V/585/5460/S

UK Registration Number: C192 TMO

Date of first reg: 6th May 1986

Exterior colour: Portland Blue

Hood: Black Everflex

Interior colour: Natural Leather

Current Odometer reading: 73,578

Mileage Warranty:

Steering: Right

Transmission: Manual

Options: BBS Alloy Wheels, Head rests with Pads, Auxiliary Driving Lamps, Fog Lamps



Announced on 21st June 1978 the V8 Volante was built to satisfy the persistent demands for new open four seater cars. Ably demonstrated by the escalation in prices of used Aston Martin drop-head coupés, particularly in the United States. Its specification follows the contemporary V8 saloon series IV (Oscar India) announced four months later, sharing revised rear body lines, bonnet (the carburettor bulge with dummy air scope now closed at front), burr walnut dash board and door cappings. The convertible hood is fully lined and power operated. The engine, was by then the well tried and tested all alloy V8 designed by Tadek Marek that had made its first appearance in January 1967 at the Racing Car Show in London and raced by Lola in their Type 70 Mk III GT. The first V8 Volante was road tested by Motor Magazine on the 3rd of March, 1979, when 0-60 M.P.H. in 7.7 seconds and a maximum 150 M.P.H. were recorded. All production until March 1981 (save the prototype) was exported to North America, with home and continental European markets following thereafter. In 1983, the Volante shared a number of detailed improvements with the series IV saloon such as, revised heating & ventilation controls and BBS alloy wheels.

Production amounted to approximately 438 cars, between June 1978 & January 1986. However, as the majority would have been for export the used market in the U.K. remains under supplied.


It has been often said that the fuel injected V8 was a great choice for a “daily driver” and this car has proved the point.

With just two owners from new this car with its rare original manual gearbox and original specification, represents the very best example of a Grand Tourer and one with great provenance to show a worth as an investment as well as a great classic car to use.

Vehicle History

The records show that this car was first registered on 6th May 1986 to a Mr Sixsmith of Henley in Oxfordshire. In a note written to the current owner when he purchased the car a decade later in May 1996, Mr Sixsmith noted that he had purchased the car through the services of HWM of Walton on Thames. He further detailed that they had visited the factory while the car was being built, one of the first of the new series fuel injected cars, his children had signed the woodwork under the hood. Very much the family car!

He further stated in the note that they had covered some 3,000 miles touring France in June 1986 and thereafter it had only been used for medium / long journeys and had in fact covered just 11,150 miles in that decade of ownership!

The current owner is a real enthusiast and the Aston shares garage space with two Ferraris and a Mercedes SL. The fuel injected Series II Aston Martin Volantes are famed as being appropriate “daily” cars – at home with regular commutes as well as “classic” duties and the car covered 60,000 + miles in its second two decades but the extensive service record shows that care was taken on its maintenance and well as enjoyment taken from its use.

MOT History

MOT Date   Odometer

07.03.89    06,286
20.04.90    06,798
17.04.91    07,211
07.09.92    08,544
29.04.94    09,425
17.05.95    10,311
11.05.96    11,153
16.04.97    17,503
27.03.98    21,779
29.03.99    26,269
01.04.00    32,084
12.03.01    40,515
19.03.02    41,663
31.03.03    44,774
13.04.04    46,520
05.05.05    49,183
13.06.06    52,834
18.06.07    54,703
10.12.09    59,459
17.01.11    62,018
18.01.12    64,514
16.01.13    67,864
14.03.14    68,867
16.03.15    70,203
01.10.15    71,704
19.10.16    73,267
05.10.17    73,431
25.10.18    73,578

Service and Maintenance Record

11.06.96- Mileage: 11,153- Service Agent: Courtneys Garage

Service, MOT and change o/s/f tyre for spare

26.06.96- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: Turners Car Radio

Install Tracker

11.08.97- Mileage: 20,427- Service Agent: Manor Park Garage

10,000 mile service, spark plugs, strip out and re-grease hub bearings, remake n/s/f metal brake pipe, strip brakes, dedust, replace fluid and bleed, re-weld alternator bracket, lubricate window channels

20.10.98- Mileage: 24,736- Service Agent: Manor Park Garage

Carry out lubrication service, change oil & filter, remove front bumper, re-chrome and refit, carry out complete valet

07.04.99- Mileage: 26,275- Service Agent: Manor Park Garage

Attend to front brake vibration, strip out front hubs, 2 x front brake discs, front brake pads, re-assemble and MOT

16.04.99- Mileage: 26,600- Service Agent: Manor Park Garage

Investigate loss of drive, supply and fit new rear drive flanges and fittings, re-assemble

24.09.99- Mileage: 30,149- Service Agent: Manor Park Garage

Carry out 30,000 mile service, strip brakes and inspect, remove front hubs and re-grease bearings, change brake fluid and bleed system, valet

25.05.00- Mileage: 35,301- Service Agent: Manor Park Garage

Interim service, change oil & filter, strip out starter motor and replace solenoid, re-charge air con., s/fit expansion valve and receiver/drier, replace tail light bulb

23.02.01- Mileage: 40,503- Service Agent: Manor Park Garage

40,000 mile service, strip brakes de-dust and inspect, strip hubs, re-grease, s/fit seals & pins, change brake fluid, valet, MOT

31.03.03- Mileage: 44,774- Service Agent: Manor Park Garage

Replace n/s headlamp bulb, change o/s/r/ wheel with spare, check emissions MOT

10.06.03- Mileage: 45,880- Service Agent: Manor Park Garage

5,000 mile service, replace hub seals, re-chrome rear bumper, replace wiper blade, replace tyre on spare wheel

24.06.03- Mileage: 45,737- Service Agent: Manor Park Garage

Replace spark plug, clean HT lead connectors

10.06.04- Mileage: 46,520- Service Agent: Manor Park Garage

Change oil & filter, check all levels, degas air con, replace compressor, regas system

20.07.04- Mileage: 48,529- Service Agent: Manor Park Garage

Replace clutch slave cylinder

27.07.04- Mileage: 48,573- Service Agent: Manor Park Garage

Replace rear axle frame support & mounting

17.10.05- Mileage: 51,668- Service Agent: Manor Park Garage

Specialist recovery due to loss of clutch pressure, replace clutch master cylinder and bleed fluid.

25.10.05- Mileage: 51,871- Service Agent: Manor Park Garage

Remove o/s inner door trim. Lubricate, tighten and adjust window mechanism, replace spark plugs

31.03.06- Mileage: 51,889- Service Agent: Manor Park Garage

Replace exhaust downpipe and gaskets, replace two tyres & balance

13.06.06- Mileage: 52,834- Service Agent: Manor Park Garage

Replace n/s track rod end, wheel alignment, replace rear brake pads, MOT

17.10.06- Mileage: 54,216- Service Agent: Manor Park Garage

Replace electric aerial, fix air conditioning, repair headlamp

02.04.07- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: Newlands Motors

Stage payment, parts incl. Harvey Bailey Handling Kit, Injector O Rings, clutch plate, bearing and cover.

15.05.07- Mileage: 54,569- Service Agent: Newlands Motors

Refurbish of chassis, drill all sections and inject hot wax protection, repair and refit sill covers, replace clutch assembly

25.06.07- Mileage: 54,709- Service Agent: Newlands Motors

Completion of chassis and suspension work, full service and tune, repair hazard lights, a/c specialist repair, treat leather, prepare for MOT

11.07.08- Mileage: 56,639- Service Agent: Newlands Motors

Service, check brake disc run out, replace front discs, fit servo to clutch, adjust & bleed, replace faulty air con drier

12.07.08- Mileage: 56,690- Service Agent: Manor Park Garage


12.03.10- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: Newlands Motors

Replace burnt out distributor caps, ECU check, take car for specialist set up / testing on injection system, refit dashboard, remove/refit radiator, rectify suspension noise, full service, remove and refit a/c compressor, MOT. Renovate paintwork, renovate interior

04.06.10- Mileage: 61,580- Service Agent: Newlands Motors

Check poor running, replace EGR hose, check ignition / injections, replace 2 injectors, send ECU for specialist set up

24.01.11- Mileage: 62,024- Service Agent: Newlands Motors

Service, MOT, replace rear hubs and all wheel bearings, change over rear wheel studs

20.03.11- Mileage: n/.a.- Service Agent: Auto Electrical Centre

S/fit electric aerial

04.08.11- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: AJ Turners

Remove existing alarm system and fit new Clifford 650MkII Thatcham Category one alarm system

11.02.12- Mileage: 64,520- Service Agent: Newlands Motors

Service, check coolant level, check air con, MOT

01.02.13- Mileage: 67,870- Service Agent: Newlands Motors

Service, replace water pump, repair warning lamp circuit, refit lamp knob, MOT

26.03.14- Mileage: 68,831- Service Agent: Newlands Motors

Welding to trailing arm, service & MOT, replace steering rack, tighten door mirrors, check for coolant leaks, take to trimmers to attend to trim items and return

02.04.15- Mileage: 70,211- Service Agent: Newlands Motors

Service, adjust timing chains, strip off under bonnet insulation , spray under bonnet with stone chip paint, replace top hose, MOT

05.06.15- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: Traders of South Godstone

Repair and paint n/s rear quarter, n/s door mirror

22.03.16- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: Newlands Motors

Replace front shock absorbers, Service, prepare for MOT, MOT

05.11.16- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: Top Marks Tyres

2 x 235/70/15 Avon tyres

31.03.17- Mileage: 73,368- Service Agent: Newlands Motors

Service, adjust tracking, replace slave cylinder, adjust pedal box, replace master switch, clean head lining, cavity wax, adjust bonnet catches, alarm wiring faulty, adjust and change interior bulbs,

27.07.17- Mileage: 73,411- Service Agent: Newlands Motors

Investigate non-start, replace fuel pump

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