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Aston Martin DB6 Saloon - £SOLD

Chassis Number: DB6/3177/R

Engine Number: 400/3221

UK Registration Number: WKX 5 E

Date of first reg: 21st July 1967

Exterior colour: Claret


Interior colour: Tan Leather

Current Odometer reading: 97,800

Mileage Warranty:

Steering: Right

Transmission: Manual

Options: Period Radio, Original Head Restraints



The roots of the DB6 can be found back in 1960 when Tadek Marek cut the platform chassis of a DB4 ahead of the heelboard and inserted a new 3.75 inch (92mm) section of metalwork with the intention of creating a car that would carry four rather than two adults. This car entitled DP/200/1 and registered 4 YMC became a development workhorse for the DB5 replacement. Aston Martin rejected their Touring’s design proposals and focussed back on 4 YMC testing it in a wind tunnel for the first time in February 1965. That showed the need for work to counteract the test car’s rear end lift. So the final development phases saw a DB5 chassis, suitably lengthened and titled MP219, with a rear spoiler and abbreviated Kamm tail that Aston Martin had previously incorporated in sports racers.

The decision was made to progress MP 219 as the Aston Martin DB6 although its de Dion rear axle was replaced with a live axle on cost grounds. So the new car had a wheelbase extended by 3.75 inches with the extra inserted just ahead of the rear wheel arches and this allowed the roofline to be raised by an inch, while a further two inches of headroom was gained by reworking the seat squabs. Reducing the length of the trailing arms on the rear suspension, gave more elbow room at the back and Aston Martin offered reassurances that rubber bushes ensured no loss of road holding. The seat shapes were changed to give greater shoulder and lumber support while the dashboard changed only with the size and layout of individual dials. Externally, however, horizontally slatted grille beneath the number plate allowed better air flow to the oil cooler and visual symmetry of the new arrangement was maintained with a split bumper at the front that was mirrored at the rear of the car.

Mechanically, the car was very similar to the Aston Martin DB5 with 3 SU carburettors fitted as standard. There were a number of items that a customer could specify at no extra cost – a Powr-Lok limited slip differential and chrome wire wheels. An electric aerial was fitted as standard, although the radio, which would be a customer choice, was considered an extra and was charged accordingly.


The DB6, as the ultimate evocation of the classic Touring Design first seen in the DB4, remains as popular as ever. Some people look to modernise a classic car but the colour and lines of this car are evocative of the 1960’s – the profile of the original head restraint style emphasising that sense of classic motoring.

One for an enthusiast, one for an investment or one just to enjoy!

Vehicle History

This is a car that not only has the original folding log book but also a well-researched ownership history that offers a future owner a great investment foundation as well as a confidence in purchase of this classic Aston Martin.

Supplied with power steering, the car was originally registered WKX 5 E by the supplying dealer Eton Garage, in their own name on 21st July 1967. 10 days later on 31st July 1967, ownership was transferred HJ Company Ltd of Shaftesbury Avenue for use by their Managing Director, Andrew Grimma.

In 1974, Mr Grimma purchased a Ferrari and, keeping the Aston but transferring the number off the Ferrari – TPK 52 M to the DB6. The car remained in the company use until sold to a G W Turk who kept the car until February 1989 when he sold it to a Mr R A Collins. Mr Collins only retained ownership for a scant two months and sold it to a Mr Anderson in April 1989 who sold it on again in July to a Mrs Marion Durling of Kent.

At that stage, the car was Gold and still had the registration number TPK 52M identified on the detailed body restoration of the car by B & B Autos of Sittingbourne. There is a photographic record of that work and an important note made of the degree of preparation required to change the body colour reflected in the application of 6 coats of “AM Claret”.

At some time during Mrs Durling’s ownership, the registration number changed to AKX 161E which would have been dictated to by the DVLA as the number that had been transferred from the Ferrari was not date appropriate to the newly computerised systems. She sold the car in October 1994 to a Keith Bannister of Hatfield and under his ownership and with the assistance of the AMOC, the original number plate was returned to the car. His was the last stop before the car arrived with the current owner, first registered in his company name and then personally.

Affectionately christened “Bertie”, the car received a second restoration and bare metal repaint under its new owner – so, a solid history which is backed up with comprehensive records covering the past 30+ years make for a great example of a great model.

MOT History

MOT Date   Odometer

21.09.77    70,883
04.11.78    73,708
09.11.87    80,091
11.02.89    80,571
23.02.90    82,166
07.12.91    82,510
18.04.94    82,588
10.04.95    83,964
21.05.96    85,477
15.05.97    86,454
09.05.98    87.629
16.07.99    88,641
09.08.00    89,250
04.07.01    89,533
25.07.02    91,070
06.12.03    92,059
22.11.05    94,096
28.11.06    94,839
09.02.08    95,610
14.04.12    96,861
30.08.14    97,492
28.06.17    97,747

Service and Maintenance Record

19.12.79- Mileage: 75,313- Service Agent: RS Williams

5,000-mile service, fit stainless steel intermediate silencers, connecting pipes and rear silencers. Fit new rear brake servo, new crankshaft damper hub and power steering pulleys, new radiator hoses, new engine mountings, new heater trunking, , new washer pump, new steering rack gaiters, rebuild king pins with new thrust pads, bearings etc. Remove propshaft to fit new universal joints, new rear brake pads. Tune engine

Aug ’89-Oct ‘89- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: B & B Auto Renovators

Remove all bright trim, remove all lamp units, remove front and rear screens. Remove doors, bonnet and boot lid and strip all paint to bare metal Inner and outer sills cut away and remanufactured and welded in situ, jacking points and outriggers cut away and remanufactured and welded in situ. Inner wheel arch covers removed, remanufactured with new rubber seals. Boot floor, outer edges cut away and remanufactured incorporating new bumper support brackets and welded in situ. Steel panels, sandblasted and treated with anti-rust and primed, all box sections and sills injected with waxoyl. All panels inside and out prepared, aluminium etch primed 9 coats of 2 pack primer applied, wet flatted every 3 coats. 6 coats of AM “Claret” applied, flatting between coats then 2 coats finally adding 20% clear lacquer =- left to settle for two weeks before final buffing and polishing Bright trim re-chromed and refitted, screens refitted with new rubbers, new front and boot carpet and headlining fitted by trimmers, leather cleaned, treated and fed. Engine bay all parts cleaned /painted, all hoses and jubilee clips renewed, car then serviced and auto box kick down fault rectified

17.03.89- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: J Ward Auto Electrical

Dismantle and repair alternator

18.04.94- Mileage: 82,588- Service Agent: B & B

Service, change engine oil, transmission fluid, axle oil, check and adjust brakes, MOT

06.10.94- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: Aston Martin

Parts only: DB6 Handbook

27.07.95- Mileage: 84,423- Service Agent: Sargeant & Lines

Recondition starter motor

16.10.95- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: Aston Martin

Parts only: Oil filter element

24.10.95- Mileage: 84,909- Service Agent: Sargeant & Lines

2,500 mile service

17.06.96- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: Aston Martin

Parts only: Exhaust flex

01.07.96- Mileage: 85,559- Service Agent: Sargeant & Lines

Change engine oil, remove front exhaust, weld in new flexi pipe, refit exhaust

10.03.97- Mileage: 86,020- Service Agent: Ken Shergold

Replace engine mounting, damaged fan and water pump, engine tuned and brake pads replaced

12.03.97- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: Aston Martin

Parts only: 6 x spark plug shroud

13.03.97- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: C.A.M. Potters Bar

Fit rotor arm, distributor cap, HT lead, shrouds x 6

10.04.97- Mileage: 86,141- Service Agent: Sargeant & Lines

Reset carbs, adjust gear linkage, check rear brakes, bleed system and test

16.04.97- Mileage: 86,211- Service Agent: Sargeant & Lines

Change engine oil

16.05.97- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: Aston Martin

Parts only: Header tank cap

05.12.7- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: Crama Coachwors

Black and Silver number plates

03.07.98- Mileage: 87,663- Service Agent: Just tyres

5 x Hankook tyres, valves, balancing and tracking

19.08.98- Mileage: 87,866- Service Agent: Sargeant & Lines

Fit handbrake pads, remove and grease rear pads, change oil & filter

22.03.99- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: Ian Mason

Parts only: Exhaust flex

25.03.99- Mileage: 88,202- Service Agent: Sargeant & Lines

Fit flexi exhaust with connector

30.11.00- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: Aston Martin

Parts only: Screen washer pump

06.04.04- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: Fourways Engineering

Check compressions, remove cylinder head assembly and strip down. Decoke and grind in valves and re-shim tappet clearances, re-assemble and refit, tune and adjust carbs

0.01.05- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: Trinity Engineering

Parts only: Front caliper piston set

02.08.05- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: Fourways Engineering

Service, replace door seal frame rubbers, remove front bumpers for re-chroming, replace off side headlamp cowl. Attend to noisy tappets

20.12.05- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: Trinity Engineering

Parts only: front bake disc x 2, caliper overhaul kit, front pad set

12.01.06- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: Litre Garage Services

Fit new front discs and pads, overhaul front calipers, bleed systems after changing brake fluid-pack front wheel bearings MOT

16.01.06- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: Fourways Engineering

Remove automatic box and replace with 5 speed manual making modifications for fitting. Overhaul left front brake caliper, fit new seals and refit

08.05.06- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: Trinity Engineering

Parts only: Front caliper overhaul kit

22.05.06- Mileage: 94,371- Service Agent: Litre Garage Services

Strip out front calipers, remove master cylinder, fit reconditioned unit, reseal calipers. Clean and lubricate rear brakes, change brake fluid, remedy engine misfire, clean plugs and carbs

03.07.06- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: Davron

Repair brake parts sent by Litre Garage Services

29.09.06- Mileage: 94,381- Service Agent: Litre Garage Services

Strip all hydraulics of brakes, both servos, master cylinder, brake hoses and calipers. Fit new braded hoses, fit overhauled rear calipers, strip out and overhaul front calipers, refit all – note brake fluid changed 4 times

30.11.06- Mileage: 94,839- Service Agent: Litre Garage Services


04.12.06- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: Trinity Engineering

Parts only: Front bumper

02.04.07- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: Puddleduck Parts

Parts only Gear knob

10.05.07- Mileage: 95,134- Service Agent: Fourways Engineering

Fit gear knob, check compressions, carry out head gasket check. Fit new points, condenser, rotor arm. Fit new rear exhaust manifold, gasket and downpipe gasket

08.02.08- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: Trinity Engineering

Parts only: Fuel pump, ignition coil

29.04.08- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: Fourways Engineering

Remove cylinder head assembly, strip, clean and fit new unleaded valve seats, new guides and new unleaded valves and re-assemble. Re-shim valve clearances, Remove radiator and front cover assembly, fit new chain wheel, spindle & bushes, timing chain assembly, new chains, re-assemble. Re-fit head set up and road test

20.11.08- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: Fourways Engineering

Remove chrome work, glass, rubbers etc. Take body back to bare alloy, cut away n/s corner by headlamp, make new panel and weld in. Remove lower sections of front wings, make new and weld in. Make good alloy door skins etc. Prepare, prime and paint, refit as necessary

29.06.10- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: Fourways Engineering

Service, overhaul n/s/r brake caliper, fit new rear pads, fit new handbrake pads and adjust cable. Replace alternator, fix fan guard, fix windscreen washer, re-glue boot carpet

14.04.12- Mileage: 96,861- Service Agent: Litre Garage Services

Fit new spark plugs, reset ignition timing & carbs. S/fit new steering rack gaters, rectify brake lights and number plate lights. MOT

18.03.14- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: Fourways Engineering

Charge battery, fit new plugs, strip and clean rear brake calipers, fit new stainless-steel pistons and seal kit. New handbrake and rear brake pads. Strip down brake master cylinder, recondition brake servo. Fit new shock absorber kit, fit new restraining straps to rear axle. Reposition exhaust

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