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Aston Martin DB Mark III - £SOLD

Chassis Number: AM300/3/1598

Engine Number: DBA/1203

UK Registration Number: 669 FPK

Date of first reg: 3rd July 1958

Exterior colour: Green


Interior colour: Beige Leather

Current Odometer reading: 67,809

Mileage Warranty:

Steering: Right

Transmission: Manual

Options: Front Disc Brakes, Twin Exhaust



The final refinement of the cars based on Claude Hill’s design and the Lagonda six cylinder twin overhead camshaft engine, is the DB Mark III. Launched in March 1957 at the Geneva Motor Show, it was available for export only until the London Motor Show in October of the same year. The model remained in production for about nine months after the DB4 was introduced. Of the 550 (approximately) cars produce over two thirds were exported to the U.S.A.

The chassis specification was very similar to the DB2/4 MkII. An option of Girling front disc brakes was available from the start of production but became a standard fitting after the first 100 cars were produced. Tadek Marek, the gifted engineer who had recently joined Aston Martin and would go on to design the next generation 6 cylinder engines and then the V8, virtually re-designed the 3.0 litre engine. This included a new block (with top seating Liners), a stiffer crankcase, a new crankshaft, oil pump and timing chain. Performance was equally improved by re-designing the induction and exhaust manifolds, whilst the ports are based on the DB3S engine, with larger valves and high lift camshafts. The majority of cars were fitted with the DBA engine, which was claimed to produce 162 b.h.p. at 5500 r.p.m., breathing though twin SU carburettors. A few (47) cars were supplied with the uprated DBD specification enginewith triple SU carburettors giving an advertised 180 bhp.

In appearance, the Mark III can be distinguished from the MkII at the front by the elegant shaped radiator opening adopted from the DB3S and consequently compound curves of the front of the bonnet, which can be traced on all subsequent models including the V8. And from the rear by the cathedral rear lights which give the car a much cleaner appearance. Opening rear quarter light windows are also fitted. Internally, the facia and instrument panel are completely different, the latter remaining in use up to the DB6 MkII. The standard transmission remained the same as the MkII, with overdrive as an option.

The Mark III is nearly 9” longer than the DB2 and weighs about 350 lb more, which is an increase of about 15%. However, more than 50% more power is available from the standard DBA, compared to the original LB6B engine. It was described by The Autocar (October 4th 1957), who recorded: 9.3 sec 0-60 m.p.h., 31.0 sec 0-100 m.p.h., 17.4 sec over a standing quarter mile and a maximum speed of 120 m.p.h.


The Aston Martin DB Mark III is the final and best iteration of the David Brown designs that drove his Le Mans ambitions in the 1950’s. Remarkably modern in its concepts, the Mark III is a real enthusiasts car especially as it carries the marque heritage but not the premium pricing of her later cousins.

With provenance, ownership history and a wonderfully patinated condition, this is a car just waiting for the investment of an enthusiast to continue the story.

Vehicle History

This lovely car’s history folder contains not only a copy of the original build sheet but also the original folding log book. The Build Sheet shows that the supplying dealer was HWM of Walton on Thames and both documents concur that the original purchaser of the car was William Walter Andrews of Burgess Hill.

Then delightfully the old log book is supported by another document, yellowed with age, that is a sales notification from Cheam Motor and Engineering Company in Surrey noting the sale of the car to its second owner, a resident in Cheam for the grand sum of £1,725 and the acceptance of a Sunbeam Rapier in exchange for £525. It is appropriate to maintain an anonymity of that owner – a fact that will be appreciated as the history unfolds.

The car remained with the family until the owner’s sad demise and was sold in 1978 to a Mr I Mills of Maidstone in Kent. The car remained with him until July 1986 when it was sold to Mr Tim Grant of Faversham who in turn sold the car to a Ronald Coleman of Dorchester.

When reading through the service history of the car, it can be noted that each of these owners, in turn, maintained the car, restored her bodily and, it appears regularly rebuilt the engine! Whichever way, the condition was maintained and toward the end of his ownership, Mr Coleman consigned the car for sale to the Unicorn Motor Company in Dorset. It was in a copy of the Automobile magazine in October 2002 that an enthusiastic collector of old English cars spotted Unicorn’s advert and recognised the Father’s old Aston Martin!

Buying the car has reunited her with that original family who first owned and cherished her in 1961 bringing a long a virtuous history full circle – sharing her garage with amongst other cars a pre-war Austin Hearse, she has been enthusiastically maintained but with expert early overhaul by marque specialists RS Williams.

A regular at AMOC outings and meetings, this great example of Feltham Aston Martin engineering is ageing gracefully but is ready for a new enthusiast to add the next chapter of her history

MOT History

MOT Date   Odometer

30.12.63    n/a.
06.01.66    n/a.
05.03.74    21,074
11.03.75    23,734
19.03.76    25,700
03.03.77    27,483
20.02.78    28,443
23.03.79    29,824
15.08.83    41,719
10.09.84    42,274
14.07.87    45,004
25.05.94    46,256
12.03.96    46,853
13.02.98    47,567
07.05.99    48,259
30.08.00    51,319
18.10.01    52,436
12.10.02    53,542
01.10.03    54,565
27.10.04    55,188
10.10.05    56,125
16.10.07    58,151
03.10.08    58,971
27.04.10    59,779
06.05.11    61,574
12.06.12    62,750

Service and Maintenance Record

08.04.64- Mileage: .n/a.- Service Agent: Aston Martin Lagonda

Remove cam covers, cam shafts , remove cylinder head and fittings, decarb cylinder head, clean valves and valve seats, grind in valves, adjust clearances – re-assemble. Dismantle and clean carbs and re-assemble with new jets etc. Change oil & filter. Check braking system, carry out lubrication service

23.01.73- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: pagets of Cheam

Parts only: Bulb

30.04.73- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: Ideal Motor Radiators

New radiator

17.05.73- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: Aston Service Dorset

Parts only: Set of gaskets, Tickford emblem, tube Hylomar

10.08.73- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: Aston Service Dorset

Parts only: Set of engine gaskets, handmade

15.08.73- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: Aston Service Dorset

Parts only:2 x silencer end pipe

04.10.73- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: Aston Service Dorset

Parts only: Exhaust manifold, exhaust gaskets

26.09.74- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: Aston Service Dorset

Parts only: SU petrol pump

07.12.73- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: Aston Service Dorset

Parts only: Top overhaul set of engine gaskets, 1 camshaft exhaust, 3 camshaft bearing caps

04.10.76- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: Weylock Automobiles

Remove bonnet, remove engine and gearbox, strip engine and clean all parts ordering replacement parts from Aston Service Dorset. Cylinder block, crankshaft, pistons and conrods to Sutton Rebore. Cylinder block machined and new liners fitted, machined top liners, new small end bushes fitted. Engine re-assembled with new parts, cylinder head worked with new valve guides, new inlet valves, ports polished and grinding to suit exhaust and inlet clearances. Adaptation to feed oil pressure direct to camshafts, rebuild engine and gearbox rand refit – repair starter motor circuitry.

01.04.79- Mileage: 29,800- Service Agent: Rose Hill Garage

Investigate water loss, remove sump and cylinder head etc. remove No 4 liner, refit, repeat on No 1 liner, refit sump with new gasket, refit cylinder head with new gasket, re-time camshaft and tighten top chain. Flush radiator, flush 7 flow test. Service distributor, supply and fit exhaust system in stainless steel. Strip, clean and check brakes, supply new rear shoes, service all chassis points, fit new handbrake cable, re-align propshaft

05.04.79- Mileage: n/.a.- Service Agent: Aston Service Dorset

Parts only: Gaskets, fan belt, plugs, points, rotor arm, condenser, distributor cap, hoses, filters, steering joint assemblies, exhaust valves, valve springs

25.06.80- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: PJB Autos

Strip chromework, windows, lights, inner trim and doors. Fabricate new sills and fit, prepare and respray. Remove wheels, sandblast, stove enamel silver. Fit four new tyres

21.03.83- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: RA & EA Jardine

Charge battery, remove seized spark plugs, water evident in No 3 & No 5 cups, remove n/s cambox lid, compression test, points to head gasket failure, fit 6 plugs, re-attach seat back rest, repair rev counter drive

17.08.83- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: RA & EA Jardine

Remove bonnet, strip off head and dismantle, cylinder head gasket failed, decarb head parts and piston crowns, fit new valves, grind in and adjust. Check sleeve heights, re-assemble with new gasket, adjust upper and lower timing chains, weld blanking plugs to inlet manifolds. Strip carbs, reset fuel levels, clean out and work on jets. Fill engine with flushing oil and clear out water sludge. Fill water system and flush with radflush to clear oil from water system. New oil & filter to engine, new water and antifreeze to cooling system. Fit two reconditioned front shock absorbers, top up rear shocks. Oil propshaft nipples, top up steering box, drain and refill gearbox, adjust brakes, clear out screen washers, repair window winder gear on driver’s door, check brake and clutch fluids and clutch free play, MOT

11.09.84- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: RA & EA Jardine

Charge battery, radiator required large amount of water, clean points and start car. Strip out interior, transmission tunnel to access gearbox/clutch. Fit relined clutch plate, new release bearing and fabricate and fit distance piece, re-assemble, adjust clutch and top up fluid. Replace heater hose, fit new points, condenser and rotor arm, MOT

12.11.86 - 01.07.87- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: Peter Thurston

Restoration of car totalling a cost of £8,176

23.05.94- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: The Vintage & Sports Car Garage

Full service and replenish oils, strip front suspension, remove clean and reset front springs and fit new rebound stops. Fit new kingpin bushes, fit new front brake flexible hoses, re-pack front hubs, remove old servo, reposition tools and fit suitable Lockheed servo unit, fit new clutch flexi hose, replace cooling and heater hoses and pipework, fit new rear brake shoes. Clean carbs, fit new brake master cylinder and choke control cable

12.03.96- Mileage: 46,853- Service Agent: The Vintage & Sports Car Garage

Grease 7 check for MOT, fit new rear lamp bulb, fit Kenlowe fan, fix and wire in manual over-ride switch, reset petrol unions and repair small hole in top of tank, renew multiple electrical connectors, modify sender unit and fit, submit for MOT

04.11.98- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: TT Motors

Supply & fit 4 x 185VR16 Avon tyres

November 98- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: TT Motors

Remove and totally rebuild engine replacing valve guides, exhaust valves, exhaust seats, bronze guides and one piston, new clutch, new small end bushes, oversize cheeses, repair timing chest cover, and new timing chains

May 99- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: TT Motors

Recondition brakes, repair fuel gauge, grease car, replace perished cable connections, fit new rear coil springs, straighten exhaust, MOT

June 99- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: TT Motors

Check rear suspension, replace shock drop links, lubricate handbrake cables, fit new front fog lights, remove tank sender unit and re-calibrate, fit new bulbs. Remove gearbox and dismantle, replace gearbox lee shaft, reverse gear idler, first and second gears and selector fork. Re-assemble with new bearings where necessary

15.04.99- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: Aston Service Dorset

Parts only: DB Mark III Handbook

19.10.99- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: TT Motors

Fit new fuel pump and rewire

26.10.01- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: TT Motors

Check brake system, clean and adjust rear brakes, check master cylinder, bleed brakes, repair broken bleed nipple. Check rear axle mounts and propshaft, fit new Gearbox mount, clean air filters, carbs, repair tail gate lights, repair fuel pipe, MOT waxoyl sills

22.11.01- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: TT Motors

Service and lubricate rev counter, strip out and clean front brake calipers, clean pistons and re-assemble, free off sticking valve in servo unit, bleed brakes. Fit new HT lead, clean and service carbs

27.02.02- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: TT Motors

Check for MOT, repair horn, tidy wiring behind front panel, check exhaust and fit new heat shield material between front mounting and silencers. Overhaul steering box

19.12.02- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: Robin Lackford

Check engine, remove carb dash pots, reset needles, clean carbs, adjust mixtures replace spark plugs, change oil and filter.

04.08.03- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: Aston Service Dorset

Parts only: Gaskets

16.02.04- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: Aston Service Dorset

Parts only: Rev counter cable

29.10.04- Mileage: 55,145- Service Agent: RS Williams

Remove road wheels, clean radius and balance. Remove brake drums, free off rear brake mechanism, adjust rear brakes, bleed system, change oil and filter, tighten steering box side cover bolts, refill steering box with correct oil. Renew brake servo hose and fit non-return valve. Set plugs and points. Set carbs and replace needles. Fit missing gear selector pin, remove propshaft and refit sliding splined flange in the correct orientation and refit propshaft. Clean fuse box, centralise steering, carry out remainder of correct time/mileage service requirements and MOT

28.11.06- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: Aston Service Dorset

Parts only: Cylinder head gasket, “O” ring, timing case and timing cover joints

04.01.11- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: Aston Service Dorset

Parts only: Top gasket set

20.03.12- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: Guildford Radiators

Radiator core replaced

21.03.12- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: Timothy Stamper

Parts only: Clutch master cylinder, DBA rev counter angle drive

06.11.12- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: Speedy Cables

Clock conversion to quartz, speedo and tachometer overhauled

03.04.14- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: Aston Service Dorset

Parts only: Light switch

19.10.18- Mileage: 67,778- Service Agent: Vantage Engineering Ltd

Fit electric cooling fan and switch boss to radiator. Fabricate and weld replacement bonnet mounting brackets

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