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Aston Martin DB6 Mark 2 Vantage  - £295,000

Chassis Number: DB6MK2FI/4231/R

Engine Number: 400/4570/FI

UK Registration Number: WTF 474 H

Date of first reg: 26th March 1970

Exterior colour: Tudor Green Metallic


Interior colour: Black leather

Current Odometer reading: 28,392

Mileage Warranty:

Steering: Right

Transmission: Manual

Options: Power Assisted Steering


The roots of the DB6 can be found back in 1960 when Tadek Marek cut the platform chassis of a DB4 ahead of the heel board and inserted a new 3.75 inch (92mm) section of metalwork with the intention of creating a car that would carry four rather than two adults. This car entitled DP/200/1 and registered 4 YMC became a development workhorse for the DB5 replacement. Aston Martin rejected their Touring’s design proposals and focussed back on 4 YMC testing it in a wind tunnel for the first time in February 1965. That showed the need for work to counteract the test car’s rear end lift. So the final development phases saw a DB5 chassis, suitably lengthened and titled MP219, with a rear spoiler and abbreviated Kamm tail that Aston Martin had previously incorporated in sports racers.

The decision was made to progress MP 219 as the Aston Martin DB6 although its de Dion rear axle was replaced with a live axle on cost grounds. So, the new car had a wheelbase extended by 3.75 inches with the extra inserted just ahead of the rear wheel arches and this allowed the roofline to be raised by an inch, while a further two inches of headroom was gained by reworking the seat squabs. Reducing the length of the trailing arms on the rear suspension, gave more elbow room at the back and Aston Martin offered reassurances that rubber bushes ensured no loss of road holding.

The seat shapes were changed to give greater shoulder and lumber support while the dashboard changed only with the size and layout of individual dials. Externally, however, horizontally slatted grille beneath the number plate allowed better air flow to the oil cooler and visual symmetry of the new arrangement was maintained with a split bumper at the front that was mirrored at the rear of the car. Mechanically, the Aston Martin DB6 Mark 2 was little changed from its predecessor although power steering was now standardised and the 9 ½ inch Borg & Beck clutch plate was replaced with a 10 ½ inch version.

The most obvious visual indicator for this model came from reactions to comparisons between the DB6 and Aston Martin’s new kid on the block, the William Towns designed DBS. The DBS had been originally conceived to accept Aston Martin’s new V8 engine and the width to accommodate it. Some said the DBS was too wide and others that the DB6 was too narrow. Therefore, for purely cosmetic reasons, on the DB6 Mark 2, Aston Martin replaced the 6.70-15 tyres with the DBS’s fatter 8.15-15 Avons. To accept these new tyres the DB6 Mark 2 had distinctive flared wheel arches although this increase in body width is studiously ignored by all documentation on the model.

Of the 240 DB6 Mk2 Saloons, AE Brico fuel-injection system was fitted to forty-six cars. However, for whatever reason, maybe lack of development, the fuel injection was difficult to live with and The Works Service Department and other specialists converted most to carburation, and as they shared the same high compression cylinder head and cam shaft as the Vantage the same 45 DCOE Weber carburettors were fitted and hence wear the Vantage badge. In the 35 years specialising in the Astron Martin marque, we have only found one DB6 Mk2 still fitted with the AE Brico Fuel Injection.


There remains huge demand for Touring’s Superleggera Aston Martins with the DB6 Mark 2 model probably being the rarest standard models and probably the most sought after.

DB6MK2FI/4231/R has a clear ownership history and is presented in outstanding condition with its exceptional and original interior, presented in Vantage specification with a cracking and classic colour combination, she is one for a collector or anyone who wants to truly enjoy the pride of ownership of a classic Aston.

Vehicle History

Chassis 4231 is one of those 46 cars, evidenced by the matching chassis and engine numbers and was constructed by the factory with a ZF 5 speed manual gearbox, Radiomobile radio, twin seat belts and what was, by then, standard power steering.

We are grateful for the efforts of previous owners who have researched its history from its early times under the stewardship of Robin Hamilton, a leading proponent of Aston Martin and an active racer with a CV that included racing with Aston Martin at Le Mans both with a highly developed DBSV8 and the famous Nimrod Group C entrant.

The next owner was a Rupert Philips and it was great to recently reacquaint him with his old car – he owned the car from1972 to 1976. He told us that he purchased the car from Robin Hamilton for £3,000 with money lent to him by his aunt! He added that he had a local Aston Martin specialist called Martin Allen in Taunton change the colour to Tudor Green Metallic, as used on the V8 model range. This was completed with 19 coats of paint completing the transformation from the original Platinum White. They also to changed the Brico FI for Weber carburettors. He used to use the car for regular trips to Doncaster and back from his West Country home and, having previously owned an earlier DB6 Vantage, he found 4231 more stable and sure footed on the road.

A copy of the last of the old log books shows that the car moved to Worthing with a John Dyer in 1976 moving with him to Arundel in 1978 before being acquired by William Baxter in Bournemouth in April of 1981, The DVLA records show the next recorded keeper was Paradise Garage who acquired the car as stock before selling it to a Patrick Embrick.

In 1988, records show that the car changed hands through the services of Aston specialist, Hyde Vale Garage to Mark Miller when the mileage was recorded as just 26,962.

The mileage recorded at the car’s most recent MOT test in July 2019 was 28,274 and there is a letter on file from Mr Miller to the DVLA dated 26th November 2013 that the car had not been used on a highway since 1989, confirming a SORN status over a 24-year period.

In 1996, Alscot Garage in Warwickshire replaced the sills and outriggers (a critically important step for the whole range of Superleggera Astons), painted the car, and the quality of their work can be judged by the concours condition of the body and paintwork today.

The interior of the car is both pristine and, quite remarkably, original including the leather, carpets, headlining and even the driver’s heel pad. The exterior appearance is stunning with exceptional panel fit, both doors close effortlessly and fit precisely in their apertures. This outstanding car is presented with an original and unmarked Owner’s Instruction Book, together with a full tool kit, jack and hammer, and comprehensive History File.

MOT History

MOT Date   Odometer

13.11.85     23,466
12.01.87    25,038
07.06.88    26,240
16.05.96    27,478
11.11.13    27,807
22.12.14    27,995
13.01.16    28,174
10.07.19    28,274

Service and Maintenance Record

01.06.88- Mileage: 26,179- Service Agent: Hyde Vale Garage

10 gallons of petrol. Adjust throttle pedal and linkage to gain full movement. Adjust ignition timing to eliminate pre-ignition. Secure brake servos correctly. Re-locate brake pipe adjacent to sump. Check front and rear suspension and advise on work to be carried out. Wash and leather exterior

30.08.88- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: Hyde Vale Garage

Parts only: Vac valve, copper washer

09.05.89- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: Ragnar Classic Engineering

Adjust ignition points and timing, test on rolling road and adjust carbs – fit main jets and air jets

02.05.96- Mileage: 27,462- Service Agent: Alscot Garage

Remove all interior trim, boot carpeting and petrol tank. Remove doors, release aluminium sills, front and rear wings for access, remove brake and clutch master cylinders. Cut out corroded chassis side members, fabricate new sections and weld in. Fabricate new sill carriers and weld in. Cut off corroded outriggers, fabricate new and weld in. Fit new jacking points front and rear. Inspect rear axle rod mounts, cut out corrosion, fabricate new sections and weld in. Inspect rear shock absorber mountings and repair as required. Cut out corroded areas of boot floor side extensions, fabricate new sections and weld in. Fit new aluminium sills. Red oxide all repairs, underseal and rustproof all repairs and the remainder of the vehicle. Fabricate and fit two new door bottoms. Prime and paint car in Tudor Green, refit all trim, doors etc. Adjust door window frames, fit new sills and sundry repairs required during re-assembly Re-furbish steering wheel. Make up and fit new rear window surround joints. Assist in fitment of new windscreen. Rectify speedometer malfunctions, rewire fuel pump. Fix hydraulics, fit new front brake pads, replace float in rear brake reservoir. Road test and valet Dismantle brake master cylinder, hone bores and fit repair kit. Remove broken bleed nipple on offside rear brake calliper. Fit new brake servos, make up new brake pipes, bleed

09.08.01- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: DBJ Auto Electrical

Parts only: Starter motor

13.09.07- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: Rikki Cann

Parts only: Power steering gaiter

28.11.13- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: Aston Service London

Parts only: Oil filter element, air filter element, Kopex hose, fibre washer

09.12.13- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: Horner Bros

Parts only: Power socket holder, single plastic fuse holder

17.12.13- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: Aston Service London

Parts only: Trunnion, screw trunnion, air cleaner hose

18.12.13- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: Flextech Hose Solutions

Parts only: Neoprene ducting, hose clips

08.01.14- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: Aston Workshop

Parts only: Heater blower LH & RH, washer

27.02.14- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: Southern Carburettors

Parts only: Fuel pump and fuel filter

06.07.16- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: Motor Parts Direct

Parts only: Ignition condenser, contact set

30.10.19- Mileage: 28,392- Service Agent: Classic Workshop Ltd

Vehicle check and written report. Weber carburettor rebuild – strip to component pieces, ultrasonically clean re-usable parts, check components and rebuild with new seals and fibre washers. Drain fuel tank, clean, clean fuel lines, clean out fuel regulator. Remove exhaust manifolds, vapour blast and repaint in matt silver to spec. Make up set of HT leads and fit. Strip clean and adjust distributor, re-gap points, check condenser and cap. Rebuild and fit to vehicle. Replace spark plugs, drain coolant and remove radiator and hoses. Fit re-cored radiator, fit up hoses and replace clips as required. Fill system with classic 50/50 antifreeze/water mix and pressure test system. Remove driver’s seat and carpet to repair, paint and set up handbrake mechanism. Remove exhaust back boxes and fit new with new clamps. Washer bottle/bag removed, cleaned and line blown through to remove debris. Washer jets cleaned and adjusted, new wiper blades fitted, new number plate light fitted. Clutch slave cylinders removed, cleaned and tested – OK. Carburettors and timing adjusted for smooth running. Engine, diff and gearbox oil levels checked and topped up. Wire wheels, hubs and splines checked, brakes inspected, cleaned and lubricated. Core plugs and water pump checked. Road test and check interior equipment – good.

10.11.19- Mileage: 28,392- Service Agent: Classic Workshop Ltd

Build distributor from kit supplied by RS Williams. Fit to vehicle, set ignition timing and tune/balance carburettors to suit

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