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Philip Jones

Philip Jones - The Aston Man

Philip Jones has been involved with motor cars for all his working life.

After an early Technical Apprenticeship, Philip found his forte in sales with Mann Egerton, part of the Inchcape Group. The Group recognised his abilities with early promotion to Sales Management at their branch in Wallington, South London. At the time of his appointment, he was the youngest ever Sales Manager in the Group, and it wasn’t long before he was their youngest ever General Manager having taken overall management responsibility for the entire branch.

These were years that gave Philip a strong business management foundation and he was recognised for his outstanding ability in the new and used car markets, especially with high value and performance cars.

It was no surprise to anyone who knew him when he went into business for himself and within eighteen months he had acquired the freehold of a Sutton car dealership, Byron Garages. It provided a great platform for Philip’s growing specialisation in the Aston Martin marque.

The garage is long gone, but the name remains as does the passion for Aston Martin. The business has evolved into a brokerage and with that business now in its third decade, there are hundreds of Aston Martin owners who have benefited from the expertise and service that Philip has developed. Read More


Tim Foster

Tim Foster

Tim’s first taste of the motor industry came through the retail finance and he put that to good experience with Tanners in Fulham, an Austin Rover dealer, where he specialised in fleet and leasing. After 15 years of the retail motor industry that encompassed sales and management in Mitsubishi, Land Rover and Peugeot, Tim took his experience to Management Consultancy and was one of the small team that developed and launched Network Q for Vauxhall and, taking over as Operations Director in 1992 established the platform which saw the brand win awards and accolades as the leading industry brand.

Part of his role was managing the brand’s sponsorship of the Rally of Great Britain and in 2000, Tim accepted an appointment to run the commercial side of that event on behalf of the Motor Sports Association. An expanding portfolio saw his appointment as a Director of the British Rally Championship but health issues sidelined him and the cardiologist prescribed a less stressful career.

Having known Philip both professionally and personally for nearly 30 years, Tim was pleased to accept Philip’s offer to join him at Byron International although the jury is still adjourned on whether this qualifies as less stressful.

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