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Aston Martin V8 Vantage Volante X Pack - £

Chassis Number: SCFCV81V2KTR15765

Engine Number: V/580/5765/X

UK Registration Number: F522 EVG

Date of first reg: 4th April 1989

Exterior colour: Rolls Royce Balmoral Green

Hood: Black Mohair

Interior colour: Magnolia piped Dark Green

Current Odometer reading: 44,500

Mileage Warranty:

Steering: Right

Transmission: Manual

Options: Head Restraints, Engine built up to 5.7 litre

To arrange a visit please email or to discuss, call Tim Foster on 07771 847290 or Philip Jones on 01737 244567.

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An exceptional car with an exceptional history. Produced by Aston Martin as the ultimate iteration of the Aston Martin V8 Vantage Volante, the X pack offered looks, performance and collectability. To add to the X Pack performance, this car had the engine expanded to 5.7 litre by Aston specialists, Pugsley & Lewis.

The current owner, only the third registered in the log book, has owned the car for over 20 years has retained a pride in the car's appearance and performance. Even after making the reluctant decision to part with his pride and joy, he agreed to areas of restoration on the car that he knew would benefit a future owner but enhance the condition of his car - that work amounted to an investment of nearly £40,000, meaning that any purchaser is not getting a goo car but rather a great car.

Finished in Rolls Royce Balmoral Green with a Magnolia hide and Black mohair hood, this is the perfect presentation of a true British Classic.

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The Aston Martin V8 Vantage was announced on the 18th February 1977. Revised camshafts, air-box, larger inlet valves and carburettors, new inlet manifolds and different plugs, claimed to provide an increase in power of 40% and 10% more torque. The same ZF 5 speed manual transmission as in the V8 saloon became standard equipment, although a number of cars have been fitted with Torqueflite automatic transmission. As the Vantage is a development of the standard V8 series III saloon, aerodynamic improvements were necessary to cope with the increased power out put. These included a rear tail spoiler, a deep front air dam below the front bumper, blanked off radiator and bonnet air scoop. Koni dampers were fitted and the suspension stiffened, with a larger anti-roll bar. In their April 1978 road test, even Motor Sport had to agree that it was the fastest accelerating production car in the world.

The series II Vantage was introduced in October 1978 at the same time as the V8 series IV or “Oscar India” saloon (“Oscar India” = October Introduction) became available and shares the same changes in body styling, including a discreet integral rear spoiler. Slightly wider Wheel arches are evident and carburettor bonnet bulge with the dummy air intake now permanently closed at the front. Internally, a leather head lining, burr walnut dash board (except the first 20 or so cars which retained the Black dash-board) and door cappings are fitted. A road test by Motor magazine, April 25th 1981, produced a 0-60 M.P.H. time of 5.2 seconds. The series III Vantage made its debut at the 1986 Motor Show staged at The National Exhibition Centre near Birmingham, England. It features revised bodywork, 16” wheels and an optional 400 b.h.p. X-pack engine.


Announced on 21st June 1978 the V8 Volante was built to satisfy the persistent demands for new open four seater cars, as demonstrated by the escalation in prices of used Aston Martin drop-head coupés, particularly in the United States. Its specification follows the contemporary V8 saloon series IV (Oscar India) announced four months later, sharing revised rear body lines, bonnet (the carburettor bulge with dummy air scope now closed at front), burr walnut dash board and door cappings. The convertible hood is fully lined and power operated. The engine, was by then the well tried and tested all alloy V8 designed by Tadek Marek that had made it’s first appearance in January 1967 at the Racing Car Show in London and raced by Lola in their Type 70 Mk III GT. The first V8 Volante was road tested by Motor Magazine on the 3rd of March 1979, when 0-60 M.P.H. in 7.7 seconds and a maximum 150 M.P.H. were recorded. All production until March 1981 (save the prototype) was exported to North America, with home and continental European markets following thereafter. In 1983, the Volante shared a number of detailed improvements with series IV saloon such as, revised heating & ventilation controls and BBS alloy wheels.


The Vantage Volante was released at the October 1986 Motor Show, held at the NEC. Vantage engines had already been fitted in some Volante’s but it was the modified coachwork inspired by a car built for the Brunei Royal Family, with the flares to the wheel arches continuing along the sills and boot spoiler that distinguished the Vantage Volante. Mechanicals are the same as the V8 Vantage and benefit from experiences in Zagato development. Carburettors are retained and engines delivering 400 b.h.p. with options available up to 432 b.h.p. Wheels are 16” in diameter with low profile tyres. The model remained in production until 1989; approximately 167 were built of which just 78 were right hand drive.


This car has an exceptional history and represents an outstanding opportunity to acquire a rare car that has been cherished and well maintained ever since production.

Presented in an ideal colour combination, this is a very useable classic car that has appreciated steadily and includes an engine upgrade from one of the most renowned Aston Specialists

Since making the reluctant decision to sell the car, the owner accepted that there were areas of restoration that would make the car a perfect choice for the next owner if completed. His dedication and pride in the condition of the car saw the expenditure of nearly £40,000 and the reassurance of excellence for any purchaser – making a good car great!

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Vehicle History

A copy of the factory build sheet notes the detail of this lovely car down to the headlining, carpet colours and even the wheel centre key number! Passed to sales on 3rd March 1989, she was sold by Aston Martin dealer HWM of Walton on Thames to its first owner, a Mr G Burbidge of Village Properties in Westerham in Kent.

First registered on 4th April 1989, she was sold almost exactly 3 years later on 17th April 1992 by her second owner, James Johnston of South East London who kept the car until March 1998 when it was purchased by only its third and current owner.

Accompanying the car is a comprehensive service history that shows a clear pattern of low mileage use that has not prevented the car’s regular maintenance – there was a clear error in the record keeping by HWM in 1995 when they appear to have recorded the mileage incorrectly but one can clearly see the pattern over the lifetime of the car.

The current owner who lives in that same corner of South East London, has had the car maintained by Aston Martin specialists, predominantly Pugsley & Lewis and it was they who, in 2014, rebuilt and uprated the engine to 5.7 litre.

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MOT History

MOT Date   Odometer

23.01.06    21,527
16.01.07    21,937
14.01.08    22,057
20.01.09    22,624
11.01.10    22,888
11.01.11    23,167
08.02.12    23,553
08.02.13    23,579
13.02.14    23,595
11.02.15    25,805
18.02.16    25,906
17.01.17    25,987
12.01.18    26,309
16.01.19    26,337
06.02.20    26,354
02.02.22    26,861

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Service and Maintenance Record

17.05.89- Mileage: 00,987- Service Agent: HWM

1,000-mile first service

13.11.89- Mileage: 04,636- Service Agent: HWM

5,000-mile service

18.06.91- Mileage: 09,018- Service Agent: HWM

10,000-mile service

21.02.93- Mileage: 13,691- Service Agent: E & D Motors

15,000-mile service

02.05.95- Mileage: 05,488- Service Agent: AML Works Service

20,000-mile service

13.03.98- Mileage: 15,282- Service Agent: Stratton Motor Company

25,000-mile service, supply and fit Toad Tracking system

27.03.98- Mileage: 15,575- Service Agent: Pugsley & Lewis

Collect from Chislehurst, wash underside and check for leaks. Both cam covers leaking, water leak by air conditioning system, No 8 liner seals leaking, power steering pump leaking oil. Fuel pipe cover needs replacing, front diff. mounting broken, left hand rear footwell dented, both rear tyres near legal limit, characteristic gearbox noise most prominent in second gear (not detrimental), turn down exhaust pipes could be fitted to reduce dirt build up. To sum up, it is a good car – engine gearbox and final drive are in good mechanical condition, oil and gearbox leaks curable quite easily. All points are common and not serious.

12.06.98- Mileage: 16,693- Service Agent: Stratton Motor Company

Remove exhaust system, cut away damaged section. Weld in new section and re-assemble

31.07.98- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: Pugsley & Lewis

Road testing car for clutch problem when hot. Kept overnight to test from cold. Trace fault in side light circuit, tighten fuse board and replace fuse. Fabricate brass support bracket from broken centre console lid. Pre-delivery check list & clean car

23.09.98- Mileage: 17,918- Service Agent: Stratton Motor Company

30,000-mile service, carry out extended warranty check, replace rear tyres

23.03.99- Mileage: 18,079- Service Agent: Stratton Motor Company

Carry out 12-month service, check heating system and replace thermostat, replace off side footwell solenoid, repair vac pipes, change heater control valve, re-charge air con. MOT

10.05.99- Mileage: 19,345- Service Agent: Stratton Motor Company

Replace plugs in exhaust manifold, attend to sticking valves in brake servo

10.02.00- Mileage: 19,710- Service Agent: Pugsley & Lewis

Collect car top up with unleaded fuel, road test and assess. Clean and gap spark plugs, adjust carburation, mixtures and ignition timing

11.05.00- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: Pugsley & Lewis

Check over car prior to MOT. Replace both exhaust downpipe gaskets. Replace pivot bearing on throttle linkage, disconnect and remove battery, clean and paint batter area and clamp. Recharge battery and fit, replace corroded fuel pump fuses and clean connections. Remove right hand front auxiliary lamp, replace connections and refit. Replace seat belt warning lamp bulb, adjust and re-align the bonnet. Disconnect and remove the dashboard top, glove box and both undertrays to gain access to clock surround assembly. Remove and stripping assembly of wood, send for specialist refurbishment, refit all parts. Refix driver’s air trunking Present car for MOT. Check TrakBak system, clean car and complete pre-delivery check list.

10.10.00- Mileage: 20,813- Service Agent: Pugsley & Lewis

Remove cruciform, cut off damaged flexible tubes, fit two new solid tubes, align exhaust and weld into position to improve ground clearance.

10.10.00- Mileage: 20,813- Service Agent: Pugsley & Lewis

Fit left-hand stainless-steel downpipe with new gaskets and clamps, replace missing exhaust bung and check all other bungs. Disconnect all ancillaries and remove both cylinder heads and valley plate. Clean off engine block gasket faces. Strip both cylinder heads, minimum skim gasket faces wash off. Refit valley plate with new gasket, re-assemble cylinder heads, refit with new gaskets, reset valve timing and adjust timing chains, refit all parts. Replace engine oil & filter, fit new air conditioning belt and two ignition vacuum hoses. Set ignition timing and carburation, synchronise throttles. Retorque cam covers and inlet manifolds, carry out pre-delivery check, clean and valet car.

29.05.01- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: Pugsley & Lewis

To store car for three months, prepare for MOT and MOT

25.01.02- Mileage: 20,846- Service Agent: Pugsley & Lewis

35,000-mile service, fit new battery, top up anti-freeze, present car for MOT

06.02.03- Mileage: 20,945- Service Agent: Pugsley & Lewis

Collect car from Chislehurst and check over, clean and gap spark plugs, change oil & filter, check battery levels and re-charge battery. Investigate interior light staying on, fit new connections and insulators, present for MOT, top up fuel and valet.

01.07.04- Mileage: 21,399- Service Agent: Pugsley & Lewis

Collect car from Chislehurst, carry out short service, check over for MOT, pre-delivery check, clean and return.

24.01.06- Mileage: 21,517- Service Agent: Pugsley & Lewis

50,000-mile service, vacuum out vermin droppings, chemically wash engine bay and engine, clean and wax airbox cam covers etc. Disconnect and remove inner wing panels front and rear, vacuum out vermin droppings and check wiring and fuel pipes etc for damage – none found, refit and underseal as necessary. Investigate faulty fuel pump, fit new unit. Replace battery. Investigate air conditioning, vacuum system, recharge with gas, oil and leak detector dye. Run system to check for leaks. Disconnect and remove airbox and carburettor tops, remove all jets and blow out carburettors and jets. Replace one float, reset float levels, refit jets, carburettor tops etc. check ignition timing, reset carbs, synchronise throttles etc

24.01.06- Mileage: 21,517- Service Agent: Pugsley & Lewis

Retorque cam covers, manifolds etc Replace batteries in alarm remote handsets, present car for MOT. Predelivery checks, clean and valet car. Deliver.

19.01.07- Mileage: 21,938- Service Agent: Pugsley & Lewis

55,000-mile service

15.01.08- Mileage: 22,059- Service Agent: Pugsley & Lewis

60,000-mile service, fit new spark plugs and carry out engine tune

27.01.09- Mileage: 22,637- Service Agent: Pugsley & Lewis

Collect from Blackheath, check fuel flow. Replace fuel filter element, replace spark plugs, adjust carburation, set mixtures and synchronise throttles. Replace leaking heater hose using new clips. Top up antifreeze, check over for MOT. Shim out play in lower kingpin swivels, road test, present for MOT. Pre-delivery check, clean and valet car, deliver.

14.01.10- Mileage: 22,888- Service Agent: Pugsley & Lewis

Carry out 5,000-mile service, remove clutch and brake pedal box, lubricate pivots on pedals and clevis pins, refit cover. Adjust handbrake cables. Replace worn track rod ends, reset steering geometry. Touch in underseal and waxoyl on underside and wheel arches as necessary, centralise steering and self- cancelling indicators. Present for MOT, pre-delivery check and deliver.

19.01.11- Mileage: 23,618- Service Agent: Pugsley & Lewis

Replace all drive belts, prepare for MOT and present for MOT. Pre-delivery check, deliver

16.03.12- Mileage: 23,565- Service Agent: Pugsley & Lewis

65,000-mile service, adjust handbrake calipers and cables, replace faulty battery. Disconnect and remove front brake calipers, hub/disc assemblies. Strip hubs of discs and bearings. Clean of hubs and kingpins, mount new AP discs to hubs using new bearings and seals, fit hub/disc assembly to car, fit new AP calipers and new pads, make new pipes to fit, top up fluid, bleed brakes. MOT, road test and pre-delivery check.

12.02.13- Mileage: 23,581- Service Agent: Pugsley & Lewis

Disconnect and remove top wishbone arms and worn bushes, clean and repaint arms, refit using new bushes and lock nuts. Check over car, pre-MOT inspection and submit for MOT, top up oil, pre-delivery check.

29.05.14- Mileage: 23,634- Service Agent: Pugsley & Lewis

70,000-mile service, battery goes flat, trace drain to one unused Tracker unit, remove unused unit and repair wiring.

29.05.14- Mileage: 23,634- Service Agent: Pugsley & Lewis

Disconnect and remove bonnet, remove engine and gearbox, completely strip engine, clean, bead blast and paint all parts as necessary. Descale all waterways/jackets. Refit cylinder liners to cylinder block and bore out to 5.7 litre to accept forged pistons. Send all engine internals away for balancing. Rebuild engine to unleaded specification using all parts listed. Strip and clean out all carburettors and jets. Set float level heights. Drill and tap various stud holes and broken studs as necessary.

29.05.14- Mileage: 23,634- Service Agent: Pugsley & Lewis

Clean engine compartment, scrape back any loose surfaces. Rust treat, prime and texture back to original specification. Clean/paint engine compartment ancillaries as necessary. Refit engine and gearbox. Carry out extensive road testing, present for MOT. Re gas air conditioning carry out pre-delivery check.

06.06.14- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: Pugsley & Lewis

Collect car from Blackheath, change oil & filter, disconnect and remove dashboard undertrays to access and remove old alarm/immobiliser system. Remove old siren and wiring. Wire in new system and siren, check system and reassemble dash and centre console. Cut out cracked sealer from front windscreen clean and re-seal. Replace damaged tyre(s) Road test, clean and valet, pre-delivery check.

11.11.14- Mileage: 25,757- Service Agent: Pugsley & Lewis

Disconnect and remove faulty ignition coil, amplifier and distributor. Fit constant energy ignition system. Solder new connections where necessary. Reset ignition timing, pre-delivery check, clean and valet

13.02.15- Mileage: 25,805- Service Agent: Pugsley & Lewis

Investigate interior lights staying on. Disconnect and remove dashboard undertrays. Disconnect faulty dimmer unit. Re-route wires for passenger interior lamp, refit undertrays. Carry out pre-MOT check, present for MOY. Pre delivery check, clean and valet car.

04.03.16- Mileage: 25,906- Service Agent: Pugsley & Lewis

75,000-mile service, investigate low clutch fluid. Trace to faulty master cylinder. Disconnect and remove master cylinder covers and leaking cylinder. Fit new unit, top up fluid and refit covers. Investigate horn not working, remove steering wheel, trace fault to inside boss, repair and refit wheel. Present for MOT. Pre-delivery check, clean and valet

26.01.17- Mileage: 25,986- Service Agent: Pugsley & Lewis

80,000-mile service, investigate clutch fluid loss, trace to leaking slave cylinder, disconnect cylinder, fit new seal and refit, bleed system and top up fluid. Repair puncture and re-balance wheel. Pre-MOT check and present for MOT, pre-delivery check, clean and valet

25.01.18- Mileage: 26,309- Service Agent: Pugsley & Lewis

85,000-mile service, remove brake master cylinder cover to gain access, remove faulty cylinder and replace with service exchange unit, set push rod length, bleed brakes and replace cover. Disconnect kingpins from to wishbone ms in order to remove spring and shock absorber assemblies. Clean off springs and repaint, replace leaking shock absorber and reassemble, reset steering geometry. Disconnect and remove cam covers, clean of gasket faces on cover and cylinder head. Refit cam covers using new gaskets and bungs. Replace cracked hose on header tank Disconnect and remove wiper/washer switch, clean connections, grease and refit. Centralise steering wheel, present for MOT, pre-delivery check, clean and valet

21.02.19- Mileage: 26,335- Service Agent: Pugsley & Lewis

Carry out pre-MOT check, replace corroded exhaust clamps, re-torque cam covers, inlet and exhaust manifolds. Shim out play in front lower kingpins. Grease suspension service points. Replace faulty battery. Present car for MOY, pre-delivery check, clean and valet

20.03.20- Mileage: 26,354- Service Agent: Pugsley & Lewis

Check brakes, lights, suspension and all levels, present for MOT. Pre-delivery check, clean and valet

13.04.21- Mileage: 26,500- Service Agent: Vantage Engineering

Connolise leatherwork, test and configure suspension layout and fit VE specification anti-roll bar kit and high pressure clutch hose. Carry out cosmetic body repairs as specified

15.07.21- Mileage: 26,500- Service Agent: Vantage Engineeering

Materials for paint and cosmetic repairs – basecot Balmoral Green, primer and hardener, thinners, aluminium preparation materials etc

11.08.21- Mileage: 26,500- Service Agent: Vantage Engineering

Commence with filler and blocking to bodywork.Hang doors and block doors through bodywork Position vehicle into booth and raise on axle stands Mask vehicle and prepare for spraying filler onto body shell Spray filler onto body shell. Block down spray filler Carry out stopper and sealer work lsolate primer High build primer Prepare and paint backs of doors, side skirts, mirrors and grille sections

06.09.21- Mileage: 26,500- Service Agent: Vantage Engineering

Block down complete bodyshell, doors, bonnet and bootlid down through grades. Carry out filler and stopper work in preparation for paint Mask and paint bodyshell and apply clear coat Mask and paint bonnet, doors and bootlid. Apply clear coat Flat and polish bodyshell Flat and polish bonnet, bootlid and doors Hang and gap doors Fit and gap bootlid and bonnet Fit badges and brightwork Drill broken stud from bumper iron Replace rusted fixtures where necessary Waxoyl wheel arches, fit liners and reseal.

27.01.22- Mileage: 26,500- Service Agent: Vantage Engineering

Remove steering rack and send for refurbishing Refit steering rack with new track rod ends Fabricate rack breather pipe Clean and paint rack ends and bracketry Paint anti-roll bar D' bush brackets Install VE spec ARB and bushes with new drop links Top up rear diff oil Fabricate rubber stop to cure rattle from ashtray Adjust front caster angle Investigate steering fault and replace N/S/F engine mount Replace both headlamps and polish chrome surrounds Replace starter motor cable heat wrap Adjust drivers door Whiten numbers on gearknob Adjust tyre pressures Adjust brake pipe to stop chaffing on cover Adjust accelerator pedal. Play in linkage ball joint detected. Apply stone chip to rear anti roll bar area Lean off engine for emissions testing (MOT) Retune, road test, inspect plug colour and carry out exhaust emission gas analysis Replace clutch slave cylinder flexi hose and bleed clutch Undertake road test Present vehicle for MOT Connolise full interior Fit new windscreen (issued at cost ) Arrange transportation of vehicle to photography studio Arrange for collection of vehicle from photography Arrange for collection of vehicle from body & paint repairs Recondition steering rack Remove and refit hood in preparation for paint

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