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Aston Martin V8 Coupe Limited Edition #4 of 9 built - £SOLD

Chassis Number: SCFCAM2S9RBR 50414

Engine Number: LE89/50414/A

UK Registration Number: M 6 JLG

Date of first reg: 26th April 1995

Exterior colour: Deep Jewel Green Metallic


Interior colour: Special Tan Leather

Current Odometer reading: 8820

Mileage Warranty:

Steering: Right

Transmission: Automatic




The V8 Coupé Limited Edition made its world debut at the British International Motor Show on the 18th of October 1994. The suspension system and external appearance, owes more to the Vantage than the Virage. The following are selective quotes from the press release issued by Aston Martin Lagonda Ltd.

"With a maximum speed in excess of 150 mph the Aston Martin V8 Coupe Limited Edition offers 10% more power than the Virage or Volante and there is an equivalent reduction in exhaust emission levels through the use of more efficient design 32 valve cylinder heads and a new electronic management system for the 5.3 litre V8 engine. Production of the V8 Coupe Limited Edition will be restricted to no more than 10 units for delivery during the next six months. (only nine cars were eventually built)

Each V8 Coupe Limited Edition model will be finished in a dark metallic "British Racing" green (the colour used for all cars was Deep Jewel Green Metallic) with a contrasting saddle brown Connolly hide upholstery which is matched to cream and biscuit alcantara for the roof lining and interior door trims."

In a break with tradition burr elm is used for the instrument and facia panels in preference to the more traditional burr walnut used on other Aston Martin and Lagonda models.

"A special 'V' motif radiator grille has been designed to give the V8 Coupe Limited Edition model its own distinctive appearance while acknowledging its heritage in relation to the Virage, Volante and Vantage.

Priced at £137,500 the Aston Martin V8 Coupe Limited Edition has 4 wheel anti-lock disc brakes, an advanced design climate control system, a driver's side air bag and a choice of a 5-speed manual or 4-speed electronically controlled automatic transmission."


There could be any number of reasons for the next owner to choose this V8 Coupe LE as their first Aston Martin or to add to a collection.

There is the rarity of the model - Aston Martin planned to build ten cars but the current owner has been told by Tim Cottingham of Aston Martin Heritage that only nine were in fact built. Or it may be the immaculate service and MOT history evidencing the care and attention that the car has received. And of course there is the attractively low mileage which always appeal.

We think there is a simple summarising reason to choose this car – simply put, it is the best.

Vehicle History

In the early 1990’s, Lionel Greenslade had decided to treat himself to a new Aston Martin and chose the newest model, a DB7- cutting edge design from Ian McCallum produced in Aston Martin’s newest factory.

Part of the order process was a personal invitation to visit Aston Martin at Newport Pagnell and during his tour he was distracted by the noise from the factory body shop and was mesmerised by the traditional construction of the aluminium bodies of the hand built Aston Martins. As a result, he changed his order from the DB7 to the very best of the traditional cars, the V8 Coupe Limited Edition that had the added bonus of rarity as his was one of just 10 cars planned, and in fact only 9 were built.

On behalf of the first owner, Byron International sold the car to the current (second owner) in 2011 and when they met, Lionel said that the car had never been out in the wet – he then hesitated and corrected himself remembering the one occasion when returning from an MOT, he had been caught by a sudden shower.

Such statements are commonplace in classified advertising. But when he returned the car to Stratstones of Wilmslow for its next scheduled service, the current owner engaged in conversation with the Service Manager, Keith who knew the car and the previous owner well. He confirmed that on a number of occasions, Lionel would book his car in for service and then phone on the day to postpone if the weather was not good enough.

A further reflection of Mr Greenslade’s approach was that, having ordered embroidered Aston Martin over mats for the car, he then purchased additional plain mats lay over the Aston Martin mats to protect them!

As for the low mileage and originality of the car – look no further than the under bonnet area. By design, the airbox intakes are covered in a thin layer of protected foam rubber – you won’t see this very often because the heat of the engine and general use sees these protective covers harden and disintegrate, never to be renewed. This engine sports its original specification with those covers intact. In fact the whole car has that patina of originality that cannot be reproduced by restoration or a tin of polish – the exception being the wheels, because they have been refurbished as part of the essential maintenance of the car.

And it was a reflection of respect for the care and attention this car had received under Mr Greenslade’s stewardship that the current owner has maintained the same fastidious approach including choosing to keep the servicing at Stratstones of Wilmslow to ensure continuity of care. He has presented the car with a full set of books for the car, the tool kit is complete and includes gloves, the service history file includes every tax disc and he has even left the original number plates and rear window sticker identifying the supplying dealer.

So for the collector, the most apt description for this superlative V8 Coupe Limited Edition is summed up in the title of the Palawan Press book that is included in the sale - “Aston Martin the Compleat Car”.

MOT History

MOT Date   Odometer

28.04.98    01,130
28.04.99    02,370
27.04.00    03,035
24.04.01    03,709
26.04.02    04,302
28.04.03    04,657
29.04.04    04,842
29.04.05    05,029
28.04.06    05,104
03.05.07    05,331
06.06.08    05,661
04.06.09    05,766
04.06.10    05,964
13.06.11    06,285
28.05.12    07,052
23.05.13    07,697
06.06.14    07,977
09.06.16    08,820
26.05.17    08,852
19.03.18    08,865

Service and Maintenance Record

04/04/96- Mileage: 01882- Service Agent: Stratstones

6,000 service & replace multi-changer

18/10/96- Mileage: 02746- Service Agent: Stratstones

Issue AML Warranty

11/11/96- Mileage: 02746- Service Agent: Stratstones

18 month service & adjustments to rectify poor engine idle, replace n/s brake light bulb, remove and charge tracker battery

undated- Mileage: - Service Agent:

Aston Martin Service book entry noting speedo head change at 3,000 miles

10/07/97- Mileage: 00333- Service Agent: Stratstones

24,000 mile service, replace bulb in n/s front fog lamp, check for rough running

30/04/99- Mileage: 02371- Service Agent: Stratstones

4 year service, MOT , lubricate locks, replace gearbox oil & filter, replace split plug leads, MOT

17/12/99- Mileage: 02812- Service Agent: Stratstones

4 ½ year service, replace radiator bolts, supply new boot key, unseize washer motors, unblock fuel filler housing drain tubes

05/10/00- Mileage: 03324- Service Agent: Stratstones

Fault on cam sensor, replaced l/h distributor and l/h cam sensor, adjust handbrake

25/04/01- Mileage: 03715- Service Agent: Stratstones

5 year service adjust handbrake MOT

26/04/02- Mileage: 04302- Service Agent: Stratstones

Annual service MOT, tighten sun visor , clean contacts in o/s/f fog light

30/07/02- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: Tracker Network

Battery audit/replace battery

09/05/03- Mileage: 04657- Service Agent: Stratstones

Service, MOT, temp gauge, re-gas air con check switches, check operation of CD player, replace engine temp sender,

04/05/04- Mileage: 04843- Service Agent: Stratstones

Annual service and MOT

29/04/05- Mileage: 05021- Service Agent: Stratstones

Annual service & MOT + replace bonnet strut

18/07/06- Mileage: 05207- Service Agent: Stratstones

6,000 mile service, re-gas air con., replace right hand filler cap

19/06/07- Mileage: 05406- Service Agent: Stratstones

Oil service and full check over

31/07/07- Mileage: 05454- Service Agent: Stratstones

Replace A/C compressor, modified wiring and clutch. Replace A/C expansion valve and seals, evaporator pipe crushed, repair and re-gas system

03/03/08- Mileage: 05618- Service Agent: Stratstones

Rectify fitment of both rear quarter lights

18/03/08- Mileage: 05618- Service Agent: Stratstones

Supply of quarter lights

19/03/10- Mileage: 05902- Service Agent: Stratstones

Carry out service. Check fuel level

08/09/11- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: Euro Garages

Regas air conditioning

22/11/11- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: Unipart, Stockport

Parts only: Temperature sensor

23/11/11- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: Stratstones

Parts only: Virage Family Technical Manual

13/12/11- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: HWM

Parts only: Door edge lamp

18/06/14- Mileage: 07983- Service Agent: Stratstones

Carry out 90,000 mile service, carry out coolant change, check air conditioning and carry out A/C service, MOT

03/06/14- Mileage: n/a. - Service Agent: Whybee Ltd

Parts only: Front lower auxiliary fog light

22/04/15- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: RS Components

Parts only: Cobra Alarm battery back-up

15/04/15- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: The Battery Shop

Parts only: Yuasa car battery

05/05/15- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: Prestige Wheels

4 x wheels, refurbished and diamond turned

09/06/16- Mileage: 08809- Service Agent: Stratstones

Removed wiper motor and sent for specialist repair and refitting. Adjusted arms as best (slight play in linkages). Carry out full service and MOT

Byron International