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Aston Martin Vantage Supercharged 550 bhp - £

Chassis Number: SCFDAM2S1RBR70043

Engine Number: 590/70043/M

UK Registration Number: M 171 KPB

Date of first reg: 9th December 1994

Exterior colour: Porsche Nachtblau Metallic


Interior colour: Parchment piped Blue

Current Odometer reading: 49,350

Mileage Warranty:

Steering: Right

Transmission: Automatic

Options: Automatic Transmission, Front Parking Sensors, Front & Rear Cameras, MP3 Player, Bluetooth, Satellite Navigation, Drivers air bag Tracker Radio/CD Player, Additional Reverse and Brake Light



Only the second model to be given the name Vantage in its own right rather than being an upgrade of an existing model, the Aston Martin Vantage had a production run from April 1995 to June 1999. First impressions show the Virage influence but careful examination reveals many differences. The only Virage panels are the door and roof skins. From the front there were more obvious differences – two groups of three headlamps, each behind a single heated lens while the upper grille had an egg box appearance. The lower grille opening was larger and set within a large air dam. The bonnet opening panel did not reach the front edge and had two openings at the rear edge protected by a mesh. Huge 18 inch wheels fill the wheel arches just to the rear of which, on the front wings, are small openings. The silhouette of the car was lower than the Virage and the rear lamps rounded.

Performance was the focus of the Aston Martin Vantage – when the bonnet is opened, the space either side of the 5.3 engine is dominated by two huge Eaton, Roots type, superchargers. Each driven by a wide belt the compressed air they produced received fuel via a Bosch sequential injection system and was fired by a distributorless electronic ignition system. All controlled by a Ford produced EEC lV management unit, this potent combination fired the engine power from the standard 330bhp to a phenomenal 550bhp.

In performance terms, this produced acceleration of 0 – 60 mph in 4.6 seconds while it took just 10 seconds for 100 mph – Jeremy Clarkson in a contemporary road test termed the Aston Martin Vantage “the most wonderful car in the world”. The quoted top speed of the car is an even 300 kilometres per hour – that is 186 miles per hour!

But performance did not mean Aston Martin expected their customers to sacrifice luxury. Ten Connolly hides were needed for each luxurious interior and Burr Walnut was used for the facia panel, centre console and door cappings, and Wilton carpet for the floor covering. There were a minimum of twelve separate coats of paint applied to each body. Each engine carries the name of the individual craftsman who was personally responsible for its build and extended dynamometer test. There is power assistance for the adjustment of the driver and front passenger seats. A sophisticated climate control system is provided together with a stereo, radio, cassette and CD player.


The Vantage Supercharged is a motoring icon – a hand built Aston Martin with a luxury interior to comfortably seat four people but with its twin supercharged engine ready to deliver 550bhp and quite startling performance. Its performance potential is not for the faint hearted but the automatic transmission on this Vantage Supercharged makes it comfortable in any traffic or road condition and, when the open road (and speed limits allow), it remains a great British performance supercar.

This car, finished in a Porsche Nachtblau Metallic, with a perfect service history, cracking performance and fitted with every modern convenience for the driver making it one of the best examples you will see or drive.

Vehicle History

This exceptional car was delivered to its first owner, Graham Rose of Weybridge, by Aston Martin dealers of Walton on Thames who maintained the car in the early part of its life. The original service book is appropriately stamped.

In April 2004, she was acquired by the current, and only the second keeper, through the services of RS Williams in Cobham. At the time of acquisition, a Tracker system was fitted and for the next four years, RSW continued the service and maintenance in their usual rigorous fashion.

The current owner lived in Cambridgeshire and for reasons of geographic convenience, changed service agents to Aston Martin Works Service in Newport Pagnell and they have attended to the maintenance with equal vigour.

Byron International had the pleasure of brokering this car to someone we knew would really appreciate excellence – the current owner is an Aston Martin enthusiast who has owned some of the best of Aston Martin – DB4, Vanquish, DB7 Vantage and Vantage Supercharged! And so in April 2017, the car was taken into his stewardship and it should be no surprise to see that during his three years of ownership, Trinity Engineering have maintained the car in supreme order.

However, the owner is a well-travelled businessman and even the briefest of glances at the service / MOT histories will note that he has not had the opportunity to use the car as much as he thought he would and has asked us to market it on his behalf.

This is a supremely well appointed car – its automatic transmission makes this true supercar far more useable and tractable than its manual cousins and the sumptuous cabin is supplemented by every device that the modern driver takes for granted. The next owner will have cause to be grateful for the attentions of its earlier owners.

MOT History

MOT Date   Odometer

12.02.04    22,231
14.01.05    25,620
12.01.06    28,554
28.03.07    32,239
24.04.08    34,964
15.04.09    36,662
27.04.10    38,742
20.04.11    40,135
20.04.12    42,017
20.05.13    43,048
25.06.14    44,363
02.07.15    45,677
04.07.16    46,952
22.06.17    46,986
29.06.18    48.580
10.07.19    49,000
06.07.20    49,300

Service and Maintenance Record

27.02.95- Mileage: 01,119- Service Agent: HWM

1,500 mile service

21.09.95- Mileage: 05,222- Service Agent: HWM

6,000 mile service

17.10.96- Mileage: 09,662- Service Agent: HWM

12,000 mile service

25.11.98- Mileage: 14,998- Service Agent: HWM

24,000 mile service

30.11.99- Mileage: 16,505- Service Agent: HWM

30,000 mile service

14.06.02- Mileage: 20,338- Service Agent: HWM

36,000 mile service

06.05.04- Mileage: 22,418- Service Agent: RS Williams

42,000 mile service

24.06.04- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: Tracker

Fitment of Tracker

15.01.05- Mileage: 25,620- Service Agent: RS Williams

Presenting car for MOT

12.01.06- Mileage: 28,545- Service Agent: RS Williams

Prepare car for MOT, Trace fault with brake lamp circuit, renew both brake light bulbs, adjust left hand headlamp beam, identify small leak from gearbox selector seal – insignificant, road test

12.04.06- Mileage: 29,100- Service Agent: RS Williams

48,000 mile service, remove road wheels, clean and inspect. Fit 2 x new tyres, clean, radius and balance wheels. Set up calipers on mill, drill out all four seized bleed nipples, fit new nipples, refit calipers. De-glaze discs and pads, fit new rear brake pads. Change brake fluid and bleed system. Adjust handbrake, change axle oil, drain gearbox oil, remove gearbox sump and filter, carry out gearbox service, renew filter, replace sump with new gasket, refill gearbox oil, renew fuel filter, renew rear anti roll bar links, tighten lower shock absorber bolts, change oil and filter

21.03.07- Mileage: 32,220- Service Agent: RS Williams

Remove front and rear screen seals, offside and nearside rear quarterlight glass seals. Stripping paint from affected areas on nearside. Preparing, etch priming and polyester priming repairs. Preparing, priming and painting roof panel, localizing colour into and within as required. Flatting and polishing, Refitting all removed items using new parts listed

02.04.07- Mileage: 32,244- Service Agent: RS Williams

54,000 mile service, remove road wheels, cleaning, radiusing and balancing. Adjust handbrake, remove rear calipers and fit new rear brake pads, change oil & filter, check fuel flow and fuel pressure, replace gear lever inhibitor switch, check differential oil level, check operation of air conditioning, present car for MOT

24.04.08- Mileage: 34,959- Service Agent: RS Williams

60,000 mile service, remove road wheels, cleaning, radiusing and balancing., adjust front wheel bearings, investigate fault with handbrake mechanism, check fuel flow and fuel pressure, check differential and gearbox oil levels, pressure test cooling system, check anti-freeze content, fit latest model washer pump and bottle, modifying bracketry and electrics to suit. Bleed brake system, remove driver’s door panel, check operation of drop glass, lubricate runners and mechanism, refit door panel and present for MOT

16.04.09- Mileage: 36,662- Service Agent: Works Service

66,000 mile service, in addition to accident repairs, strip out upper and rear interior environment trims, deglaze rear screen and D glasses, strip boot lid, bumper and rear lamps etc. Dry sand roof, boot lid and rear panel, bumper and wings to bare substrate. Re-prime panels and shuts, paint and lacquer to factory finish, flat and polish paintwork, re-assemble and renew parts as agreed. Straighten gear lever, and refit to transmission tunnel, dismantle dashboard instruments and replace bulbs as necessary. Remove and overhaul both worn driveshafts, reassemble and renew CV joints and gaiters. Replace worn anti-roll bar bushes. Remove and replace front and rear brake discs and pads, lubricate hubs and calipers, adjust handbrake cable/linkages. Remove and replace worn throttle cable, retro-fit reverse lamp and fog lamps. Replace perished carbon can vent hoses, carry out audio/visual upgrades as agreed specifications

17.04.09- Mileage: 36,662- Service Agent: Works Service

Insurance excess

20.04.10- Mileage: 38,742- Service Agent: Works Service


08.07.10- Mileage: 38,733- Service Agent: Works Service

Insurance excess

07.02.11- Mileage: 39,408- Service Agent: Works Service

Recover vehicle from Peterborough, investigate vehicle battery discharging and charging warning lamp illuminated with engine running. Trace fault to alternator, replace alternator, adjust drive belt tension and charge battery, replace blown fuse

21.04.11- Mileage: 40,177- Service Agent: Works Service

72,000 mile service, MOT, check bonnet lamp not working, repair broken wire and check operation. Oil pressure gauge not working, repair wiring and test. Check and adjust front suspension and steering settings. Adjust and shim upper suspension arms to achieve correct camber angle. Refit phone microphone, download latest “snooper” software and realign boot lid

19.08.11- Mileage: 40,796- Service Agent: Works Service

Carry out geometry alignment, adjust castor, camber and tracking to specification, Zero balance both front wheels, adjust gear linkage, re-route pipework to rectify horn inoperative. Insurance excess

25.04.12- Mileage: 41,987- Service Agent: Works Service

Carry out annual service and MOT. renew engine drive belts and missing battery cover fixings. Supply and fit replacement amp meter and boost gauge from workshop stock. Remove cylinder head covers, clean mating surfaces and refit covers with new gaskets and seals. Carry out cooling system and antifreeze change, drain, refill and bleed system. Download latest snooper software and make good connector plug

13.06.13- Mileage: 43,070- Service Agent: Works Service

Engine damper seal found to be leaking. Remove front anti-roll bar, remove oil filter mounting and flex plate. Remove alternator tensioner and auxiliary drive belts, remove pulley and seal, Install new seals and assemble removed parts. Replace expansion tank cap, MOT. Unblock left hand washer jet, reset. Renew Snooper subscription and download latest software

22.06.15- Mileage: 45,659- Service Agent: Works Service

MOT. Passenger window not operating, remove panel, fit new motor regulator and refit door trim. Wiper mechanism seized. Remove linkages, dismantle spindles, lubricate, overhaul and refit. Replace battery cover clips. Engine oil and filter change. Replace worn exhaust mountings

30.06.17- Mileage: 47,015- Service Agent: Trinity Engineering

Full engine service including fault finding on induction charge gauge needle – corroded terminals cleaned. Oil & filter changed, drain down all cooling systems, refill and check all hoses. Gearbox: check security and condition of engine and final drive mountings, adjust gear selector linkage, check all oil levels. Check steering and centralise steering wheel and indicator self-cancelling mechanism. Check front & rear suspension. Check brake system and replace n/s/f caliper nipple, bleed system. Fit new rear tyres, clean and balance all wheels, replace wheel centres. Inspect underside of car, clean inside of headlamps and replace rubber seals. Remove both front seats, adjust runners and refit. Replace inoperative side lamp bulb, present car for MOT

31.08.17- Mileage: 48,044- Service Agent: Trinity Engineering

Supply and courier replacement alternator to France. Replace battery and alternator, check charge rate. Refit misplace tweeter speaker in drivers door panel.

30.06.18- Mileage: 48,622- Service Agent: Trinity Engineering

Full engine service including oil & filter changes, replace degraded inlet manifold vacuum tube. Replace sticking throttle cable with new one, replace supercharger intercooler rubber hoses and clips with new ones. Gearbox: adjust kickdown, re-seal differential input flange. Check steering, check front suspension, remove, powder coat and refit rear anti-roll bar with new bushes. Check brakes, grind rear discs. Replace corroded exhaust clamps. Clean out headlamps and replace seals, replace bonnet release lever, replace faulty oil pressure switch. MOT

15.10.19- Mileage: 49,192- Service Agent: Trinity Engineering

Investigate non starting – check all battery and starter cables for security. Remove, clean and refit master switch terminals. Remove clean and refit battery earth terminal to chassis. Check alternator terminals. Remove, clean and refit engine earth link cable to chassis. Adjust transmission selector linkage to activate Park mechanism earlier in lever operation

08.07.20- Mileage: 49,342- Service Agent: Trinity Engineering

Dismantle engine ancillaries to access an oil leak on the n/s cam cover covering the starter and exhaust. After removing o/s and n/s cam covers and resealing with latest specification anaerobic sealant, re-assemble replacing engine breather O ring, degraded vacuum pipes to valves on underside of plenum chamber, drill out broken manifold socket headcap screws, replace HT leads. Remove differential back plate and replace seals and refit, refill differential with oil, Check steering, suspension and brakes. MOT

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