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Aston Martin V8 Series II - £SOLD

Chassis Number: V8/10612/RCA

Engine Number: V/540/460

UK Registration Number: FDD 300 L

Date of first reg: 8th December 1972

Exterior colour: Royal Claret metallic


Interior colour: Tan Leather

Current Odometer reading: 99,905

Mileage Warranty:

Steering: Right

Transmission: Automatic




With the departure of Sir David Brown, the new owners had to establish a different identity and made their first move in dropping the “DB” nomenclature and this creates the first confusion among potential enthusiasts insofar as what was the DBS six cylinder became the AM Vantage. Seventy of these cars were built and the name suggests a performance variant, but it was the base model of the range. The DBS V8 became the AM V8 and was noticeably different with single headlights replacing the twin and the spare wheel laid flat in the boot. The latter did not improve the overall load volume, just the ease of loading.

Under the bonnet, the cam covers were embossed “Aston Martin Lagonda”. The front end of the car now had two 7 inch quartz iodine headlights, the first of the single headlamp cars and although the car’s length was increased to 15 foot 3 inches, all other dimensions remained unchanged. In the boot, there was more space with the spare wheel laid flat and inside a leather steering wheel completed the changes.

This car was produced in a period of change for Aston Martin where parts bins were raided for old badges and some of the V8’s were changed to Weber carburetors. For the cognoscenti, this appears to be one of the very rare examples – Bosch fuel injection under the bonnet and, on the wings, the DBS badging.


The market has woken up to the outstanding value that the V8 models provide Aston Martin collectors, especially the early examples. One step forward from the classic DBS V8, the Series II is rare and collectable – ready to be used now and offering the opportunity for a new owner to add their personality to an already lovely car.

The current owner took up the baton of returning this lovely car to the best of health and this is a cracking opportunity to acquire a V8 that represents the first step in Aston Martin’s development of an icon.

A great car at a value for money price.

Vehicle History

The start of the record of ownership is from a copy of an original folding log book noting the first registered keeper as Louis Phillippe Larth of Gloucestershire and his name carried over to the first “modern V5” which also notes the car’s sale to a new owner, Reginald Rabbetts of Newbury in April 1978. He kept the car until 8th January 1982 when it moved to South West London and into the stewardship of Stephen Mason.

Then just two years later, in February 1984 the car was bought by Michael Callaghan of Royston in Hertfordshire and it remained with him for some 30 plus years.

When, in late 2014, Mr Callaghan asked Byron International to assist in the sale of his Aston Martin, there was little evidence of maintenance, either in the car’s documentation nor its condition and, at our suggestion, he commissioned a well known Aston Martin specialist to address the major issues regarding the car’s condition.

As a result, Newlands Motors have rebuilt the chassis, the door and wing bottoms, sills, trims and the boot floor. The car was then taken to the body shop and repaired areas appropriately repainted. The car was also checked mechanically and put to an MOT which it passed with flying colours. But that was very much a foundation and the current owner acquired the car with the purpose of completing the restoration of the car.

A report on the car was commissioned by the new owner from Newlands Motors prior to acquiring the car and, as they had started the job, he asked them to carry on! The car joined a discreet collection of cars that included other Astons, a Porsche, a Ferrari and other cars, all chosen for their individual appeal. Sadly poor health has meant a curtailment, at least for the present, of the car collecting and as a result, this early classic V8 is unexpectedly back to the market.

MOT History

MOT Date   Odometer

09.08.84    93,358
14.08.85    95,755
10.05.88    96,127
07.06.89    96,999
18.07.90    98,117
09.06.92    99,016
07.08.96    99,676
18.09.98    99,770
08.01.15    99,855
09.10.15    99,905

Service and Maintenance Record

22.05.99- Mileage: 96,991- Service Agent: Cambridge Classic Car

Inspection and valuation report

10.05.04- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: Aston Engineering

Parts only: Front caliper service kit, rear caliper kit, boot lid spring

20.01.15- Mileage: 99,850- Service Agent: Newlands Motors

Charge & test battery, replace battery, remove/strip fuel pump, change oils including injection pump. Run engine, check and adjust, drain fuel. Rebuild chassis, door bottoms, wing bottoms, boot floor etc. Refit car interior and sill trims.

08.02.15- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: Newlands Motors

Full inspection and report

25.05.15- Mileage: 99,862- Service Agent: Newlands Motors

Remove bumpers, remove servos, Strip engine bay, refurbish and refit. Replace servos & pipework, check for vacuum leaks and rectify. Repair leaks in heater control. Complete items on inspection list, tune injection system and rectify cold start. Paint rear panels, fit new starter motor. Remove and refit seats, replace drier / condenser valve and attend to transmission leaks

15.12.15- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: Newlands Motors

Clean off underside of car, wire brush. Waxoyl & underseal. Fit seat belts, replace exhaust mountings, modify rear seats, prepare and take car for MOT. Rebuild automatic gearbox, Replace engine cooling fan, remove and fit new radiator, test run to temperature and adjust fan, replace cold start rheostat and adjust injection, road test x 3, tidy wiring, check levels and pressures

Byron International