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Aston Martin DB 2/4 Saloon - £SOLD

Chassis Number: LML/530

Engine Number: VB6E/50/1267

UK Registration Number: UXY 52

Date of first reg: 3rd October 1953

Exterior colour: Burgundy Metallic


Interior colour: Parchment

Current Odometer reading: 04,925

Mileage Warranty:

Steering: Right

Transmission: Manual




The DB 2/4 was introduced at the London Motor Show in 1953. A development of the well received DB2, the 2/4 was to overcome the restrictions of a two seater with the addition of two occasional rear seats. Luggage capacity also increased with access via a third door or tailgate featuring an enlarged rear window. The luggage space can be further enhanced by folding down the rear seats. At the time, when three door cars were a rarity, this almost justified the comment, attributed to the Bentley Drivers Club, that the car was then the fastest shooting brake in the world.

The DB 2.6 engine is the production version of W.O. Bentley’s last brain child, conceived during the latter part of the second World War. With a capacity of 2,580 c.c. the Vantage engine was fitted as standard equipment until the 3.0 litre engine was introduced in April 1954 In 1955 three cars were prepared as works entries for the Monte Carlo Rally and won the team prize. Later that year two of the cars went on to compete in the Mille Miglia.

The Mark II was introduced at the London Motor Show in October 1955. It has the same chassis and mechanical specification as the DB2/4. Fitted as standard, was the 2922 c.c. VB6J engine, which developed 140 b.h.p. at 5,000 r.p.m. However, as David Brown had bought Tickford at Newport Pagnell two years earlier, the bodywork for the Mark II was the first to be made there. There was little change in the general appearance, but there are many minor trim differences and modifications. The roof line was increased by 3/4 inch to give extra head room and this model is longer by 2 inches. Inside, the seats have a better shape and the hand brake was replaced by a proper fly-off lever now situated on the floor. In all 199 Mk II’s were built.


A Feltham Astons remains one of the few affordable true “Classics” and this beauty is a fantastic example of the early David Brown stable of cars.

Sympathetically restored a decade ago, she has a gentle patina of age blended with the mechanical integrity for any enthusiast to participate in AMIC or other classic events. Alternatively, what a head turner for a gentle Sunday afternoon outing!

Vehicle History

When you look at the modern V5C Registration Document for this lovely car, it records just 2 former keepers and a registration date of 16th July 1956. But we are indebted to the current owner and his predecessors who have assiduously retained the original folding log book for the car in a similarly original faux leather case from H.W. Motors. Written clearly on that page 7 are the words “Imported (ICP)20.2.56.”

So referring back to a copy of the original build sheet, we note that the car was delivered originally to St Helier where it was registered J 4501. Originally Black with Beige trim, the colour has changed in the intervening years but the document at least allows us to verify this as a genuine, matching numbers car. It also confirms that the sliding sun roof on the car was indeed part of the original factory specification.

Referring back to the registration document the car was first registered in the UK on 16th July 1956 and the first mainland keeper was an Arthur Owen who registered the car first in his own name in London W1 then in 1957 at his company’s address in Greatrex Street E1.

We find out when the log book wallet came into play when on 18th April 1958, the log books notes the acquisition of the car by H.W. Motors Ltd of Walton on Thames. They sold the car a month later to a Mr Mager of Reading and he in turn sold it to a Gerald Creed in Surrey. And it is with Mr Creed that the records change to a more modern format because he owned the car for well over 30 years before selling it to local enthusiast David Dickerson. David is well known for his passion for Aston Martin and AC and has restored a number of both marques including this car. Typically for one of his cars, the quality shows in the finished product rather than any documented work sheets.

It was acquired by the current owner from Mr Dickerson in 2006 she was stored in the first years of ownership coming into fuller used only later during his stewardship when service work was conducted to their normal high standard by marque specialist Trinity Engineering. As a result, she is presented in exemplary condition.

MOT History

MOT Date   Odometer

27.09.05    00,023
26.09.06    01,978
26.02.08    02,435
26.02.09    02,435
24.02.10    02,435
13.04.11    02,435
29.05.12    02,809

Service and Maintenance Record

10.12.53- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: Aston Martin

Fan pulley and housing removed and dismantled, new bearings fitted, re-assembled and re-fitted

28.02.56- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: Aston Martin

Decarbonise engine, oil leaks from camshaft seals rectified, also from cylinder head oil seal and sump drain plug and oil level indicator. Latest type of balance plug fitted, new HT leads fitted, new dynamo pulley and fan belt fitted. New clutch unit and centre plate fitted. New oil seal to front end of gearbox fitted. New steering column top bush fitted, excess play in steering box rocker shaft rectified, stiffening plates fitted to chassis, brakes cleaned, bled and adjusted. New rev counter drive cable and right angle drive fitted, tail pipe rectified, dents to rear boot panel rectified, rattle in n/s door glass rectified, split in n/s stone guard welded, front wing and bonnet assembly adjusted, faulty trafficator switch rectified.

24.05.56- Mileage: 15,780- Service Agent: Aston Martin

Engine oil changed, tappet clearance checked and adjusted, plugs and points cleaned and adjusted, oil pressure adjusted, valve timing checked. Short circuit on horns rectified, split exhaust silencer and loose baffles rectified, New fuse box cover fitted, new silencer fitted, electricals checked, dipper switch rectified. Clutch adjustment checked, rattles on door windows and locker door rectified

17.04.57- Mileage: 20,600- Service Agent: Aston Martin

Plugs points and carburettors adjusted, battery topped up, engine tuned, brakes re-lined, body rattles rectified.

04.05.57- Mileage: 21,184- Service Agent: Aston Martin

Gear box drained, broken gear teeth extracted, all parts cleaned and examined. New parts fitted as necessary, gearbox top cover and selector forks cleaned up, refilled with fresh oil. Map reading lamp attended to, new bulb fitted to n/s fog lamp, new fuses fitted, battery topped up and electricals checked.

29.05.12- Mileage: 02,809- Service Agent: Christian Cars

MOT and oil and filter change

6.08.13- Mileage: 03,571- Service Agent: Trinity Engineering

Replace spark plugs, replace corroded HT leads, replace corroded HT terminals with stainless steel items, fit inner shrouds to all HT terminals, remove, clean and refit contact breaker points, run engine and reset ignition timing. Supply and fit new exchange steering box with all new internals. Supply and fit centre horn push assembly, reset camber and wheel alignment settings, centralise steering wheel. Remove leaking brake master cylinder and dismantle, replace worn or swollen seals with new items, refit cylinder, replace worn clevis pin and set up pedal free play. Identify seized n/s/r wheel cylinder, disconnect and remove drum and remove cylinder. Remove lip caused by corroded piston, hone out bore, reassemble with all new seals. Bleed brake system and pressure test for leaks. Remove bonnet rear view mirrors and fit chrome blanking plugs, remove dents from N/S/R wing. Road test car

31.10.16- Mileage: 04,855- Service Agent: Trinity Engineering

Remove front seats and carpet to gain access, remove gearbox tunnel, gear lever, speedometer cable and gearbox wiring, disconnect prop shaft, gearbox mounting and remove assembly. Remove clutch assembly and replace with complete balanced unit. Replace spigot bearing with new, later specification item. Replace clutch pedestal with Trinity manufactured item to match later specification clutch. Replace input and output shaft seals, refit gearbox, secure in position and set up pedestal height. Reconnect and reassemble. Replace tachometer cable, tighten indicator switch and check operation. Road test car.

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