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Aston Martin DB7 i6 Saloon - £

Chassis Number: SCFAA1118WK102191

Engine Number: AM1/0602024

UK Registration Number: R 606 KPG

Date of first reg: 18th May 1998

Exterior colour: Mendip Blue


Interior colour: Pacific/Parchment

Current Odometer reading: 61,263

Mileage Warranty:

Steering: Right

Transmission: Automatic




Launched at the Geneva Motor Show in March 1993, the DB7 was scheduled to follow the DB6 (now there’s a surprise), but because of marketing it was the DBS and we had to wait for 27 years for the DB7 to appear. Originally, it was the brainchild of Victor Gauntlet, who first suggested a new smaller Aston Martin in 1990. Production was to be sited at a new factory in Milton Keynes. However, the advent of the Ford Motor Company not only provided funding but also the dynamic Walter Hayes. Code-named DP1999, development of the new car was charged to Rod Mansfield, Engineering Director. In 1993, at the invitation of Walter Hayes, Sir David Brown became life president of Aston Martin Lagonda Ltd. This provided the perfect opportunity to revive the DB prefix. The new production was established at Bloxham, near Banbury and Aston Martin Oxford Ltd was born. Chassis number sequence begins at: 100,001.

Code named NPX, the new design was subjected to far more development testing that any previous Aston Martin. Approximately 30 prototypes were driven in some of the most diverse areas in the world. From the altitude and heat of Arizona to the intense cold of Scandinavia. Also full use was made of Ford’s own test facilities.

The body is a semi-monocoque shell with composite materials used for some of the outer panels. The designed by Ian Callum captures the very essence of ‘Aston Martin’. The elegant shaped radiator opening and the consequence compound curves of the front of the bonnet can be traced back to the DB3S. The sculpted interior with its predominate curved lines, is trimmed in Connolly leather and further complimented by burr walnut panels. The instrument panel has round, analogue gauges with the exception of the clock, which has digital display. Front seats are electrically operated and designed to hold the body in place while making the most of cornering capability. Air conditioning is fitted, as is cruise control.

The engine is a light alloy, twin camshaft, supercharged in-line 6-cylinder, with a displacement of 3228 cc. The cylinder head has 4 valves per cylinder with Zytec electronic multi-point fuel injection. The Eaton ‘roots’ type supercharger is driven by a toothed belt from the crankshaft. To meet exhaust emission requirements, fuel is unleaded and the latest engine management systems are employed, together with an exhaust three-way catalyst. The power developed is 335 b.h.p. at 5600 rpm with a peak torque figure of 368lb.ft. at 3000 rpm. Transmission is either a Getrag manual 5-speed gearbox or a 4-speed GM automatic. Telvis antilock disc brakes are all mounted outboard. Steering is power assisted with 2.54 turns lock to lock. The independent wishbone suspension has coil springs and monotube dampers all round and there is an anti-roll bar controlling both front and rear systems. The 18 x 8 inch light alloy wheels are of a special design and are shod with Bridgestone 245/40ZR18 tyres. Autocar magazine, October 19th 1993, achieved 5.8 secs 0-60 mph, 14.4 secs 0-100 mph and a maximum speed of 157 mph.


Finished in the unobtrusive Mendip Blue that suits this model so well, we know that there are some who will look first at the odometer reading in their assessment.

But those who understand Aston Martin and performance motoring will look rather at that exemplary service record – a complete original service book, a supplementary service book and accompanying invoices.

This is a brilliant car, offered with a cracking history and the reassurance of a maintenance record that has not been stinted – if you’ve been waiting for a great i6 to buy, this is the one!

Vehicle History

This lovely car was sold by HWM of Walton on Thames to a Mr Engels of Winkfield in Berkshire in May 1998 and although the car covered few miles in the next 4 years, it was regularly serviced by the supplying dealer.

The first change of keeper came in October 2002 when it was acquired by a Chris Pyatt of Abingdon and it arrived at its next and current keeper in February of 2004. So, a total of just 3 keepers in nearly twenty years but, even more importantly the service record of this lovely car is absolutely unbroken – predominantly serviced by HWM with just one visit to Aston Martin Mayfair in 2003, she has most recently been under the care of Tim Butcher at Trinity Engineering.

MOT History

MOT Date   Odometer

03.05.02    06,703
02.05.03    12,881
06.02.04    16,776
02.02.05    21,413
03.02.06    25,374
09.03.07    29,023
05.03.08    32,947
19.02.09    35,922
02.03.10    39,865
24.02.11    42,703
05.03.12    45,935
01.03.13    49,274
04.03.14    52,425
27.02.15    55,376
04.03.16    56,477
10.02.17    60,776

Service and Maintenance Record

12.05.98- Mileage: 00,056- Service Agent: HWM

Pre-delivery inspection

27.08.98- Mileage: 01,132- Service Agent: HWM

1,000-mile service

16.11.99- Mileage: 04,676- Service Agent: HWM

7,500 mile service

29.11.00- Mileage: 05,850- Service Agent: HWM

15,000 mile service

16.09.02- Mileage: 07,448- Service Agent: HWM

22,500 mile service

07.08.03- Mileage: 14,331- Service Agent: Aston Martin Mayfair

30,000 mile service

04.02.04- Mileage: 16,752- Service Agent: HWM

37,500 mile service, multi point inspection prior to sale.

09.08.04- Mileage: 19,352- Service Agent: HWM

45,000 mile service

01.12.04- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: HWM

Replace external door handle, adjust air conditioning belt, fit 4 new tyres

01.02.05- Mileage: 21,402- Service Agent: HWM

52,500 mile service

04.08.05- Mileage: 23,317- Service Agent: HWM

60,000 mile service, fit new rear radius arm bushes, re-gas air conditioning

02.02.06- Mileage: 25,355- Service Agent: HWM

67,500 mile service, fit new track rod ends, MOT

14.06.06- Mileage: 26,869- Service Agent: HWM

Check for misfire, clean out fuel filler drain, replace carbon canister, replace fuel pump relays, clean spark plugs, evacuate air conditioning and re-gas

08.08.06- Mileage: 27,442- Service Agent: HWM

75,000 mile service

20.03.07- Mileage: 29,023- Service Agent: HWM

82,500 mile service, MOT, dismantle instrument binnacle, check printed circuits and replace binnacle

26.09.07- Mileage: 30,661- Service Agent: HWM

Replace faulty r/h heater blower and re-wire plug

26.11.07- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: HWM

S/fit 2 new tyres

07.03.08- Mileage: 32,951- Service Agent: HWM

90,000 mile service, replace 4 x shock absorbers, replace rear tyres, change brake fluid, change oil cooler housing o rings, MOT

26.08.08- Mileage: 34,320- Service Agent: HWM

Replace remote batteries, replace faulty boot latch, lubricate n/s door latch & test window operation

20/10/08- Mileage: 34,724- Service Agent: HWM

n/s window not dropping or lifting when door is open, replace microswitch on latch assembly

18.02.09- Mileage: 35,902- Service Agent: HWM

97,500 mile service, replace rear exhaust manifolds, replace n/s/f tyre

20.04.09- Mileage: 36,418- Service Agent: HWM

Replace cylinder head gasket, replace two leaking hoses, replace faulty alarm siren

04.11.09- Mileage: 38,376- Service Agent: HWM

Replace o/s outer door handle

03.03.10- Mileage: 39,869- Service Agent: HWM

105,000 mile service

05.05.10- Mileage: 39,900- Service Agent: HWM

Replace wiper blades

16.12.10- Mileage: 42,282- Service Agent: Trinity Engineering

Repair and repaint nose section and both front wings, lacquer the whole front of the car, remove dent from o/s/r wing. Colour and condition leather, replace battery

24.02.11- Mileage: 42,716- Service Agent: Trinity Engineering

112,500 mile service, replace n/s heater blower with service exchange item

10.08.11- Mileage: 43,811- Service Agent: HWM

Replace punctured n/s/f tyre

07.03.12- Mileage: 45,959- Service Agent: Trinity Engineering

7,500 mile service, replace worn rear tyres, , MOT

05.03.13- Mileage: 47,276- Service Agent: Trinity Engineering

15,000 mile service, MOT

28.11.13- Mileage: 51,660- Service Agent: Trinity Engineering

Replace faulty gearbox mounting bush, spring damper and spring. Replace front subframe Vee mountings, replace anti roll bar link bushes

04.03.14- Mileage: 53,431- Service Agent: Trinity Engineering

22,500 mile service MOT

27.02.15- Mileage: 55,381- Service Agent: Trinity Engineering

7,500 mile service, replace and pack front wheel bearings, replace rear radius arm bushes, replace worn front tyres, cut away corrosion on o/s/r radius arm mounting point, fabricate new section, weld in and make good, MOT

06.05.15- Mileage: 55,873- Service Agent: Trinity Engineering

Supply and fit new Alpine CD/tuner, fit Bluetooth microphone, fit iPod lead. Free off seized heater valve, evacuate and re-gas air conditioning

04.03.16- Mileage: 58,485- Service Agent: Trinity Engineering

7,500 mile service, replace o/s/f centre wheel badge, replace cracked n/s indicator, MOT

29.04.16- Mileage: 58,964- Service Agent: Trinity Engineering

Vacuum air conditioning, refill with refrigerant. Replace both front tyres

11.02.17- Mileage: 60,800- Service Agent: Trinity Engineering

15,000 mile service, remove cam shaft cover, compression test, replace with new gasket, replace rear tyres, , replace exhaust clamp

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