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Aston Martin DB6 - £

Chassis Number: DB6/3205/R

Engine Number: 400/3257

UK Registration Number: BWC 369 F

Date of first reg: 6th January 1968

Exterior colour: Sierra Blue Metallic


Interior colour: Tan hide

Current Odometer reading: 53,566 total

Mileage Warranty:

Steering: Right

Transmission: Manual




After rejecting proposals for a replacement for the DB5 from Touring of Milan, the decision was made by Aston Martin to focus on their own development car, registered, 4 YMC. Testing it in a wind tunnel for the first time in February 1965, showed the need for work to counteract the test car’s rear end lift. So the final development phases saw a DB5 chassis, suitably lengthened and titled MP219, with a rear spoiler and abbreviated Kamm tail that Aston Martin had previously incorporated in sports racers.

The decision was made to progress MP 219 as the Aston Martin DB6 although its de Dion rear axle was replaced with a live axle on cost grounds. So the new car, announced at the London Motor Show in October 1965, had a wheelbase extended by 3.75 inches with the extra inserted just ahead of the rear wheel arches and this allowed the roofline to be raised by an inch, while a further two inches of headroom was gained by reworking the seat squabs. Reducing the length of the trailing arms on the rear suspension, gave more elbow room at the back.

The seat shapes were changed to give greater shoulder and lumbar support while the dashboard changed only with the size and layout of individual dials. Externally, however, horizontally slatted grille beneath the number plate allowed better air flow to the oil cooler and visual symmetry of the new arrangement was maintained with a split bumper at the front that was mirrored at the rear of the car.

Mechanically, the car was very similar to the Aston Martin DB5 with 3 SU carburettors fitted as standard. There were a number of items that a customer could specify at no extra cost – a Powr-Lok limited slip differential and chrome wire wheels. An electric aerial was fitted as standard, although the radio, which would be a customer choice, was considered an extra and was charged accordingly.


Before putting this lovely DB6 on sale – the current owner wanted one “last hurrah” with the car at the Goodwood Revival but allowed us to take the car to the studio for photography. Driven through the Sussex countryside for a 60-mile round trip, the driver’s summary of the car says it all:

“The best driving DB6 I’ve come across!”

Vehicle History

With this gorgeous DB6, there is a 30 year, comprehensive history folder that records successive owners who have not only devoted many hours and considerable funds to the maintenance and improvement of the car, they have kept meticulous records of their efforts.

In 1989 the car's then owner Mr Derek Blezard had extensive restoration work carried out by Aston Martin specialist, Ian Moss, where work including a full engine rebuild and bodywork repairs plus a bare metal re-spray from its original Olive (metallic) to Fiesta Red.

In July of 1993, through the services of Desmond Smail, the car changed hands to Philip Flower and shortly after, a full interior re-trim in Tan Connolly leather was undertaken. In October of that year the speedometer was replaced, at a then recorded mileage of 24,680.

In July 1998, the car changed hands again to a Mark Longmore of Rugby, again through the services of Desmond Smail who subsequently sold the car on to an Edward Mier in April 2005. It was in this latest stewardship that a thorough restoration of the car was commissioned and carried out between May 2005 and May2006.

The car underwent a bare metal, 'last nut and bolt' rebuild, undertaken by a professional classic car restoration workshop, when it was repainted from Fiesta Red to Sierra Blue metallic. New Aston Martin parts worth over £10,000 were fitted during the restoration, which consumed 1,550 man-hours of labour. All body repairs were undertaken with new aluminium and steel chassis elements incorporated as required. All chromed components were either replaced or re-plated, and all body, door and window seals were replaced, as were all suspension bushes and brake components. A new alternator was fitted and the car converted to modern negative-earth electrics with new full wiring loom. All electrical instruments were rebuilt and made good for negative-earth use.

Additionally, the cylinder head was fully rebuilt and converted to accept unleaded fuel; the carburettors and linkages rebuilt and re-plated; the clutch assembly rebuilt together with all transmission elements; and the engine, gearbox and rear axle fitted with new bearings and oil seals as required.

On completion, however, the car was sold to Mr Derek Still in June 2006. Bills on file show that the Aston was maintained meticulously by Mr Still, who kept it for some ten years before selling it to the current vendor in 2016. And under the current ownership, the car benefited from a full service by marque specialists R S Williams Ltd, with all outstanding issues attended to.

MOT History

MOT Date   Odometer

07.07.88    17,965
15.12.89    18,438
31.05.91    19,545
16.03 93    21,912
10.03.94    02,161
10.03.95    03,171
25.04.96    06,582
01.05.97    10,355
20.04.98    10,888
01.04.99    12,747
20.05.00    13,032
10.11.01    13,339
02.04.03    13,596
06.05.05    13,731
15.06.06    13,841
13.06.07    15,145
12.06.08    16,888
11.06.09    19,462
14.06.10    23,119
14.06.11    24,072
12.06.12    24,981
23.05.13    25,880
12.06.14    26,896
15.06.15    27,665
16.06.16    28,440

Service and Maintenance Record

30.09.88- Mileage: 18,000- Service Agent: Ian Moss

Engine rebuild including new crankshaft, main bearings, piston rings, timing chains/tensioners, valve guides and engine mounts. New clutch assembly, new exhaust system, new rear shock absorbers, new steering rack mountings, new battery master switch.

27.11.88- Mileage: 18,400- Service Agent: Ian Moss

Structural repairs to N/S & O/S chassis rails, remove & refit rear axle, new radius arms, new rear brake pipes, rebuild door frames, new oil temperature gauge new coolant thermostat

12.12.88- Mileage: 18,400- Service Agent: Marksdanes

Parts only: supply 2 x new window motors

12.12.89- Mileage: 18,400- Service Agent: Ian Moss

Repairs to n/s wing and complete repaint, new number plates, front & rear screen seals, boot seal, rechrome bumpers, new set of wire wheels

12.12.89- Mileage: 18,400- Service Agent: Autoglass

Refitting front & rear screens

10.01.90- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: Aston Martin Lagonda

Parts only: Brake fluid reservoirs and ancillaries

25.01.90- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: Burlen Fuel Systems

Parts only: Needles & jets for carburettors, carburettor spindles and refurbishment of SU carburettor

04.05.90- Mileage: 18,800- Service Agent: Ian Moss

Fabrication and fitment of new under sills, repairs to n/s front chassis outrigger, repairs to heater motor, oil change and tune carbs.

08.06.90- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: Aston Martin Lagonda

Parts only: Rubbers and seals

14.06.90- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: RS McCouat

Interior retrim including carpets, headlining, rear parcel shelf, steering wheel and fitting new seals and rubbers

20.06.90- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: Aston Martin Lagonda

Parts only: Service kit for brake master cylinder

20.08.90- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: Somerton Motor Co

Strip master cylinder and fit service kit

30.05.91- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: Somerton Motor Co

Supply & fit new servo, bleed system

24.08.93- Mileage: 23,560- Service Agent: Desmond J Smail

Re-trim interior with new hides, waxoyl chassis, new mesh vents to engine bay, new battery cover panel, new reserve tank switch

11.10.93- Mileage: 24,680- Service Agent: Desmond J Smail

Supply & fit motor to o/s door window, new seal to filler cap, replace handbrake pads, re-trim sun visor, fit new headlamp sealed beam unit, supply and fit exchange speedometer

18.04.95- Mileage: 27,836- Service Agent: Desmond J Smail

Supply & fit new UJ’s to prop shaft, supply & fit clutch return spring, skim front discs, fit new front brake calipers, pads and hoses. Skim rear brake discs, supply new rear discs, overhaul rear brake cylinders, replace front wheel bearings. Fit new exhaust section, fit new alternator belt, carry out 10,000 service and MOT

26.04.96- Mileage: 31,209- Service Agent: Desmond J Smail

Fit new washer pump, rectify faulty brake light, replace radius arm bush, recondition and refit rear axle. Supply five new wire wheels and refit tyres, renew sound deadening insulation, 5,000 mile service MOT

09.09.96- Mileage: 34,524- Service Agent: Desmond J Smail

Supply and fit new balanced propshaft, supply and fit new wiper blades and wheelbox nuts

30.04.97- Mileage: 34,997- Service Agent: Desmond J Smail

Supply & fit new check strap bracket, front brake discs and pads, rear brake pads, 2 x engine mounts, exhaust mounting, refurbish steering wheel, repair L/H chassis outrigger and trailing arm connection, fit shock absorber, fit new plug leads, rectify headlight and horn malfunction, 10,000 mile service and MOT

01.05.97- Mileage: 35,015- Service Agent: Chalky White Tyres

4 x Avon 205-15 tyres

09.03.98- Mileage: 35,516- Service Agent: Desmond J Smail

Engine tune, new spark plugs, contact points and new battery

21.04.98- Mileage: 35,368- Service Agent: Desmond J Smail

Engine oil and filter change & MOT

28.07.98- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: Aston Martin Lagonda

Parts only: Door lock handle

05.08.98- Mileage: 35,780- Service Agent: Desmond J Smail

Supply one replacement mirror

13.08.98- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: Aston Martin Lagonda

Parts only: Distributor cap

16.04.99- Mileage: 37,380- Service Agent: Desmond J Smail

Replacement door mirror and set of silicon water hoses

05.08.99- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: Aston Martin Lagonda

Parts only: Radial sealing ring

17.05.00- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: Aston Martin Lagonda

Parts only: Oil seal

May 2005-May 2006- Mileage: - Service Agent:

Full Restoration of Car

29.06.06- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: Classic Editions

Full length Car Cover

30.08.06- Mileage: 38,853- Service Agent: Desmond J Smail

Post purchase “snagging” work including steering wheel, carburettor tuning, rear axle oil change, adjust door striker plates, nonet lamp

30.04.08- Mileage: 41,326- Service Agent: Trinity Engineering

Service, check timing chain, check cylinder head torque, change engine oil, fit new oil cooler, fit new contact points & condenser, drain and fill with new coolant, replace air filter, reset ignition timing, idle speed and mixture settings. Fit new clutch slave cylinder hose, bleed clutch hydraulics, adjust front wheel bearings, adjust king pin ball joints, adjust pedal box to suit driver

07.01.09- Mileage: 43,093- Service Agent: Stratton Motor Co

Service work including check ignition distributor, fit new contact points/condenser, check coil & ballast resistor, recalibrate rev counter, drain & replace engine oil, top up gearbox and axle oil

30.03.10- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: Vintage Wireless Company

Supply Motorola 818 radio including leather trimmed centre console, chrome grille and original pattern chrome fire extinguisher

14.04.10- Mileage: 45,271- Service Agent: Owner

2,500 mile service, check wheels, cam covers, electrical connections

15.04.10- Mileage: 45,411- Service Agent: Stratton Motor Co

Supply & fit new battery

04.08.10- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: Aston Service London

New micro switch to n/s foot well ventilation control lever

29.03.11- Mileage: 48,212- Service Agent: Stratton Motor Co

10,000 mile service

23.05.13- Mileage: 50,560- Service Agent: Stratton Motor Co

Engine tune, replace plugs and points, carburettor tuning, antifreeze top up

25.09.13- Mileage: 50,678- Service Agent: Owner

2,500 mile service, coolant replacement, oil filter replacement, prop shaft lubrication, grease road wheel splines

17.11.13- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: Number Plates 4 U

Supply black/silver reverse plates

12.03.14- Mileage: 51,371- Service Agent: Stratton Motor Co

Engine & carburettor tune, replace oil filter, replace spark plugs, contact points. Rectify electric fan mounting and rewire fan with relay, recondition starter motor

05.04.14- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: Richbrook International

Stainless steel number plate surround

25.10.15- Mileage: 52,621- Service Agent: Owner

2,500 mile service & coolant replacement, new oil filter, propshaft lubrication, grease wheel splines

25.11.16- Mileage: 53,566- Service Agent: RS Williams

Rebuild kingpins, adjust front wheel bearings, fit anti rattle springs to front and rear brake pads, adjust handbrake, check gearbox and axle oil levels. Adjust coolant /antifreeze mix, change engine oil & filter, check fuel flow and fuel pressure. Replace fuel filter, fit condenser and rotor arm, reset ignition timing, reset volumes and mixtures, adjust engine drive belts. Carry out remaining service

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