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Aston Martin Vanquish 'S' 2 + 2 - £

Chassis Number: SCFAC143X5B 501710

Engine Number: AM06/10074

UK Registration Number: LF 05 GSV

Date of first reg: 22nd March 2005

Exterior colour: Black


Interior colour: Charcoal

Current Odometer reading: 39,500

Mileage Warranty:

Steering: Right

Transmission: Semi-Auto

Options: Heated seats,Heated windscreen,2 + 2 Specification,Air conditioning,Power assisted steering,Electric windows,Sequential 6 speed transmission, switchable Sports Exhaust



The Vanquish had a controversial birth. It had been given a big build up in time for its UK debut at the 2000 Birmingham Motor Show, but it created more headlines by not appearing at the NEC. It was reported that Dr Ulrich Bez, the Chief Executive of Aston Martin, was unhappy with the fact that the Vanquish was using dashboard air vents from a Ford Ka. Despite the quality of the parts, he was not prepared for a £164,000 flagship supercar to share parts quite so obviously with a £7,000 shopping special. It reflects Aston Martin’s approach to the Vanquish – it was a flagship model designed to compete with the Ferrari 550 Maranello, a car that Aston Martin forensically examined to understand the quality standards required.

Stylist Ian McCallum’s elegant body design work on the Vanquish adds muscle and aggression to the previously svelte lines. Employing a low volume hand built construction process, the car’s chassis was of composite aluminium bonded, for reasons of strength, around a carbon fibre transmission tunnel. Extruded aluminium bulkheads were riveted and bonded to the floor pan with single piece composite side panels. A’ pillars made from braided carbon fibre around a honeycomb centre, the engine, steering and front suspension were mounted on a sub frame crafted from the same materials and bolted to the front bulkhead.

The ancillaries were mounted on a deformable composite crash structure with a similar structure providing for rear impact and aluminium bars allowing for side protection on collision. The flat underside of Vanquish tunnels into venturies generating down force and better high speed stability. The external coachwork was produced using a new process known as superforming (super-plastic-forming) and pressed aluminium. This involves bringing the composite to a liquid plastic state and pouring the product over moulds with air pressure employed to control the final shaping. These aerospace quality panels are finally bonded to the composite structure by hand to ensure perfect fit and finish and protected with eight coats of paint.

New 10J x 19 forged alloy road wheels were shod with specially developed Yokohama tyres and braking was by four piston Brembo callipers biting 335mm gross drilled discs to the front and similar to the rear with a Teves ABS system and engine management control traction to the rear wheels. Tyre pressures were designed to be electronically monitored.

8 Connolly hides and 129 square feet of Wilton carpet in each car, maintained focus on comfort and quality while the use of high tech, hand finished aluminium accentuates the performance environment. Driver and passenger seating was by Recaro with full electric adjustment and heating. Sophisticated climate control was fitted as standard along with other useful driver’s aids such as, auto dimming rear view mirror, rain sensitive wipers with a heated windscreen; remote controlled central locking with boot release with an alarm and immobiliser. The rear cabin could be trimmed to form two rear seats.

Developments to the old DB7 Vantage’s 48-valve 6.0-litre V12 engine generated a 7% increase in power and a 2.5% increase in torque. The original 450bhp developed propelled the 1820kg Aston from rest to 60 in under 4.5 seconds before reaching a maximum speed in excess of 190mph. The "S" in contrast developed 520 hp and took the car beyond 200 mph.

1,492 standard Vanquish cars were produced compared with 1,086 "S" variants up to the line closing in July 2007.


The Aston Martin Vanquish is fast establishing its reputation as a modern icon – a truly classic Aston Martin.

In a very desirable colour and seating combination, this is an outstanding car and a great opportunity to kick off your Aston Martin collection or perhaps even add to it.

Vehicle History

The history folder shows that the car was acquired in December 2006 when just18 months old by an Andrew Higginson of Marlow in Buckinghamshire and he then sold it in March 2009 when it was acquired by a Steven Richards of Grantham. There are clear service invoices in both their names demonstrating regular service and maintenance in spite of the low mileages covered.

Finally acquired by the current owner in October 2013 through the services of Aston Sales in Kensington, this is a genuinely low mileage car as evidenced by the comprehensive MOT and service history.

MOT History

MOT Date   Odometer

10.03.08    13,073
30.03.09    14,688
10.03.10    18,117
22.03.11    18,947
26.03.12    19,884
04.05.13    20,463
01.05.14    24,662
21.05.15    31,197
16.06.16    36,560
19.05.17    39,268

Service and Maintenance Record

11.01.08- Mileage: 12,951- Service Agent: Aston Martin

7,500 mile service, hydraulic brake fluid change, replace right hand front mudguard

10.07.08- Mileage: 13,638- Service Agent: Aston Martin

140 point check to supply warranty

06.08.08- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: Desmond Smail

Remove broken front bib spoiler and prefit new, repaint new spoiler and fit, update engine and transmission software and clear fault codes

01.12.08- Mileage: 14,314- Service Agent: Aston Martin

Contribution to warranty claim, carry out exhaust bypass valve switch upgrade

10.06.09- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: Aston Service London

Check lights and levels, refit o/s tilt knob, refurbish 2 road wheels

19.06.09- Mileage: 16,029- Service Agent: Aston Service London

Carry out repairs to tilt mechanism on driver’s seat, refit seat, investigate auxiliary socket, replace fuse

31.03.10- Mileage: 18,115- Service Agent: Aston Service London

Carry out 7,500 mile service, MOT, replace wiper blades, remove and refit front splitter

23.03.11- Mileage: 18,947- Service Agent: Aston Service London

Carry out 15,000 mile service, MOT, replace front brake pads, attend to underbody corrosion

31.07.13- Mileage: 20,653- Service Agent: Aston Service London

7,500 mile service, regas air conditioning, replace starter motor and cable, replace hose and anti-freeze, refit splitter, replace water valve, refurbish 4 wheels

26.04.14- Mileage: 24,662- Service Agent: Harwoods Chichester

MOT and check warning lights

14.08.14- Mileage: 26,915- Service Agent: Harwoods Chichester

6 month Aston Martin Service and Health Check

20.05.15- Mileage: 31,197- Service Agent: Harwoods Chichester

6 month Aston Martin Service and Health Check

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