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Aston Martin DBSV8 Saloon Manual - £115,000

Chassis Number: DBSV8/10006/R

Engine Number: V/540/013

UK Registration Number: EGU 899 H

Date of first reg: 4th May 1970

Exterior colour: Silver


Interior colour: Blue Leather

Current Odometer reading: 19,967

Mileage Warranty:

Steering: Right

Transmission: Manual



The first Aston Martin DBS V8 rolled off the Newport Pagnell production line on 19th September 1969. For Tadek Marek it was the public debut for his new engine and the car received a rapturous welcome from the public.

The engine used the same light aluminium alloy construction as the old straight six and used a similar design for the valve gear employing two chain driven overhead camshafts per cylinder bank and two valves per cylinder. The 8 wet liner cylinders were in a V formation set at 90 degrees with fuel and air were supplied via a Bosch mechanical fuel injection system with the injector pump in the middle of the cylinder vee and eight separate throttle butterflies mounted outboard of each induction port. The engine had five main bearings and the cooling system was with thermostat, water pump and viscous-coupling fan.

Putting this newly developed engine into the body that had been created for it gave Aston Martin a car that carried four people in luxury, weighed well over one and a half tons, yet could accelerate from 0 – 60 mph in less than 6 seconds and had a top speed of 160 mph. Every aspect of the car needed superlatives for its description. With that weight and speed, the Girling brakes had to produce substantial stopping power – 1 ¼ inches thick front and rear, they were ventilated and had two independent hydraulic circuits to provide pressure to front and rear and the rear brakes had separate callipers for the handbrake. Unusually, Aston Martin made standard the fitment of specially made 15-inch alloy wheels with 7-inch rims.

Testing the car, a contemporary road test by Autocar noted the flexibility of the new V8 engine at the bottom end of its wide range. They noted that the torque curve was surprisingly flat noting that in fifth gear, the 20 mile per hour increments from 30 mph to 110 mph each took around 4 seconds less than the straight six it had tested the year before. They also noted that the clutch, having to cope with all the extra torque, was heavier than the six cylinder – they measured that it needed 50 pounds of force to depress the pedal. Handling and grip had been improved on the DBS with the de Dion rear axle – in the DBS V8.


The DBSV8 was the marque's first modern supercar after the DB4GT of the early sixties, and its performance as a luxury four seater was unparalleled. The sales brochure said it could cruise all day at 140 mph, four up, and some owners did so.

Whilst for some years later models of the V8 overshadowed the DBSV8, and the V8 Vantage of the late eighties became the Aston supercar of choice, this has changed as serious collectors and enthusiasts alike have recognised and come to value the purity and aesthetics of the original William Towns 'four headlight' design.

So with a cracking ownership history and a specification that offers a real flavour of its period – what a great investment in the marque!

Vehicle History

When this car was assessed by Aston Martin specialist Andre Bloom in February 1994, he noted that the car had been in the same ownership of 16 years – he was referring at that stage to the stewardship of Denis Woodgate who had the car registered in the name of his company, BDW Fuel Oils of Newbury. But a review of the registration document notes that in 1991, Mr Woodgate had registered the car in his own name and that stewardship actually extended to 31st March 2005 when it was acquired by the current owner.

So that is just 2 owners covering a history of 40 years and the car shows it – the aforementioned report notes the structural restoration of the car that is recorded photographically as well as the addition of Harvey Bailey suspension units and a retrim of the car in factory original specification. It should be noted that there are signs of electrolytic reaction that appears limited to the corners of front and rear screens but this does not detract from the rounded excellence of the car.

A DBS V8 is a classic – as a manual it is rare and to find such a car with a cracking provenance, even rarer.

MOT History

MOT Date   Odometer

23.02.85    87,935
10.03.86    89,106
08.02.88    89,291
16.05.89    90,893
22.05.90    93,032
06.09.91    98,302
28.10.92    01,264
07.12.93    03,942
08.06.95    05,795
24.02.97    08,402
02.04.98    10,494
16.09.99    11,315
12.04.01    13,604
10.06.02    14,291
05.06.03    15,728
25.05.04    16,436
31.05.05    17,334
30.06.06    18,364
18.02.08    18,990
27.03.09    19,269
19.04.10    19,338
24.04.12    19,508
18.05.16    19,686
20.09.17    19,967

Service and Maintenance Record

28.02.91- Mileage: 98,246- Service Agent: Chapman Spooner

Investigate charging fault. Fit front fog lamps wiring up to main beam, fit panel dimmer switch, replace faulty HT lead terminals. Rewire hazard lights, flasher and diode, repair terminals, fit in-line fuse to clock, repair handbrake switch, fit new door mirrors Clean off brake pipes, drain engine, gearbox and differential and refill with oil. Replace faulty track rod and reset toe in. Replace rear shock absorbers and springs with Koni shocks and new springs. Clean off and fit new front springs and assemble front suspension. Fit up Harvey Bailey front roll bar, shimming as necessary. Fit front number plate. Check for water leaks and replace R/H aperture seals, door window seal, seal front and rear screens and water channel. Bleed brakes and free off L/H front bleeder. Tighten handbrake lever bolts. Replace faulty brake servo vacuum valve. Fit new heater top and feeding capillary sensor into car. Replace and remake wiring for reversing lamp, replace switch and fit lamp to L/h & R/H side. Replace starter motor

31.05.95- Mileage: 05,676- Service Agent: Andy Chapman

Trace knock on front suspension, dismantle anti roll bar and bushes, re-shim to reduce play, replace bent bolts and re-assemble. Grease front suspension, adjust hand brake and check gear lever cap. Make good connectors to LH indicator. Replace faulty headlamp and fog lamp bulbs. Replace R/H sealed beam unit. Fit new brake servos and bleed system

12.03.97- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: Andy Chapman

Make brackets and fit new condenser in front of radiator. Remount horns to clear matrix and wire up. Drain cooling system and remove faulty radiator cowling, repair LH mounting bracket, fit new radiator cap washer. Replace crankshaft pulley, fit up new air conditioning pump and bracket, fit compressor and adjuster. Replace header tank with later, smaller model, paint brackets and fit up pipes. Remove alternator mounted on LH side of engine. Make up new bracket, rewire alternator and belt drive from water pump. Modify base plate of distributor, reset plug gas and tune engine. Move items to accommodate moving alternator – oil filter housing, oil pipes and adaptor. PAS reservoir vacuum pump. Make bracket to hold drier unit, pipe up compressor condenser and check for leaks, recharge with gas Rewire air conditioning control to system – new control and relay operated by original controls. Remove rear bumper for re-chroming and paint floors with Hammerite. Repair L/H door locking mechanism, lubricate and re-assemble. Straighten and balance heater fan. Remove gear lever, remove broken plastic bearings, refit with new bearings and re-assemble. Remove lower L/H front king pin ball joint assembly. Replace split gaiter, re-assemble and grease. Repair loose drive shaft nut Loctite splines and tighten to drive shaft. Attend to water leaks, unblock washer jet MOT

02.02.00- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: Stratton Motor Company

Parts only: Gaskets, studs and nuts

20.06.00- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: Andy Chapman

Investigate cause of fuses blowing – inadequate loading to cover surges. Fit drain tubes t A/C box. Drill gearbox tunnel to take tubes. Repair chafed wiring and re-assemble. Re-checking and refitting warm up operation of injection pump thermostat. Check throttle operation. Replace faulty vacuum solenoid. Replace fuel line filter and clean out fuel pump filter. Check CO, check HT leads and distributor cap. Reset ignition timing. Seal front screen, swap road wheels front to rear and balance, change over brake pads, re-set toe in on front wheels. Replace steering column UJ’s. change engine oil, remove rear shock absorbers, pairing up operation and re-fitting

04.04.02- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: Andy Chapman

Repair seized flaps to cure heater problem plus trapped and split vacuum pipes. Remove front wheels and front wing stone guards to access flap leaves, free off leaves and feed through new vacuum pipe, waxoyl behind both front wings and re-assemble. Remove fuse box, re-connect vacuum pipe to servo and re-assemble. Remove under panel LH side and find 2 x servo motors seized and 1 x servo on RH side – free and work until smooth operation. Fit new fan, flush heater radiators and fit new tap behind engine. Seal heater valve., fit new thermostat. Remove radiator send for specialist repair, re-assemble and fill with anti-freeze. Fit new diff mounting and tunnel bracket, re-assemble and fit propshaft. Re-balance front wheels, fix broken R/H door check strap. Send steering rack for specialist repair. Fit reconditioned rack, new track rod ends and reset track

2702.03- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: RVS Auto Group

Partsd only: Indicators

03.06.03- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: HWM

Parts only: Switch

28.01.08- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: Century Classics

Remove differential, strip clean and check ratio, remove speedo for re-calibration. Cure fault on headlamp main beam circuit

18.02.08- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: Century Classics

Replace rebuilt differential, refit exhausts, drive shafts, brake lines and body panels etc. Refill with Castrol Limslip oil, refit recalibrated speedo and replace dash panels. Fit polybushes to front suspension upper wishbones, lubricate all other joints. Fit replacement battery, bleed brakes, MOT

31.07.08- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: Century Classics

Trace electrical fault behind fascia. Cut out and replace all damaged and faulty wiring in ignition fed circuit to air con & warning lamps, renew all connections to ignition switch

13.04.12- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: Unipart

Parts only: Battery

03.08.16- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: Chicane

Carry out engine service including spark plugs and HT leads, carry out front caliper overhaul and front suspension rubber replacement. Road test

25.04.17- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: Chicane

Strip both door panel trims, remove worn/broken check straps, re-shape and repair bent or disfigured parts. Clean, grease and re-assemble. Window slow – remove runners and perished rubbers, replace, grease regulator and re-assemble. Change heater blower fuse.

19.05.17- Mileage: 19,774- Service Agent: Chicane

Replace number plates with new registration number

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