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Aston Martin DB9 Volante - £SOLD

Chassis Number: SCFACO2A65GB03895

Engine Number: AM04/12920

UK Registration Number: HF 55 KRG

Date of first reg: 7th September 2005

Exterior colour: Antrim Blue

Hood: Blue

Interior colour: Sandstorm

Current Odometer reading: 20,400

Mileage Warranty:

Steering: Right

Transmission: Touch Tronic

Options: Satellite Navigation, Premium Audio, Phone System, Heated Seats, Tracker, Optional Brake Calipers, Parking Sensors, Powerfold Mirrors, Heated Front Screen, 19" x 15 spoke Alloy Wheels, Tyre Pressure Monitors



The DB9 was the star of the 2003 Frankfurt Motor show where it was unveiled to the public for the very first time. The sleek superformed aluminium body was initially designed by Ian Callum but had also been significantly influenced by the next director of AM design, Hendrik Fisker. The DB9 was powered by a third generation version of the now familiar 6.0 litre V12 and has a top speed of 186mph. Production of the coupe started at the new Gaydon factory very early in 2004, with the Volante coming on stream early in 2005.

The DB9 was the first of what was to become a long line of production Aston Martins to use VH architecture the DB 9 used Superformed parts in the chassis and footwell as well as the body panels. The individual die-cast, extruded or stamped aluminium elements of the VH platform are bonded with strong adhesives and self-piercing rivets to make a lightweight but stiff backbone. The DB9 body shell weighed 25% less than that of the DB7 but has double its torsional rigidity. This process also allowed Aston Martin to retain high levels of engineering accuracy in producing a car at a higher volume, ensuring chassis performance to match the engine power.

Aston Martins have always made the interior of their cars to be very special places. Beautifully tailored with the finest of materials, the DB9 follows uses Bridge of Weir leather, aluminium and wood. The use of wood in the interior was different from previous Aston Martins, with customers offered a choice of walnut, mahogany or bamboo. The fine detail of finishing typifies by the starter button made of glass, sand etched with the Aston Martin wings logo.


A beautiful car, a clearly traceable ownership history and an immaculate service record. If you are looking for a modern Aston Martin classic to buy, you just found it.

Vehicle History

This lovely car was first purchased by a Mr Couling of Poole in Dorset in September 2005 and he kept the car barely a year before it was purchased by a Simon Dedman of West Yorkshire.

He owned the car for rather longer and the car returned south to Hitchin in Hertfordshire when it was acquired by a Mrs Connold in September 2014 – a year later and on to a Guy Davies of Tonbridge and then a year later in September 2016 to its current London based owner.

There are two elements remarkable in that history – firstly all the owners covered only a modest mileage and the second fact is that the mileage can be verified by one of the most comprehensive service histories that any Aston Martin owner would covet – every service conducted by time and every service the work of established and recognised Aston Martin specialists.

MOT History

MOT Date   Odometer

21.09.09    5,864
27.01.10    6,513
03.02.11    6.902
17.01.12    9,726
08.02.13    9,796
12.02.14    10,989
23.02.15    12,123
26.01.16    14,521
14.09.16    15,537
03.09.17    17,370
08.08.18    19,039

Service and Maintenance Record

0.09.05- Mileage: 00,043- Service Agent: Aston Martin Mayfair

Pre-delivery inspection

09.02.06- Mileage: 01,285- Service Agent: Harwoods Chichester

First service – 1,000 miles

24.04.07- Mileage: 04,751- Service Agent: Works Service

10,000-mile service

22.02.08- Mileage: 04,751- Service Agent: Works Service

20,000-mile service

09.03.09- Mileage: 05,864- Service Agent: Works Service

30,000-mile service, re-connect wiring connector to high beam headlight, replace fuel filler cap, MOT

28.01.10- Mileage: 06,499- Service Agent: Works Service

40,000-mile service, re-align front brakes

07.02.11- Mileage: 06,902- Service Agent: Works Service

50,000-mile service, renew tyre sealant bottle, replace rear shock absorbers, balance front wheels, carry out full geometry alignment and centralise steering wheel to suit, replace front brake flexi hoses. Re-bond windscreen

18.01.12- Mileage: 09,721- Service Agent: Works Service

60,000-mile service, replace oil cooler hoses, replace number plate set, re-align glove box

05.02.13- Mileage: 09,787- Service Agent: Works Service

70,000-mile service, replace driver’s seat belt and buckle, MOT

18.02.14- Mileage: 10,989- Service Agent: Works Service

80,000-mile service, MOT

24.02.15- Mileage: 12,123- Service Agent: Desmond Smail

90,000-mile service, renew rear brake pads, MOT

11.09.15- Mileage: 13,486- Service Agent: Desmond Smail

Supply and fit iPod kit and Blue Tooth accessories

17.09.15- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: Desmond Smail

Check over car, removed front wheels and sent to specialist for refurbishment. Adjusted wiper spindles

19.09.15- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: Desmond Smail

Sill name plate

01.02.16- Mileage: 14,548- Service Agent: Desmond Smail

100,000-mile service, free off handbrake calipers, stripped, cleaned and new handbrake pads fitted, MOT

09.04.16- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: A Glaze Plus

Paint sealant treatment

22.02.17- Mileage: 16,392- Service Agent: Aston Service London

110,000-mile service, replace all 4 tyres and wiper blades

04.09.17- Mileage: 17,370- Service Agent: Halfords


07.03.18- Mileage: 17,554- Service Agent: Aston Service London

120,000-mile service, air con check, replace supply pipe to condenser, replace front brake pads, replace rear brake pads, replace battery, reset windows and clock

09.08.18- Mileage: 19,837- Service Agent: Aston Service London

Replace air con pipework from Compressor to condenser, re-gas system. Present for MOT

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