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Aston Martin V8 LWB Volante - £SOLD

Chassis Number: SCFDAM2C8XBR89050

Engine Number: 97/89050/A

UK Registration Number: T 570 JDP

Date of first reg: 23rd July 1999

Exterior colour: Antrim Blue

Hood: Blue Mohair

Interior colour: Parchment piped Pacific

Current Odometer reading: 32,515

Mileage Warranty:

Steering: Right

Transmission: Automatic



Following the success of the Limited Edition V8 Coupe, the new ‘Vantage’ style V8 Coupe was introduced on the 5th of March 1996, at the Geneva Motor Show, alongside the DB7 Volante. Whereas all ten of the Limited Edition V8 Coupes shared many external features with the preceding Virage, the new V8 Coupe reflects the overall design themes and the smooth flowing aerodynamic lines of the Vantage, as was the case with most of the suspension system. However, it has its own distinctive design radiator intake, six spoke 18” x 8.5” alloy road wheels, and circular auxiliary driving lamps integrated within the front spoiler. Special compound 255 / 50 ZR18 Pirelli P Zero tyres were developed for the new model.

The V8 Volante was launched in October 1998 at the London Motor Show, based on the V8 Coupe and Vantage models. To afford rear seat passengers extra legroom, 7 7/8” (200mm) was added to the length of rear passenger internal space, together with an additional ¾” (20mm) of shoulder width. Luggage accommodation also increased as a consequence. These increases were achieved by adding 7 7/8” to the wheelbase, which increased the overall length by the same amount, whilst the width was increased by 2 1/8” (53mm). The suspension specification was further refined to allow for the extra wheelbase, together with the increased power output from the engine. Special hydraulic door check straps were developed to control the opening and closing of the doors. The quad cam engine has 4 valves per cylinder, (last used by Aston Martin in 1921-2) and produces 350 horsepower. This was a further development of the now legendary Tadek Marek designed all alloy V8, with its racing pedigree. Improved cylinder heads, camshafts and pistons were fitted, together with an ‘Alpha Plus’ electronically controlled engine management system. According to Aston Martin Lagonda Ltd., the new V8 Coupe could reach 60 M.P.H. in less than 6.0 seconds and has a maximum speed in excess of 150 M.P.H. Naturally with the use of a three-way catalytic exhaust system, the engine runs on unleaded fuel. However, for countries where leaded petrol is still the norm, a non-catalyst system was available. In effect, it is a ‘worldwide’ engine compatible for all markets.

The 4-speed automatic transmission is electronically controlled with Sport and Touring modes. Anti-lock AP / PBR brakes are fitted to all four wheels, with ventilated discs and four pot callipers. With a servo-assisted tandem master cylinder, the brakes are independent front and rear, controlled by a Bosch 4 channel ABS system. The power assisted rack and pinion steering is speed sensitive. The rear axle is fitted with a limited slip differential.

All body panels are hand crafted in aluminium. Requiring ten Connolly hides each luxurious interior could be tailored to individual tastes. Burr Walnut is used for the fascia panel, centre console and door cappings, and Wilton carpet for the floor covering. There are a minimum of twelve separate coats of paint applied to each complete body. Each engine carries the name of the individual craftsman who was personally responsible for its build and extended dynamometer test.

There is power assistance for the adjustment of the driver and front passenger seats. A sophisticated climate control system is provided together with a stereo, radio, cassette and CD player. For the final touch of luxury, cruise control is fitted for long distance touring.


A great example of the marque, this car has proved that regular servicing assures performance, enjoyment and reliability. From a build run of just 64 cars, this Long Wheelbase Volante, one of the very last of the hand-built Astons, offers true four-seater luxury cruising.

With a clear ownership history from new, an immaculate service history, a popular and appropriate specification, this Volante offers any Aston Martin enthusiast probably the best example of this rare car on the market today.

Vehicle History

Factory records indicate that this car was allocated to Stratstone Ltd as a demonstrator vehicle and, as was apparently standard for Stratstone at this time, the service record for this rare and outstanding car shows its pre-delivery inspection carried out by Works Service on 23rd July of the same year! Within the records, the next owner is recorded as a Mr N Cooper from Essex and it is probably no coincidence that shortly after, a Laurie Paulin of Chelmsford acquired car registering it on 6th August 2004.

Acquired by the current keeper in January 2005, again, it is clear from Legends Automotive in Bicester, the service history that this was accomplished after a thorough service by Chiltern Aston who recorded a service just three days before that sale.

And the car has remained with that owner since that time and the continued service and maintenance of the car is carefully collated in the vehicle’s history folder.

MOT History

MOT Date   Odometer

05.08.04    20,891
14.07.05    23,740
07.06.06    25,685
07.06.07    27,211
19.06.08    28,417
23.07.09    31,115
14.06.11    31,603
05.08.13    32,068
22.08.13    32,080
23.06.14    32,117
15.06.15    32.262
06.07.16    32,337
11.07.17    32,368
11.07.18    32,462
24.09.19    32,557

Service and Maintenance Record

23.07.99- Mileage: 00,235- Service Agent: Works Service

Pre-delivery inspection

01.09.99- Mileage: 00,736- Service Agent: Works Service

1,000 mile service

09.02.00- Mileage: 06,804- Service Agent: Works Service

7,500 mile/ 6 month service

08.08.00- Mileage: 12,226- Service Agent: Works Service

15,000 mile/12 month service

06.04.01- Mileage: 16,469- Service Agent: Works Service

22,500 mile/18 month service

14.04.03- Mileage: 19,221- Service Agent: Works Service

30,000 mile/2 years service

26.04.04- Mileage: 20,849- Service Agent: JCT 600

35,500 mile/2.5 years service

12.01.05- Mileage: 22,727- Service Agent: Chiltern Aston

45,000 mile/3 years service

01.04.05- Mileage: 23,193- Service Agent: Stratstone Mayfair

Check operation of roof, flush system, bleed and re-check. Re-tighten sump bolts

31.05.05- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: Stratstone Mayfair

Repair as per estimate (£893.00)

01.08.05- Mileage: 23,938- Service Agent: Works Service

MOT, carry out 140-point check for mechanical breakdown insurance protection. Investigate purpose of aerial on front screen – trace to Alpine unit in console – leave in place as unit operative. Check temperature gauge operation – OK. Adjust handbrake, fit, new front seat finisher and supply new golf umbrella

07.07.06- Mileage: 25,685- Service Agent: Lymington Motors


14.07.06- Mileage: 25,702- Service Agent: Works Service

52,500 mile/3.5 years service. Adjust front flexi hose to clear road spring. Drain and flush cooling system, refill with correct anti-freeze. Replace brake fluid and bleed system. Replace oil cooler hose, replace transmission sump gasket, replace front brake outer reactor bushes

16.04.07- Mileage: 26,989- Service Agent: Works Service

60,000 mile/4 years service, replace missing headlamp bulb and renew right hand brake light

05.06.07- Mileage: 27,211- Service Agent: Lymington Motors

MOT and fuel treatment

20.06.08- Mileage: 28,416- Service Agent: Works Service

67,500 mile/4.5 years service, carry out air conditioning service, re-seal right hand headlamp glass, install new battery, fit new aerial, replace oil cooler pipes, fit new automatic transmission sump gasket, fit new power steering rack, fi new rear discs and pads, fit new fastener to hood envelope

09.10.08- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: Works Service

Estimate for replacing front seat covers

17.04.09- Mileage: 25,420- Service Agent: Lymington Motors

MOT, replace heater controls

21.07.09- Mileage: 31,114- Service Agent: Works Service

75,000 mile/5 years service

16.02.10- Mileage: 31,228- Service Agent: Works Service

Remove and replace spark plugs and HT leads, disconnect battery conditioner and replace with new unit, remove glue from carpet

10.11.10- Mileage: 31,444- Service Agent: Works Service

MOT, carry out 12-month service to manufacturer schedule, remove and replace front brake pads, remove cam covers and re-assemble with new rear seals. Drain, flush and replace coolant

15.06.11- Mileage: 31,601- Service Agent: Aston Martin North One

MOT, air conditioning service, summer check

11.11.11.- Mileage: 31,713- Service Agent: Aston Martin North One

Replace front tyres, carry out 4-wheel alignment

07.06.12- Mileage: 31,728- Service Agent: Aston Martin North One

82,500 mile/5.5 years service, replace transmission sump gasket, replace o/s cam cover gasket

09.11.12- Mileage: 31,956- Service Agent: Aston Martin North One


29.08.13- Mileage: 32,069- Service Agent: Works Service

MOT, oil & filter change, replace timing cover gaskets. Overhaul power steering rack, replace faulty alarm system. Replace driver’s door lower seal. Repair fault to door mirror switch, replace boot lamp switch. Replace rear wheel centre badge. Replace missing chassis waxoyl plugs. Adjust rear brake calipers and replace rear pads

24.06.14- Mileage: 32,113- Service Agent: PBW Motorsport Ltd

MOT replace battery

28.11.14- Mileage: 32,228- Service Agent: PBW Motorsport Ltd

Four-wheel alignment, strip and clean window switches

15.06.15- Mileage: 32,268- Service Agent: PBW Motorsport Ltd

MOT, adjust headlights and handbrake

06.07.16- Mileage: 32,328- Service Agent: PBW Motorsport Ltd

Remove steering rack and pump for overhaul, set tracking, adjust convertible roof, Unseize fuel filler, MOT

12.07.17- Mileage: 32,368- Service Agent: PBW Motorsport Ltd

Supply new battery, rewire earth on .n/s front indicator, MOT

22.03.18- Mileage: 32,398- Service Agent: PBW Motorsport Ltd

Replace copper washer on PAS pump

11.07.18- Mileage: 32,462- Service Agent: PBW Motorsport Ltd

MOT check levels and pressures

11.06.19- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: Aston Martin Works

3 hour visual inspection and report.

27.11.19- Mileage: 32,515- Service Agent: Vantage Engineering

10,000 mile service, remove and replace engine mounts, drain transmission, replace gearbox filter and transmission sump gasket, refill. Drain PAS fluid, replace reservoir and refill. Replace front anti roll bar bushes. Replace brake reactor strut bushes. Remove all brake pads from calipers, chamfer raised edges and refit. Re-route oil temperature wiring. Replace front anti-roll bar drop links, Repairs to front and rear bumpers, paint and polish. Remove and replace fuel pump. Attend to air con. Reconnect airbox trunking and rectify fuel flap. Replace n/s drop glass seal, glue cubby box. Remove n/s sill cover to access carbon cannister hoses – replace all and replace cover. Replace rear brake caliper, replace number plates. MOT

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