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Aston Martin DB2/4 Mark II Drophead - £SOLD

Chassis Number: AM300/1101

Engine Number: VB6J/624

UK Registration Number: 162 GNC

Date of first reg: 23rd August 1956

Exterior colour: Black

Hood: Beige

Interior colour: Red Leather

Current Odometer reading: 2755 km

Mileage Warranty:

Steering: Right

Transmission: Manual




The DB2/4 Mark II was introduced at the London Motor Show; it shared the chassis and mechanical specification with its predecessor. The key changes were in the bodywork and reflected the fact that the body was built at Tickfords, the first Aston Martin to be built by the Newport Pagnell concern since its acquisition by David Brown in 1953.

Although little changed in general appearance, the new car was longer, higher and heavier than the DB2/4. The differences were in the detail. A welcome raise in the roofline delivered more passenger headroom in the rear; however, the requirement to retain the same windscreen saw the gap filled by a wide chrome strip above the screen. The production process for the casting of the sills and door posts were changed and the bonnet/wing assembly simplified to allow the side panels behind the front wheel arches to remain fixed. It made the bonnet lighter but with no loss of engine access and allowed permanent ventilation to be added. As was the vogue at the time, rear fins were blended into the design and repeater indicators replaced the old semaphore units and the petrol filler was hidden behind a flap opened from inside the car. The changes in the indicators left a space that was disguised with a chrome strip with the Tickford badge proudly displayed below it. Interior changes were mostly about comfort – more lateral support in the seats, more headroom and courtesy switches for the interior lights.

On the controls, Aston Martin had responded to the badgering of the media by replacing the umbrella style handbrake with a more sporting fly-off type. The standard engine specification was the 140 bhp version of the 2922 cc engine but with the option of having an uprated version which, through larger valves and a high lift cam delivered 165 bhp. Although the Works Race Department were focussed on the DB3S, sporting customers could order a plethora of extras for competition purposes. Customers could specify twin exhausts, close ratio gearbox, high compression pistons, 40 DCO Weber carburettors and Alfin brake drums.

The Suez crisis at this time and its impact of petrol rationing undoubtedly had a significant impact of sales – only 199 were sold in the two years of its life. John Bolster summarised his test for Autosport by calling the DB2/4 Mark II “a very sporting car that you can drive in a dinner jacket.”


The DB2 and DB2/4 were stepping stones to David Brown’s ambition to win Le Mans but were, at the same time, some of the most sought-after cars of the 1950’s for their innovation, good looks and performance. In more recent times, they have carved out a niche in a frantic classic car market where buyers have recognised their qualities and their comparative rarity which always helps rationalise an investment.

And what an example of a Feltham car is AM300/1101 – the first of anything has a cachet all of its own, being the first of just 9 right hand drive examples adds rarity. Blend in a sound, traceable history, a restoration by Internationally renowned restorers, Roos Engineering and a full set of tools and documentation and you have the best of all worlds. The best of the best in the market today.

Vehicle History

Manufactured in October 1955, the copy of the original build sheet in this lovely car’s comprehensive history file shows that she was sold as a demonstrator to Brooklands of Bond Street on 23rd August 1956.

The prototype of the Mk II, chassis AM300/1101 was the very first of 15 of the Mk II Dropheads, 9 of which were in this right-hand drive form. Starting its life as a works demonstrator, the vehicle was equipped with the now standard 3-litre VB6J engine which produced 140 bhp. The Aston Martin Owners Club register also notes that the prototype was fitted with dual exhaust, which was a popular sporting option that customers could specify.

By August 1956, the DB2/4 Mk II had passed into the private ownership of a Mr C.P.G Engelbach of Shipley in Worcestershire.

The second known private owner, Lt. Col. John Madison of New York state, purchased the car in May 1966 from London dealers Keen & Partners Ltd. Within the history file, there is an interesting note that the car actually had a US Military Registration because Lt Col Madison was the commanding officer of 79th Tactical Fighter Squadron.

Retired into California, ownership was later transferred in 1990 to James R Weller of Lake Encino in the same Golden State who in turn sold it to a Dr Hans Peter Meng, a Swiss resident.

In 2001 the vehicle was sent to Roos Engineering for a full restoration, for which invoices are on file. Finishing in 2002, the Aston Martin was returned to its original glory. Resplendent in the original two-tone colours of black with a beige hood and red leather interior, the Aston Martin looked as good as it did when it left Newport Pagnell over half a century ago.

Post restoration, in 2003, the DB2/4 passed from a Swiss dealer to its current owner, who has maintained the stunning beauty of this rare and original Aston Martin. The car handles as beautifully as she presents and comes complete with original tools and instruction book. Part of a larger collection of classic cars, she has only been used occasionally, running “round the block” to keep systems working.

Summary of Restoration Costs:

Date Restoration Totals

31.08.2001 43,114.75 CHF

31.12.2001 14,693.30 CHF

28.02.2002 35,175.35 CHF

18.07.2002 19,889.70 CHF

19.08.2002 13,693.30 CHF

Total 126,566.40 CHF

MOT History

MOT Date   Odometer

There are currently no MOT history details for this car.

Service and Maintenance Record

04.11.55- Mileage: 00,650- Service Agent: Aston Martin

Faulty door lock rectified

26.09.56- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: Aston Martin

Replacement rear axle unit supplied to Brooklands

24.05.57- Mileage: 13,254- Service Agent: Aston Martin

New centre plate fitted to clutch; toggles adjusted. Dynamo pulley and belt renewed. Engine oil changed, L/H cylinder head fitted valve timing reset, engine tuned. Late type twin exhaust system fitted. Play in steering taken up, oil seals in steering rocker shaft housing renewed. Brake linings cleaned and lubricated, brakes bled and adjusted. Full length tonneau cover with zip fastenings fitted, driver’s cushion built up. New twin segment rings to pistons fitted. Twin scraper rings fitted.

19.08.57- Mileage: 16,125- Service Agent: Aston Martin

Cylinder head checked, tappet clearances reset. Cam shaft bearings examined, valve timings reset. Engine tuned, engine oil changed. Pair of replacement shock absorbers fitted with new links. Brake adjuster examined, brake drum fitted. Brakes blead and adjusted, new thermometer fitted. Splits in bonnet welded and dents on bonnet top beaten out. Headlamps re-aligned, new rear mounting fitted to gearbox, paintwork on bonnet made good and hood trimming repaired.

18.10.57- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: Aston Martin

Second hand silencer fitted

05.09.59- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: Aston Martin

New crown wheel and pinion and other materials as required. Differential and pinion bearing adjusted. Half shaft bearings shimmed and adjusted.

22.10.59- Mileage: 34,510- Service Agent: Aston Martin

New set of main and big end bearings, new set of compression rings, new twin segment oil rings fitted. Engine decarbonised, valves and valve seats refaced. 2 new valve guides and sealing rings fitted. Tappet clearances reset. New body and gears fitted to oil pump. New oil pump drive shaft and driven shaft fitted. Valve and ignition timing reset, engine oil replaced. Plugs cleaned and reset, points cleaned and adjusted. Distributor segments cleaned, petrol filters and carburettors cleaned. New front engine mountings fitted. Engine tuned, selector forks and cones cleaned up and reverse gear converted to Mark III type, gasket fitted to cover assembly. Brake linings cleaned up. Brakes bled and adjusted. Shock absorbers tested on rig and topped. Rev counter drive attended to. Carpets made up and fitted to front of car. Rattle from offside rear rectified.

31.08.01- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: Roos Engineering

To include Mature assembly, balance spoked wheels, various freight costs (exhaust from England), outside work brake saturation, outside work powder coating, outside work to adapt speedometer to kmh, outside work on brake drums, outside work de-rusting and coating fuel tank, outside work galvanising steel with zinc, underside protective spray, zinc steel plate, ball bearings, petrol, Side window rubbers, Window scraper, Exhaust, Wheel cylinder x 3, Studs 5/16” BSF x 1 ¼, Seal, Hose, Avon Turbospeed tyres, Disc washing, Drain, Oil Filter, Pressure hose 3.3mm, Headlight insert, Gear suspension, Rep set front/rear, Air valve, Choke kit Share of costs

31.12.02- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: Roos Engineering

Work on account, Various freight costs to foreign suppliers, External work on crankshaft, Expensive bronze, Round rod anti corrosion, CU seal , Valve seat rings, Ignition timing, Prop shaft, Diff oil seal, Black exhaust paint, Main bearing set, Connecting rod bearing, Cylinder liners, Pistons, Thrust washer set, Storage, Chains, Gasket oil pan, Oil filter, Oil filter element, Inlet Valves, Exhaust Valves, Valve guides, stud bolts, Thermostat, Shim rings, Seals, Water pump bearings, Core covers, Discs, Cam shaft cam set, spur gear screw, Seals, Gasket sealant, Thrust bearing

19.02.02- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: Roos Engineering

Engine workshop, Balance spoked wheels, Tyre assembly, Clean chassis, Test fee, External work brake test stand. Manufacture external work oil pressure line after sample, Rear-view mirror, Battery terminal clamps Red & Blue, Protective cap Breakdown triangle, Straighteners, Water deflector, Water repellent glass, Angular profit Hammer, Petrol tank wash

28.02.02- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: Roos Engineering

Detailed description of motor revision is carried out after completion of the work Transmissions: - Disassemble gearbox and clean parts. Equalize the seal, remove the stick bolt. Input bearing tacho drive, output bearing replacement - seals. Set the pre-shaft. Assemble gearboxes - Disassemble and clean the gear cover. Peel off the sealing flats. Lubricating and assembling parts - Mount gearbox cover, modify oil supply on O-rings, mount. - Set up gearboxes for test run. Test-up oil - Cylinder head sent to Germany for welding, Cylinder head is unusable must be replaced work workshop motor hood dismantling motor and gearbox completely expand, workshop engine revision, Machine hours, Cleaning, Glass beading and sandblasting. Tool cost share, various freight costs to third-party suppliers. Outside work to do cylinder head valve seats Second hand cylinder head. Gearbox spare parts

18.07.02- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: Roos Engineering

Engine workshop, Machine hours, Dynamometer work, Glass bead/sandblasting. Check in pressure bath. Foreign work ignition curve and closing angle con. Foreign work on exhaust emissions. Foreign postage. Hose clamps, Heat discs, Drain plug seal, Collector gasket, Nozzle needle, Candle gum, Heating cocks, Test bench, Spark plugs, Oil, Cylinder block gasket, Petrol

19.08.02- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: Roos Engineering

Underbody wash, prepare engine and gearbox, clutch outriggers & new bearings. Engage engine and gearbox completely. Insert trim, clean seats, check attachments including carbon and air sheets and clean them. Set ignition, fit engine hood, adjust headlamp, electrical connections must be made. Mount triphone outer space and right front door. Replace fuel pump control and fuel line – re-assemble pump float, fix clock, replace exterior mirror and fix sun visor on driver’s side. Change wedge rubbers and centre handbrake – adjust handbrake and stub axle. Attend to roof lining isolate washer motor and remove radio. Assemble front discs, sandblast and paint front number plate holder.

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