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Aston Martin V8 Vantage  - £325,000

Chassis Number: SCFCV81V5HTR 12562

Engine Number: V/580/2562/X

UK Registration Number: D 285 FYL

Date of first reg: 3rd July 1987

Exterior colour: Salisbury Blue


Interior colour: Magnolia piped Blue

Current Odometer reading: 50,350

Mileage Warranty:

Steering: Right

Transmission: Manual

Options: Stereo Radio CD and iPod player, Ronal Wheels



The Aston Martin V8 Vantage was announced on the 18th February 1977. Revised camshafts, air-box, larger inlet valves and carburettors, new inlet manifolds and different plugs, claimed to provide an increase in power of 40% and 10% more torque. The same ZF 5 speed manual transmission as in the V8 saloon became standard equipment, although a number of cars have been fitted with Torqueflite automatic transmission.

As the Vantage is a development of the standard V8 series 3 saloon, aerodynamic improvements were necessary to cope with the increased power output. These included a rear tail spoiler, a deep front air dam below the front bumper, blanked of radiator and bonnet air scoop. Koni dampers were fitted and the suspension stiffened, with a larger anti- roll bar. In their April 1978 road test, even Motor Sport had to agree that it was the fastest accelerating production car in the world.

The series II Vantage was introduced in October 1978 at the same time as the V8 series IV Oscar India saloon and shares the same changes in body styling. A road test by Motor magazine, April 25th 1981, produced a 0-60 M.P.H. time of 5.2 seconds.

The series III Vantage made its debut at the 1986 Motor Show staged at The National Exhibition Centre near Birmingham, England. It features revised bodywork, 16” wheels and an optional 400 b.h.p. X pack engine.


When the car was brand new, the performance was described as follows:

“This is a car that weighs close to 4,000 lbs, yet has a 0-60 time of around 5 seconds and all of this is achieved without the aid of turbo or super charging. This means that the power flow is consistent and flexible. It can be driven at 40 m.p.h. in fifth gear with the engine just ticking over and then take you, in the same gear to the claimed top speed of about 170 m.p.h. – where it is legal to do so.”

The sense when driving this beautiful X Pack is that not much has changed – this is a car to savour!

Vehicle History

The history of any good Aston starts with the original service voucher book being with the car and this Vantage X Pack is no exception and the original Certificate of Ownership notes the original purchase of the car on 4th July 1987 and its delivery by Aston Martin Sales Ltd of London to its first owner, Mr. Hemmingson of London SW7.

The first owner retained the car all the way up to April 2002 when it was sold to a Simon Master of London SW1 who owned it until purchased by the current owner in October 2005 – so this is a car with just three owners from new with two of those owners – the first and the current owner’s stewardships accounting for over 30 of its 34 years of existence.

And that shows in the comprehensive service and maintenance: it is a history of consistent care, local and immediate checks like MOT’s combined with regular service by Aston Martin Specialists and that really shows in the presentation and performance of this lovely car.

In the current owner’s almost 16 years stewardship, the car has performed faultlessly during many long-distance tours throughout the UK and France, never requiring the services of a tow truck or roadside assistance. It has been exhibited at many car shows, always drawing much admiration.

We had the pleasure of collecting the car from the owner and driving the 60 odd miles to the store and she performed perfectly, delivering faultless performance and rock steady road holding.

MOT History

MOT Date   Odometer

06.10.01    22,596
16.11.02    25,577
20.11.03    29,143
26.11.04    30,515
17.10.05    31,055
19.09.06    32,591
12.11.07    34,306
18.11.08    36,224
19.10.09    38,036
11.10.10    40,392
18.07.12    42,304
17.07.13    43,384
25.07.14    45,612
20.07.15    46,335
21.07.16    48,015
24.07.17    48,728
23.07.18    49,165
24.07.19    49,764
24.07.20    50,256

Service and Maintenance Record

15.09.87- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: Aston Martin Lagonda

1,000-mile service

21.09.88- Mileage: 05,147- Service Agent: Hyde Vale Garage

10,000-mile service

16.10.91- Mileage: 07,714- Service Agent: Ian Mason

15,000-mile service

29.11.94- Mileage: 12,907- Service Agent: Ian Mason

25,000-mile service

08.11.96- Mileage: 15,637- Service Agent: Ian Mason

30,000-mile service, Excess for body repairs, service on transmission, engine, body and electrical. Adjust drive belts, checked all brake components, adjusted handbrake cable and calipers. Adjust clutch thrust rod. Tighten loose windscreen wiper motor mounting, adjust front bumper mounting, fit new exhaust clamps

17.04.98- Mileage: 16,351- Service Agent: Ian Mason

35,000-mile service, fit and adjust new set of drive belts, check fuel pump and flow rate. Change all oils and engine oil filter, remove all pads, clean and check all pads, discs and calipers, handbrake calipers and cables cleaned lubricated and adjusted. Dismantle front hubs, check and repack bearings and hubs, fit new seals. Fit new track rod ends and adjust steering rack. Fit new battery. Fit new clutch slave cylinder and bleed hydraulics.

30.04.99- Mileage: 19,136- Service Agent: Aston Martin Lagonda

Replace clutch flywheel with new balanced assembly, recharge air conditioning renewing valve and drier

03.02.00- Mileage: 20,170- Service Agent: Ian Mason

40,000-mile service, Annual service, check fuel pump and fuel flow, check anti-freeze, check and adjust drive belts, remove all pads, clean and check all pads, discs and calipers, handbrake calipers and cables cleaned lubricated and adjusted. Dismantle front hubs, check and repack bearings and hubs, fit new seals, check kingpin thrust adjustments. Remove front bumper for specialist repairs

19.04.02- Mileage: 22,802- Service Agent: Nicholas Mee

45,000-mile service, remove existing stereo and speakers and replace with Alpine 6 stack CD unit and speakers/tweeters . Fully regas air conditioning

13.05.02- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: Auto Audio

Install Thatcham Security immobiliser

10.07.03- Mileage: 27,161- Service Agent: Nicholas Mee

50,000-mile service, supply and fit reconditioned front discs and new pads, fit “handling kit” including front and rear springs, front anti-roll bar, reconditioned front shock absorbers, new bushes shims and lock tabs. Adjust and lubricate distributor and check carburettor mixtures, fit new windscreen wiper arms

22.07.04- Mileage: 29,708- Service Agent: Nicholas Mee

55,000-mile service

10.09.04- Mileage: 30,383- Service Agent: Nicholas Mee

Investigate loss of clutch pressure, check master cylinder, refit clutch, return spring and re-bleed. Supply new radiator cap

03.06.05- Mileage: 30,701- Service Agent: Nicholas Mee

Lubrication service

22.10.05- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: Kirkhill Auto Services

Recovery charge, replace plugs and start vehicle

16.11.05- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: Nicholas Mee

Delivery of car to Aberdeen

22.09.06- Mileage: 32,593- Service Agent: Aston Workshop

Lubrication service, fit correct spark plugs, present car for MOT

03.11.06- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: Aston Workshop

Remove trim fittings, repaint boot lid lower edge, rear scuttle panel, wheel arches, front windscreen pillars (lower corners) front nose cone, lower front spoiler

13.11.07- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: Aston Workshop

Repair front and rear on nearside and offside sills and offside rear quarter panel. Prepare, prime, paint and lacquer offside doors and apertures, nearside and offside quarter panels and offside front wing, polish and re-wax

14.11.07- Mileage: 34,306- Service Agent: Aston Workshop

Service car, dismantle, clean and lubricate brake caliper pistons and pads, check and tune engine, clean carbs and jets, reassemble and adjust mixture. To rectify transmission noise, remove n/s drive shaft secure spacer block and reassemble. Upgrade flasher system to digital, fit new screen wash T piece. Remove o/s & n/s sill covers, clean re-align and refit after repair and anti-corrosion treatment to sills

22.12.08- Mileage: 36,210- Service Agent: Aston Workshop

To prepare, repair and paint bodywork items on list. Check and service vehicle to schedule, change oil and filter, check brake pad wear, grease suspension, UJ’s, prop shaft, hand brake mechanism. Remove wheels and tyres and send wheels to specialist for refurbishment. MOT

13.07.09- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: Longstone Tyres

4 x Michelin Pilot 255/50ZR 16 tyres

16.07.09- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: Kenway Tyres

Fit tyres to 4 wheels

30.10.09- Mileage: 38,025- Service Agent: Aston Workshop

Annual service, lubrication service, fit new wiper blades, replace indicator bulb, waxoyl underbody, MOT

03.02.11- Mileage: 40,309- Service Agent: Aston Workshop

Carry out service as per schedule, fit new aerial, present for MOT

02.08.12- Mileage: 42,316- Service Agent: Aston Workshop

Long term storage Jan-June 2012, recover from storage, fit new battery, make nearside and offside cover carpets, clean interior and treat leather with hide food and re-colour steering wheel. Upgrade stereo with combined unit and sat nav., carry out annual service and MOT

08.07.13- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: St Helens Service Station

Carry out MOT, carry out diagnostic

17.07.13- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: St Helens Service Station

Carry out MOT test supply and fit new coolant temp sensor, adjust mixture

03.12.13- Mileage: 44,488- Service Agent: Nicholas Mee

Annual service, replace carburettor vacuum pipe, check mixture and idle settings, replace both front track rod ends and reset wheel track, reset front anti-roll bar pivot bearings, replace mirror switch. Regas and repair air conditioning system

25.07.14- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: St Helens Service Station

Carry out MOT, carry out diagnostic

30.09.14- Mileage: 45,755- Service Agent: Nicholas Mee

2,500-mile service, renew power steering downpipe gasket and stud, road test

20.07.15- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: St Helens Service Station


09.10.15- Mileage: 46,554- Service Agent: Nicholas Mee

Carry out 2,500-mile service, replace rear brake pads, clean contacts on o/s mirror switch

02.06.16- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: St Helens Service Station

Adjust bonnet catches

24.07.16- Mileage: 46,999- Service Agent: Halfords

Air conditioning

06.10.16- Mileage: 48,220- Service Agent: Nicholas Mee

Carry out 2,500-mile service, replace 2 bonnet rubbers and adjust catch, replace 2 screws in right hand anti roll bar pivot, adjust toe in and re-seal front screen

20.07.17- Mileage: 48,728- Service Agent: Halfords


12.10.17- Mileage: 48,945- Service Agent: Nicholas Mee

Carry out 2,500-mile service. Replace washer bottle, clean out washer jets, lubricate steering column, underseal wheel arches and underside of car

10.10.18- Mileage: 49,403- Service Agent: Vantage Engineering

50,000-mile service, supply and fit new Michelin Pilot tyres, replace track rod end and adjust geometry, replace speedometer cable, re-fit air con knob

24.07.19- Mileage: 49,764- Service Agent: SIXERS


21.11.19- Mileage: 50,116- Service Agent: Vantage Engineering

5,000-mile service, replace oil & filter and replace spark plugs. Remove steering rack for specialist refurbishment, refit with new track rod ends, replace lower steering column UJ’s, shim engine mounts to ensure exhaust clearance of assembly

06.01.20- Mileage: n/a.- Service Agent: Euro Parts

Bosch battery

24.07.20- Mileage: 50,256- Service Agent: SIXERS


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