Insurance valuations


It is important that owners insure their cars for their full replacement value. Byron International provide insurance valuation services to Aston Martin Owners and maintain a record of those valuations in case of future claims. Please supply the following information:

  1. Photocopy of the V5C Registration Certificate, front cover and inside front cover.
  2. Photocopy of most recent MOT Certificate.
  3. A précis of the known ownership and restoration history.
  4. Photocopies of any invoices for substantial restoration work.
  5. A selection of photographs, which must include the following:

Aston Martin - Off Side Aston Martin - Near Side Aston Martin - Corner 1 Aston Martin - Corner 2 Aston Martin - Corner 3 Aston Martin - Corner 4 Aston Martin - Engine Bay Aston Martin - Boot Aston Martin - Front Aston Martin - Back Aston Martin - O/S Shutlines Aston Martin - N/S Shutlines Aston Martin - Interior 1 Aston Martin - Interior 2 Aston Martin - Interior 3 Aston Martin - Interior 4

  • If your camera has zoom, stand back from the car when photographing the corners and use the zoom to get in closer – the car will look better!
  • Remember your photographs may be the foundation of a future claim so please make them the best pictures in your album!
  • Remove personal belongings
  • Wheels straight
  • No pets allowed!
  • Use the zoom if you have it
  • No people in shot
  • Windows up
  • Clean and polish the car
  • Clean the inside and boot
Byron International