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The Aston Man reflects on Selling an Aston Martin
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The Aston Man reflects on selling a Classic and Modern Aston Martin

Aston Martin Lagonda produced approximately 12,750 vehicles between 1950 and 2,000 at the AML factories in Feltham and Newport Pagnell, these I refer to as Classics. The majority of the Aston Martin production models from the fifties to the early seventies and the high value models of the eighties and nineties, are traded internationally, an important consideration when choosing your route to market. Buyers spending hundreds of thousands of Pounds require detailed descriptions, evidence of condition and thorough inspection.

Classic Aston Martin - main Routes to Market

Byron International Automotive Brokerage

Any business is judged by return on investment. I apply that approach to each Aston Martin we take on brokerage, reflecting the initial investment by the owner in the car and what added value can be delivered for a modest investment to improve its return to the owner.

Online initial appeal is key. We use infinity cove studio photography to enhance appearance and maximise impact. The provenance of your Aston Martin is important to a prospective buyer. We collate all available history in leather bound folder(s), to produce a detailed presentation of ownership, maintenance and restoration. The associated costs for the above are circa £1,000 and all covered by Byron International.

Presenting a classic Aston Martin is about creating a desire, it is building value with the emotion that has been put into the car. In 2020 we sold a DB4, purchased 50 years ago by the late owner before classic status was achieved and values soared, as an engineer he bought the Aston as a special family car. His three children asked us to market the car. They had stories of holidays to Italy, balanced on transmission tunnel on the lookout for the Carabinieri and more. We built value and an appeal that attracted International interest from a buyer in Bondi Beach, Australia.

Established in 1985, my business has built a reputation on trust, in doing what we say we will and when we will do it, with many repeat clients.

Our principle is that the owner retains control. Any interest in the car and offers, are discuss with the owner before a sale is agreed. We then provide an agreement between Seller and Buyer establishing complete transparency. Payment is made in full before the car leaves our care.

Rates of commission

All client cars, are kept to their owners’ order and expense at Vantage Engineering Ltd. The Seller retains full control of their asset, whilst we are able to easily present your car to prospective buyers. On demonstration your car is fully comprehensively insured by Byron International.

The key to our success is our client centred approach. We deliver an outstanding service in an ever-changing market and optimise returns.

For a current value and to discuss all aspects of our service, contact Philip Jones on either 01737 244567 or 07836 555 666, alternately e-mail to Please include the chassis number of your Aston Martin or its U.K. registration number.

Established Auctions

I go to an auction in the hope of buying cheap! What are the perceived attractions to a seller - a wide audience, a bidding war, optimism of achieving the high estimate? Your car may not sell, which can establish a negative reputation and price.

Our comparison of auction fees, found here range between 15%+VAT and 26%+VAT, when combining sellers commission and Buyer’s Premium and that premium is taken into account when bidding. Entry fees vary up to £1,200+VAT. Payment to the seller for their sold car varies between 6 and 35 days after the auction. Two major auction houses now retain the right to sell your car for between 35 and 90 days after they failed to sell it at auction. Are they becoming dealers?

Modern Aston Martin – Main Routes to Market

DB7, Vanquish, DB9, DBS, Vantage V8 & V12, DB11, DBX etc come in a more standard form, and are mainly traded in the country or area of first registration.

Advertise direct to the public.

The value of a modern, mass produced Aston Martin is relatively easy to gauge by comparison on the internet and advertising accordingly. To allow prospective buyers to best consider your car, it is essential to include a well-thought-out description of its specification, service history and any unique selling points. This is the most direct method which ensures you keep 100% of the sales proceeds but you must be prepared for visitors to your home, have insurance for prospective buyers to drive your Aston Martin and obtain verification from your bank that cleared funds have been received before releasing your car.

Sell to a Main Dealer or Specialist.

This may be straight forward but it will be a trade price and take into account the dealer’s direct costs of preparation, after sale warranty, VAT paid on mark and their profit margin.

Sale or return with a dealer.

Essential to be realistic of values and current market conditions, if not your car may end up as free window dressing to advance the dealer’s own stock.

New On-Line Auctions

Requires extensive photography and an accurate description. A clear understanding of the terms of agreement. Of the 3 in our comparison table, one charges the seller, two the buyer. Can be less intense as they are drawn out affairs over days. Purchase funds are either held in escrow or by third party called Strip.

The advantage of selling Your Aston Martin with Byron International

  • No sale, no fee
  • You retain control of your asset
  • You, alone, have the final say in the sale price
  • Payment is made before your car leaves our care
  • We are Licenced by the FCA
  • Established 1985 - proven track record - international client database
  • Rates of commission
  • Visit our Archives where there are many Astons we have sold

The key to our success is our client centred approach. We deliver an outstanding service in an ever-changing market and optimised returns.

For a current value, contact Philip Jones on 07836 555 666 or e-mail to Please include the chassis number of your Aston Martin or its U.K. registration number.

Byron International